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Videos from LeonardoM.Brauna

  • 02:35 HOLDARK - Fly my Ravens (Lyric vídeo)

    HOLDARK - Fly my Ravens (Lyric vídeo)

    by LeonardoM.Brauna Added 309 Views / Likes

    HOLDARK: the new viking metal nameIn Tatuí city, São Paulo (BRA), on year 2000, emergered a "viking band", where Luciano Scanhoela (vocal and guitar), Francisco Vidal (guitar) and Humberto Mascau (bass) participated. The band was called Bapt

  • 05:06 TIBERIUS PROJECT - Starvation

    TIBERIUS PROJECT - Starvation

    by LeonardoM.Brauna Added 289 Views / Likes

    Tiberius ProjecT was 2007 created in São Paulo/SP, was formed by Dibih Tiberius (singer) and Dennis Martins (guitarplayer) -, this project emerged from Dibih’s compositions complemented by Dennis’s ideas, who also composes the arrangeme

  • 04:48 PRIMORDIUM - Nuit (Lyric video)

    PRIMORDIUM - Nuit (Lyric video)

    by LeonardoM.Brauna Added 380 Views / Likes

    Primordium: ancient Egypt in brazilian death metal.During the year 1999, in the Natal, Rio Grande do Norte (BRA) came one of the death metal bands more faithful to purpose than Brazilian underground has noticed, the Primordium. Like most early-career band


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