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  • 21:49 ArmyOfOneTVPodcast - MEMORIES of a DEAD MAN

    ArmyOfOneTVPodcast - MEMORIES of a DEAD MAN

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    Sat Feb 5, 2011MEMORIES of a DEAD MAN(FR)hosted by Williams (Evolution Rock)Mixing several influences and musical styles, Memories of a dead Man is delivering a heavy and hypnotic music. Relaying on the turbulences and emotions of a human being, the group

  • 05:44 ArmyOfOneTV - RATZINGER


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    Fri Jan 11, 2011RATZINGER(CL)Ivan Vega - Felipe MajlufRATZINGER is a metal band from Santiago-Chile, their first album is called "State Enemy" in 2006. After of 5 year of career RATZINGER is bringing its second full - length called "2012", it comes with 1

  • 23:12 ArmOfOneTVPodcast - CARLOS LICHMAN

    ArmOfOneTVPodcast - CARLOS LICHMAN

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    Sun Feb 20, 2011 CARLOS LICHMAN(BR) hosted by Williams (Evolution Rock) CARLOS LICHMAN' complex shredding has been a central part of the progressive but powerful and thrash edge often attributed to his work's trademark sound since his first band in 1996.

  • 21:49 ArmyOfOneTV - Featured Music Videos (03/06/11)

    ArmyOfOneTV - Featured Music Videos (03/06/11)

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    AO1TV - Featured VideosSun Mar 6, 2011Featured VideosKORZUS - Truth Brazil http://www.korzus.com.br Directed by: Korzus RONNY MUNROE - Delirium USA http://www.ronnymunroe.com Directed by: W. Ross Wells LIVIN GARDEN - Age Of Lies Brazil http://www.livingar

  • 17:00 ArmyOfOneTVPodcast - ONPOINT

    ArmyOfOneTVPodcast - ONPOINT

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    Sat Mar 12, 2011ONPOINT(US)hosted by TopJimmyWe're going for something original. not trying to sound like anything we have heard from anyone else. ONPOINT play parties, venues, festivals and events all over NYC. They are an energetic alternative/metal tri

  • 05:22 ArmyOfOneTV - RIPIO

    ArmyOfOneTV - RIPIO

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    Fri Mar 18, 2011RIPIO(AR)Eduardo CostanzoRIPIO from Buenos Aires, Argentina finished the pre-production of its fifth album that will contain 10 new songs its fourth CD called "Vengador de Perdedores" was released in 2009, it wasrecorded at Sonosfera Studi

  • 05:24 ArmyOfOneTV - MONTE A. MELNICK


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    FRI MAR 25, 2011Monte A. MelnickTHE RAMONES Tour ManagerMonte A Melnick was THE RAMONES tour manager for 22 years, he wrote the book called, On The Road With THE RAMONES that now is on 3 Languages. THE NEW UPDATED EDITION of "On The Road With The Ramones"

  • 23:06 ArmyOfOneTVPodcast - NECROPSYA

    ArmyOfOneTVPodcast - NECROPSYA

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    Fri Apr 01, 2011NECROPSYA(BR)hosted by DJ ValkyrieThrashing since 2000, the band began playing Heavy, Thrash and Death metal focusing their sound and composing. In 2006 NECROPSYA iniciates the recording and production of its first full-length album: "Roar

  • 07:46 ArmyOfOneTV - LIVIN GARDEN


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    Fri Apr 08, 2011 LIVIN GARDEN(BR) Where I can Breathe Tour 2011 Livin Garden is a four piece band formed in the year of 2006, in Curitiba, Brazil, putting together a lot of different influences and mixing it with attitude, strength, soul and feeling. The

  • 17:54 ArmyOfOneTVPodcast - LUMINIS

    ArmyOfOneTVPodcast - LUMINIS

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    FRI Apr 15, 2011LUMINIS (US) Tara, Stevehosted by Top JimmyWithin Temptation. With only two core members who write and record every song on their own, this band has accomplished a lot in the past year, including a recent debut EP release entitled 'From Wi

