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  • 01:30 CONNOISSEUR - Weeding Out The Weak

    CONNOISSEUR - Weeding Out The Weak

    by Ignacio Orellana Added 188 Views / 0 Likes

    California stoner violence collective CONNOISSEUR rolled out their Over The Edge full-length for the masses via Tankcrimes earlier this month and today, April 20th -- aka 420, the most sacred of days among weed enthusiasts -- the band offers up the visual

  • 00:45 CONNOISSEUR - All Day Every Day (lyric video)

    CONNOISSEUR - All Day Every Day (lyric video)

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    Over The Edgeis the impending new full-length from Californiastoner violence factionCONNOISSEUR. Set for communal inhalation next month via Tankcrimes,Over The Edgeflaunts fourteen resin-coated burners captured by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios (Iron

  • 01:11 CONNOISSEUR - Pot Hole

    CONNOISSEUR - Pot Hole

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    Connoisseur "Pot Hole" from "Stoner Justice" LP/CD 2015 Tankcrimes Day off What to do Get High All day long Fuck Out of weed Stay Calm Buy some more Oh no My dealer is dry Everyone is gonna die If I don't get Stoned right now Fuck you Bring me hash Or get