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PRIMORDIUM - Nuit (Lyric video)

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Primordium: ancient Egypt in brazilian death metal.

During the year 1999, in the Natal, Rio Grande do Norte (BRA) came one of the death metal bands more faithful to purpose than Brazilian underground has noticed, the Primordium. Like most early-career bands, the band spent their early years in search of proper training, which resulted in the recording of the demo demo "The Grand Elevation of Pagan Temple" (2001). Like most early-career groups, the band spend their early years searching a proper training, which resulted in the recording of the demo "The Grand Elevation of Pagan Temple" (2001).

In that same year, the Primordium beganed its studies on the egyptian culture that resulted in the new direction, because all mystery that civilization which involves gods, myths and beliefs modeled its music and esthetics. "The greatest inspiration was the enigmatic question that Egypt provokes in people," explains Gerson Lima.

In 2002, the band records "The Sacred Valley of the Kings" demo, already with the new lyric function. The work had four compositions and was well criticized in the brazilian magazines "Rock Brigade", "Roadie Crew" and "Valhalla", attracting the attention of zines, labels and event producers, growing a lot in the extreme scene.

After ten years of performing in Brazil and creating new songs, in 2012 Primordium presented the EP "Gates of Re-staú: Conjuration of Daemon Apopi", which was a preview of what would become its first official full length.

The album "Todtenbuch" is officially released in May 2014 by Rising Records (BR). It is a conceptual work composed of eleven songs based on the mysticism of the "The Egyptian Book of the Dead " by E. A. Wallis Budge. In the same year the album appears in the best year lists of Roadie Crew magazine, "Acclamatur Zine", blogs "Arena Metal" and "Chronium Sun" of the Republic of Cyprus.

In 2015, after participating in several compilations and concert's performance in several Brazil capitals, the band is invited to share stage with Nile (USA), in Recife (BRA).

In June 2017, the second full length, "Old Gods" is presented to the public. Now Rising Records joins forces with Metal Under Store (BRA) for the digipack format release, featuring graphic art by Sandro Freitas and a graphic work by Alcides Burn. The new album contains ten songs and a re-reading for the "Chernobyl" song of the Hammeron band. The album has the lyrics geared to the genesis of life and the first Egyptian gods.

Line up:
Gerson Lima: vocal;
João Felipe Santiago: bass;
Lux Tenebrae: guitars;
Alex Duarte: guitars;
Lucas Somenzari: drums.

The Grand Elevation Of Pagan Temple – demo (1999);
The Sacred Valley Of Kings – demo (2002);
Gates Of Re-staú: Conjuration Of Daemon Apopi - EP (2012);
Todtenbuch – full length (2014);
Old Gods – full length (2017).


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