  • 10:43 ArmyOfOneTV - SACRED OATH


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    Fri Apr 22, 2011SACRED OATH(US)Rob ThorneIn 1988 Sacred Oath established the sound that would become American power metal with their debut album A Crystal Vision, and the same sonic fury that fueled that classic recording drives them now with the release

  • 04:35 ArmyOfOneTV - DEATHEMBER


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    Fri Apr 29, 2011DEATHEMBER(SE)Tobbe - Pontus - Staffan - Rikard - EliasDEATHEMBER exist for the sole purpose of being intense. 2008 - The band was formed from the ashes of Hypothermia, a local "school-band-gone-serious" that rehearsed in Huddinge, a subur

  • 09:51 ArmyOfOneTV - SACRAMENTO


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    FRI May 06, 2011SACRAMENTO(CL)Laura - Alejandro - JorgeWhen the metal scene in a country becomes somewhat tainted by many bands that wander among Thrash and Death metal, it is highly appreciated that there is a break with a touch of freshness and power mi

  • 20:41 ArmyOfOneTV - Featured Music Videos (05/15/11)

    ArmyOfOneTV - Featured Music Videos (05/15/11)

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    AO1TV - Featured VideosSun May 15, 2011Featured Music VideosSACRAMENTO - Fallecer Chile http://www.sacramentomusc.net Directed by: Sacramento VASTATOR - Machine Hell Chile http://www.vastator.cl Directed by: Vastator THE FALLACY - Circles Of Misery Chile

  • 07:18 ArmyOfOneTV - NECROPSYA


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    TUE Jun 14, 2011 NECROPSYA(BR) Henrique Vivi NECROPSYA from Curitiba, Brazil. Current Line up: Henrique Vivi (bass&vocals), Henrique Bertol (guitars) and Celso Costa (drums). Playing an own and genuine sound, NECROPSYA songs has a unique touch. Adding eac

  • 04:16 DIRT - Fast Lane - Videoclip

    DIRT - Fast Lane - Videoclip

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    DIRT - Fast Lane - Videoclip

  • 08:47 ArmyOfOneTV - VASTATOR

    ArmyOfOneTV - VASTATOR

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    TUE Jun 28, 2011 VASTATOR(CL) Señor Diaz, Felipe Hernandez, Gerard Barnechea Chilean band VASTATOR is one of the oldest and most respected from the heavy metal acts since 1987. The nickname of HEROS OF METAL was attributed to them because their perseveran

  • 06:47 ArmyOfOneTV - LEFUTRAY

    ArmyOfOneTV - LEFUTRAY

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    TUE Jul 12, 2011LEFUTRAY(CL)Yonnatan, Juan"LEFUTRAY" is a word taken from the Mapudungun language meaning "Fast Sound." The band LEFUTRAY started in late 2005. The band members included Leonardo Gacitua on Guitar, Yonattan Muñoz on Drums, Christian Bravo



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    SUN Jul 31, 2011DESECRATED SPHERE (BR)José Mantovani Founded in January 2011 by Rodolfo Bassani (drums), Renato Sgarbi (vocals), Gustavo Lozano (guitars) and José "Motor" Mantovani (bass) under the moniker of Desecrated Sphere. Influenced by a plethora of

  • 21:23 ArmyOfOneTV - Featured Videos (10/23/11)

    ArmyOfOneTV - Featured Videos (10/23/11)

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    AO1TV - Featured VideosSun Oct 23, 2011Featured Music VideosSACRED OATH - Meet Your Maker United States http://www.sacredoath.net Directed by: Kristen Powers OBSCENE - The Convolution Day Chile https://www.facebook.com/ObSCeneBand Directed by: Jan Bitzer,

  • 03:25 ArmyOfOneTV - ARMA MENTAL


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    SUN Oct 30, 2011 ARMA MENTAL(CL) Diego Valenzuela, Felipe Valenzuela ARMA MENTAL was born, led by brothers Felipe and Diego Valenzuela, Guitar/Vocals and Drums respectively. In 2009 they recorded their first EP. In 2010 Arma Mental joins guitarist Jonatha

