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  • 04:33 New RINGS OF SATURN - Margidda

    RINGS OF SATURN - Margidda

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    Arriving back on the scene with their fourth full length studio album Ultu Ulla and now signed to Nuclear Blast Records as of May 2016, return technical death core musicians RINGS OF SATURN. This self-dictated ‘Alien death core’ band present a

  • 03:50 New TRIVIUM - Endless Night

    TRIVIUM - Endless Night

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    Trivium have released the video for "Endless Night" from their latest and critically acclaimed eighth album THE SIN AND THE SENTENCE, out now via Roadrunner Records. In other Trivium news, the band was recently nominated for "Best International Band" at t

  • 04:00 New SIRIUN - Mass Control

    SIRIUN - Mass Control

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    Unleashing a furious and blistering sound bred from the union of varied creative metal borne winds, Brazilian metallers Siriun have persistently drawn eager ears since emerging in 2014 and are poised to do so again with the release of their debut album, '

  • 00:34 New AUTOGRAPH - Every Generation (teaser)

    AUTOGRAPH - Every Generation (teaser)

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    Legendary LA Hard Rockers AUTOGRAPH released a teaser for their new video “Every Generation”, from their album GET OFF YOUR ASS, released in late 2017 via EMP LABEL GROUP. Directed by Paul Gervasi, the video was filmed on location in Phoenix,

  • 04:41 New GRAVESHADOW - Warchief

    GRAVESHADOW - Warchief

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    Sacramento, California-based GRAVESHADOW has now unveiled a music video (directed by Mike Sloat (Testament, Machine Head, Lynyrd Skynyrd) for the song “Warchief.” Ambition's Price – the follow-up to the group's 2015 debut, Nocturnal Resu

  • 00:23 New THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA - New Music Video Coming Soon (teaser)

    THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA - New Music Video Coming Soon (teaser)

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    After taking the world of rock music by storm with last year's surprise hit Amber Galactic, which also got nominated for a Swedish Grammy in the process, and leaving people speechless after a breath-taking first European tour in November/December, Swedish

  • 04:57 New FOLLOW THE CIPHER - Carolus Rex

    FOLLOW THE CIPHER - Carolus Rex

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    Only 4 weeks are remain until FOLLOW THE CIPHER release their self-titled debut album on May 11, 2018 through Nuclear Blast. Its cover artwork was created by no less than SABATON's Chris Rörland. Pre-order Follow The Cipher now, here:http://nblast.de

  • 03:49 New DIMMU BORGIR - Artwork and Album Title (Eonian tariler #1)

    DIMMU BORGIR - Artwork and Album Title (Eonian tariler #1)

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    On May 4th, symphonic black metal giants DIMMU BORGIR will finally release their new studio album after eight years of silence. New record »Eonian« combines symphonic epicness with the spirit of the Norwegian black metal scene of the Nineties

  • 02:52 New SLAYER - “Looking Back 37 Years” (episode #2)

    SLAYER - “Looking Back 37 Years” (episode #2)

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    SLAYER - “Slayer Looks Back on 37 Years” (episode #2) Slayer releases Episode 2 of its “Slayer Looks Back on 37 Years” video interview series. In this episode, Tom Araya and Kerry King talk about Slayer’s earliest shows, espe

  • 05:47 New VILE CALIBER - Willpower

    VILE CALIBER - Willpower

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    Modern melodic / heavy rock band Vile Caliber from Helsinki have released a new track 'Willpower'. They combine influences from rock/metal classics such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Whitesnake and KISS, and bring it together w

  • 04:47 New REFUGE - From The Ashes (audio)

    REFUGE - From The Ashes (audio)

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    Refuge, the new band comprised of current and former Rage members Peavy Wagner, Manni Schmidt & Christos Efthimiadis have released "From the Ashes",the first single taken from the forthcoming debut album, "Solitary Men".The album will be released on C

  • 49:08 New GOZU - Equilibrium (full album)

    GOZU - Equilibrium (full album)

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    Boston's rock/metal outfit Gozu will release their new full-length, Equilibrium, via Blacklight Media Records. Buy Here:http://www.blacklightmediarecords.com/gozu With roots in 70s fuzzy stoner rock, the grit of 90s grunge and the winning dirty rock n' ro