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SLEEPING WITH SIRENS - Congratulations

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Added by Ignacio Orellana in Music Videos


iTunes: http://smarturl.it/sws-feelMerch: http://riserecords.merchnow.com/search/?q=sleeping+with+sirensWelcome to a brand new generationYou don't know So let me help you understandYou see, you try to build yourself a reputationSo you can prove to everyone That you're the man So why is it us that make you feel so helpless?You better get it out while you still canCuz when those lights go on around you And nobody gives a damnYou're gonna wish that you had taken our advice I've been down, I've been outNow I can't keep my face off a coverThat ain't what it's aboutYou still have so much left to learn CongratulationsThey say you're the manCongratulationsYou see I do what you can'tAnd until they go and take my name off of the shelvesCongratulations, we're gonna give you hell (Get 'em Matty) They try to do it like meBut they do it all wrongI'll pass the torch when someone better comes alongCongratulations to every label that ever turned me downMe and my top 20 record aren't too worried about it nowI hope this lesson taught is a lesson learned Now go and bury your head while me and Kell rule the world! CongratulationsThey say you're the man (yes I am)CongratulationsYou see I do what you can'tAnd until they go and take my name off of the shelvesCongratulations, let's give 'em hell Could you please give us the spotlight Cuz I have something to sayYou may not like the subject But I'll say this anywayWe're so sick of all this so-called Shitty music that you playSo could you please do us a favorStay the fuck out of our way CongratulationsThey say you're the man CongratulationsYou see I do what you can'tAnd until they go and take my name off of the shelvesPlease, cuz I need to make more room for myself CongratulationsVisit our website: http://www.sleepingwithsirens.net/Click Here to subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=riserecordsClick here for more Sleeping with sirens videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKcGEIO7V0rUe2k26IEv6EgJNHUpWNvSw Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sleepingwithsirensband ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/sleeping-with-sirens/id360773035

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