  • 07:39 ArmyOfOneTV - RONNY MUNROE - Lords Of The Edge

    ArmyOfOneTV - RONNY MUNROE - Lords Of The Edge

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    WED Nov 09, 2011RONNY MUNROE(US)Lords Of The EdgeRonny Munroe's (voice of Metal Church) new CD Lords Of The Edge is hands down his finest work to date. Featuring the guitar mastery of Stu Marshall (Empires of Eden), Chris Caffery (TSO/Savatage), and Micha

  • 11:02 ArmyOfOneTV - DYNAHEAD - YOUniverse

    ArmyOfOneTV - DYNAHEAD - YOUniverse

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    SAT Nov 19, 2011DYNAHEAD(BR)YOUniverseMastermind Brazilian Caio Duarte (DYNAHEAD) describes song by song their latest conceptual album called YOUniverse on this video of ArmyOfOneTV. "YOUniverse" is the followed up album to "Antigen" released in 2009, bot

  • 05:34 ArmyOfOneTV - EMPIRES OF EDEN


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    MON Nov 28, 2011EMPIRES OF EDEN(AU)Stu MarshallAustralian guitar master STU MARSHALL (EMPIRES OF EDEN, Ex-Dungeon) discusses his project EMPIRE OF EDEN and the collaboration with RONNY MUNROE for the album Lords of the Edge and some of the updates on Drag

  • 25:50 ArmyOfOneTV - Featured Videos (01/27/12)

    ArmyOfOneTV - Featured Videos (01/27/12)

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    ArmyOfOneTV - Featured Videos (01/27/12)TRAYCE - Price to Pay (Brazil) Director: Andre Vidigal de Toledo http://www.trayceband.com WARCHEST - Contradiction (Chile) Director: Max Molina, Aldo Biggini and Diego Silva http://www.warchestband.com D1STRAUGHT -

  • 09:38 ArmyOfOneTV - Anton Reisenegger (LOCKUP/CRIMINAL)

    ArmyOfOneTV - Anton Reisenegger (LOCKUP/CRIMINAL)

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    Anton ReiseneggerLOCKUP/CRIMINALThursday Feb 09, 2012Anton Reisenegger, original member of PENTAGRAM / CRIMINAL / LOCKUP interviewed at Bogie's in Albany, NY on the "All stars grindcore tour 2012". More information: http://www.myspace.com/lockup http://ww



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    ArmyOfOneTVDanny LilkerFeb 09, 2012Bassist Danny Lilker, original member of NUCLEAR ASSAULT and BRUTAL TRUTH, currently LOCK UP, interviewed last this past Feb 09, 2012 at Bogie's Albany, NY. On this video Danny Lilker talks about how became the bass play

  • 05:47 ArmyOfOneTV - GOATWHORE (Sammy Duet - Ben Falgoust)

    ArmyOfOneTV - GOATWHORE (Sammy Duet - Ben Falgoust)

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    ArmyOfOneTVGOATWHORESammy Duet - Ben FalgoustFeb 09, 2012Albany, NYFeb 09, 2012 - Bogie's, Albany, NY. Sammy Duet and Ben Falgoust of GOATWHORE, talked about their current US tour with LOCK UP and their influences and ideas for their new album set to be r

  • 10:23 ArmyOfOneTV - KB (France)

    ArmyOfOneTV - KB (France)

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    Karl KB Guitar ProjectTUE Feb 28, 2012KB was born in 1971 in Paris. He started playing the guitar at the age of 14, took some lessons and started playing in various Parisian combos with whom he recorded several demos. In 2007, he directs his first season

  • 06:30 ArmyOfOneTV - HARD RIOT (Germany)

    ArmyOfOneTV - HARD RIOT (Germany)

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    ArmyOfOneTV - HARD RIOTArmyOfOneTV HARD RIOT Michael Gildner - Andreas Rockrohr - Mario Kleindienst - Carmine Jaucci Germany HARD RIOT were formed in 2006 in the city of Heilbronn, Germany and the band consists of four young friends who share the same pas

