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VALLEYS - The Death of Me

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Modern progressive metal group VALLEYS are set to release their debut full-length conceptalbum, Experiment One: Asylum, on February 12, 2016. The album illustrates the main character, Asylum, in his tumultuous fight with Multiple-Personality Disorder. Each track depicts Asylum's returning struggle with a different personality.

Directed by Jaiden Frost of Jaiden Frost Presents.

Purchase at
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/valleys/id1005175463 
Bandcamp: https://valleysnc.bandcamp.com 



Run for your life
The walls are closing in
The air is getting thin
I feel my life slipping away
This will be the death of me

What does it take to kill the monster living inside
Evil eyes in their disguise
Swatting away the careless names
You've been left with only black or white
All this time you were away
I've been growing within
I've decided that it stands to say
I've been fucking changing
I did it I opened up
You told me it would be ok
You were so fucking wrong
You were wrong

All I feel is empty
Nothing left within me
I've been torn apart
So many faces
So many places
Tell me what I need
To tame the beast within me
Take me back
To the start
Where is my sanity
I'll rip you apart

Well what would you say
If you gave it all away and fell to your knees
Ahh fuck you

The clairvoyant view of a man I once knew has left traces of you, and the birth of another
I fear
Is the start of illusion

I've been waiting
You were warned
I'll have your head

I've been watching, waiting
For you to come inside
I've got a special place
Right here for you
Kill them all


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