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NERON KAISAR - Torch of Humbled (Lyric video)

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Added by Ignacio Orellana in Lyric Video


Band: Neron KaisarAlbum: Madness of the TyrantGenre: Symphonic Black MetalCountry: RussiaYear: 2013Get it here:demether@yandex.ruWebsites:* https://www.facebook.com/pages/Neron-Kaisar-Official/115381161881818?fref=ts* https://myspace.com/neronkaisar* http://www.last.fm/music/Neron+Kaisar* http://vk.com/neronkaisar_offical* https://soundcloud.com/neron-kaisar-official---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Second full-length album Neron Kaisar - "Madness of the Tyrant". Mixing and mastering made in Swedish studio NECROMORBUS Studio (Watain, Merrimack, Setherial ...) under the hands of Tore Stjerna.Album concerned with the transformation of the inner world of one of the bloodiest and brightest sovereigns in the history of mankind!First team Neron Kaisar: Bastard (vocal), Varvar (bass), BlastHate (drums), Exilis (guitar), OldMan (keyboards). Vocals, which also took part guests of Demether (Grailight, ex-Arcane Grail), Arsafes (Kartikeya) and Aina (Blackthorn).Cover-art painted by a talented graphic designer Alexander Tartsus.Tracklist of upcoming album:I. Profound's BegottenII. Mother of the BeastIII. Sage Of EvilIV. Fall of LightV. Madness of the TyrantVI. A Perfect Saturnalia of ViceVII. ExecutorsVIII. Torch of HumbledIX. The CursedMembers:Bastard - vocals;Exilis - guitar;North - guitar;Old Man - keyboards;BlastHate - drums;Varvar - bass guitar.Lyrics:When morning comes, that you await...Praetorians wake with anger in hearts!Into the lattice lions' trapped...Craftsmen have hammered torture's arts!Damnatio ad bestias!The day will come, and you're again In search of food upon the streets Not knowing that you're under looksOf darkness' soldiers sniffing shit!Discipulus est prioris posterior diesEvening, entering the threshold, Shall not grant you welcome rest,March against the weak a-thunder...Eyes and ears' full of pest!And the night shall not release you,Pray your god, but beasts will start Tear your bodies and disease you... You are scum, you're gashed apart! Ubi omnis vita metus est, mors est optimaYou were hiding in the dark, Served your idol, but the torch Quenched by twilight's deadly spark,Scream when seeing burning church! Dogs of War -- against the holy! Burn and cut!You ask for mercy? Hit the dust and choke with blood!Every soldier sweats in armour and they not overshot...Legends of the humbled shall turn to useless dirt!And skins from animals are torn to make your festal clothes!Your lives are doomed, and death is smelled by pack of hungry dogs!Coliseum's before you, and there's no futile hope! Diabolical revenge roars from the stands and top!Exitus letalis --------------------------------

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