  • 09:28 ArmyOfOneTV - DYING FETUS (Trey Williams)

    ArmyOfOneTV - DYING FETUS (Trey Williams)

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    Trey Williams current drummer of death metal band DYING FETUS, interviewed this past Friday 02, 2012 at Bogie's in Albany NY. He talked about the band's touring schedule and experiences as well as their upcoming album "Reign Supreme" to be release on the

  • 05:53 ArmyOfOneTV - WARBRINGER (John Kevill)

    ArmyOfOneTV - WARBRINGER (John Kevill)

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    John Kevill of WARBRINGER talked to ArmyOfOneTV about their current tour status, their latest album and much more. The interview was done at The Loft, Poughkeepsie, NY yesterday Monday March 12, 2012. For more information visit: www.warbringermusic.com Re

  • 06:29 ArmyOfOneTV - THE GARDNERZ (Wilhelm Lindh)

    ArmyOfOneTV - THE GARDNERZ (Wilhelm Lindh)

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    THE GARDNERZ guitar player Wilhelm Lindh talked about the response of the fans from their debut album, the new recordings of the EP that is going to be release soon and his connection with South America, and more... the interviewed was done at The Funky K

  • 08:12 ArmyOfOneTV - DERANGED (Thomas Ahlgren)

    ArmyOfOneTV - DERANGED (Thomas Ahlgren)

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    Thomas Ahlgren of DERANGED was interviewed at the Funky Katz Studios, Sweden. The interview was recorded last week on his visit to "The Gardnerz EP recordings sessions" that took place on that studio". On this interview Thomas talked about the band's curr

  • 04:15 ArmyOfOneTV - DEATH ANGEL (Ted Aguilar)

    ArmyOfOneTV - DEATH ANGEL (Ted Aguilar)

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    DEATH ANGEL's Ted Aguilar, talked to ArmyOfOneTV on April 26th, 2012 at Bogie's, in Albany,NY. On this video Ted Aguilar discusses the writing process of their new material, and the problem crossing the border from Canada to the States, when they were com

  • 02:05 ArmyOfOneTV - HAVOK (Jesse De Los Santos - Pete Webber)

    ArmyOfOneTV - HAVOK (Jesse De Los Santos - Pete Webber)

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    Jesse De Los Santos and Pete Webber of the thrash metal band HAVOK talked to ArmyOfOneTV, right after their show at Bogie's in Albany, NY this past April 26, 2012. On this interview they discussed of the current activities of the band and also their upcom

  • 05:08 ArmyOfOneTV - KRISIUN (Alex Camargo)

    ArmyOfOneTV - KRISIUN (Alex Camargo)

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    KRISIUN's Alex Camargo talked to ArmyOfOneTV after their show at Bogie's in Albany, NY, this past April 26, 2012. On this interview Alex discusses the musical aspects of their latest album called "The Great Execution" and some stories about touring with M

  • 55:43 DEATH ANGEL: Live at Bogie's Albany, NY (04/26/12)

    DEATH ANGEL: Live at Bogie's Albany, NY (04/26/12)

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    DEATH ANGEL: Live at Bogie's Albany, NY (04/26/12) Audio Camera Thanks to: http://www.taintedentertainment.net http://www.upstateblacknblue.com http://www.armyofonetv.com

  • 08:29 ArmyOfOneTV - SABATON (Robban Back - Chris Rorland

    ArmyOfOneTV - SABATON (Robban Back - Chris Rorland

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    Robban Bäck and Chris Rörland the new additions to the Swedish metal band SABATON talked to ArmyOfOneTV on Wed May 2, 2012 at The Loft in Poughkeepsie, NY on the current Swedish Empire Tour 2012. On

  • 05:52 ArmyOfOneTV - BLACKSMITH (David Smith)

    ArmyOfOneTV - BLACKSMITH (David Smith)

