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    http://www.facebook.com/threatfbFree download from facebook.com/threatfb | Baixe os sons do facebook do ThreatScroll down for lyrics and more info | Letra em inglês e português abaixo.Revolution, by Threat, from the upcoming album. Guitar solo by special

  • 04:40 Voodoopriest - Juggernaut - Official Video

    Voodoopriest - Juggernaut - Official Video

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    VOODOOPRIEST -- Juggernaut -- Official VideoProduced by Leo Alves and Thiago Pinheiro from Kaiowas StudiosVoodoopriest's official vídeo for the song Juggernaut, from the EP Voodoopriest released in February, 2013 at Norcal StudiosVoodoopriest line-up:Vito

  • 05:41 HIBRIA: Silence Will Make You Suffer - Official Clip

    HIBRIA: Silence Will Make You Suffer - Official Clip

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    HIBRIA - Silence will Make you Suffer - Official VideoDirected by: Luís Mário FontouraCinematography: Lívia SantosArt Director: Ana MusaEditing and Color Correction: Denise MarchiActors:Leônidas RubenichCláudia SartoriMakeup:Michelle Nunes and Juliane Sen

  • 04:01 NOX ETERNA - Tempted

    NOX ETERNA - Tempted

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    Nox Eterna - The Ocean is Mine Album (2013)

  • 05:05 DYNAHEAD - Bred Patterns (lyric video)

    DYNAHEAD - Bred Patterns (lyric video)

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    Second track from the 2013 concept album 'Chordata I'Download the band's back catalogue for free onhttp://www.dynahead.com.brFollow Dynahead onhttp://www.facebook.com/dynaheadbandhttp://www.twitter.com/dynaheadhttp://www.myspace.com/dynahead

  • 06:04 MASTERPIECE - Revenge

    MASTERPIECE - Revenge

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    From the latest album "Heirs of Freedom".Produced and filmed by Eduardo Wosniak.Find "Heirs of Freedom" on iTuneshttp://tinyurl.com/bmfezvb© 2012 all rights reservedFurther infos about Masterpiece:www.masterpieceonline.netwww.facebook.com/masterpiece

  • 04:41 Necropsya - Determinação (HD) - Curitiba Metal Sound

    Necropsya - Determinação (HD) - Curitiba Metal Sound

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    CMS - Necropsya - Determinação(Info: http://www.necropsya.net )Curitiba Metal Sound é uma iniciativa que levou a produção de doze clipeshows de seis das melhores bandas curitibanas de metal.Axecuter, Division Hell, Inflikted (Sepultura Tribute), Krucipha,

  • 04:12 Machinage - "Is This The Way?" (Official Video Clip)

    Machinage - "Is This The Way?" (Official Video Clip)

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    MACHINAGE - "Is This The Way?"From Machinage debut album, "It Makes us Hate"Direction and editing: Ricardo Kump (http://ricardokump.prosite.com)Assistant director: Ligya AnghebenProduced by Machinage and Ricardo KumpLike this video? Buy the full album "It

  • 04:40 SLASHER - Overcome

    SLASHER - Overcome

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    2013 - http://www.slasher.com.br | http://www.fb.com/SlasherBR Song produced by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studio in Aarhus, Denmark. http://www.antfarm.dk/ Music video produced by Agência Soluciona in Itapira, São Paulo, Brasil. http://www.agenci

  • 06:06 KRISIUN - Descending Abomination live

    KRISIUN - Descending Abomination live

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    krisiun playing 'descending abomination' live in são paulo city at sesc pompeia - january 11th , 2013.

  • 04:17 TRAYCE - Made of Stone (live)

    TRAYCE - Made of Stone (live)

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    "Made of Stone" performed live at C4 Studios - São Paulo BRAZILAudio recorded live, mixed and mastered by Luis Lopes.Video produced and directed by Renan Campanini.JOIN US at www.facebook.com/TrayceOfficialLyrics:Another chapter of the playAnd I st

  • 04:45 DISTRAUGHT - Justice Done By Betrayers

    DISTRAUGHT - Justice Done By Betrayers

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    ARTIST: DistraughtMUSIC: Justice Done by Betrayers ALBUM: The Human Negligence is RepugnantLABEL: Voicedirected by Lucas Cunha