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    BLACKSMITH guitarist David Smith talked to ArmyOfOneTV on May 2, 2012 at The Loft in Poughkeepsie, NY. The band it has been supporting SABATON for few shows on their Swedish Empire Tour 2012. BLACKSMITH is currently located in Albany, NY but was born in 1

  • 07:29 ArmyOfOneTV - WATAIN (Erik Danielsson)

    ArmyOfOneTV - WATAIN (Erik Danielsson)

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    ERIK DANIELSSON, vocalist/guitar player of the Swedish band WATAIN, talked to ArmyOfOneTV before the their show on Monday May 14th, 2012 at The Loft in Poughkeepsie, NY. On this video Erik discusses the current extended tour, their up coming DVD release a

  • 06:05 ArmyOfOneTV - SANCHEZ (Sweden)

    ArmyOfOneTV - SANCHEZ (Sweden)

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    SANCHEZ SWEDEN it's a Swede Hard Rock outfit led by José Sánchez that has released 3 CD's in the European territory since 2007. Originally from Chile (South America), José moved to Spain when he was a small child to then move to Sweden where he as lived a

  • 04:06 ArmyOfOneTV - AT ROPE's END (NY)

    ArmyOfOneTV - AT ROPE's END (NY)

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    New York death metal band AT ROPE's END, talked to ArmyOfOneTV at the Pickwick Pub on 06/28/12, they discussed the beginning of the band and how they things are working on the recordings of their debut demo, also they mentioned their upcoming shows. The i

  • 02:45 ArmyOfOneTV - MURRUM (CT)

    ArmyOfOneTV - MURRUM (CT)

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    Connecticut's black metal band MURRUM, talked to ArmyOfOneTV at the Pickwick Pub on 06/28/12, they discussed the beginnings and their upcoming shows, the interview was conducted by Kal Getter of Tainted Entertainment. More information here: https://www.fa

  • 02:58 ArmyOfOneTV - TREZ MUERTOZ (NY)


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    Yonkers, NY's metal band TREZ MUERTOZ, talked to ArmyOfOneTV at the Pickwick Pub on 06/28/12, they discussed their recently released demo and their upcoming shows, the interview was conducted by Kal Getter of Tainted Entertainment. More information here:

  • 02:54 ArmyOfOneTV - JOHN VALBY

    ArmyOfOneTV - JOHN VALBY

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    Few people can resist laughing at songs that would have earned them a mouthful of soap when they were children. Valby's repertoire is composed of popular songs, limericks, classical arrangaments and his own original creations. Valby has made a career out

  • 06:06 ArmyOfOneTV - MAUSOLEUM


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    Ron Yech (former INCANTATION) and Criag Stiles from the band MAUSOLEUM talked to ArmyOfOneTV on Jul 27, 2012 at the Loft in Poughkeepsie, NY. They direction of the band towards the death metal roots and their coming back to the stages after 10 years. http

  • 05:05 ArmyOfOneTV - PRIME EVIL

    ArmyOfOneTV - PRIME EVIL

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    Mike and Andy from the band PRIME EVIL (NY), talked to ArmyOfOneTV on the "Evilution's album release" at The Loft, Poughkeepsie, NY on Jul 27, 2012. They discussed the new members and some insides about their comeback on a foreign label (Inferno Records,

  • 21:21 ArmyOfOneTV - Featured Videos (08/25/12)

    ArmyOfOneTV - Featured Videos (08/25/12)

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    ArmyOfOneTV - Featured Videos (08/25/12) HUINCA - Rapa Nui (Chile) Director: Carlos Toro http://www.facebook.com/huincaofficial KATTAH - I Believe (Brazil) Director: Kattah https://www.facebook.com/KattahOfficial SACRAMENTO - Everything to Waste (Chile) D

  • 05:06 ArmyOfOneTV - CONFLICTED (CL)


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    CONFLICTED is a thrash/crossover metal band from Arica, Chile. They have released their debut album "Social Disorder" early this year via Sickbangers label&Distro in Chile and Digmetalworld Records in the U.S. The band has received incredible responses fr

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