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HOLDARK - Fly my Ravens (Lyric vídeo)

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Added by Leonardo M. Brauna in Lyric Video


HOLDARK: the new viking metal name

In Tatuí city, São Paulo (BRA), on year 2000, emergered a "viking band", where Luciano Scanhoela (vocal and guitar), Francisco Vidal (guitar) and Humberto Mascau (bass) participated. The band was called Baptised In Ice and projected in his messages the facets of the nordic barbarians and his pagan culture.

Willing to face bigger challenges, the musicians in february 2017 decided made another project and for they joined drummer Wendel Rodrigues to form Holdark, which was strengthened by the inactivity of Baptised In Ice, becoming one of the newest bands in pagan metal of brazilian underground.

Unlike most groups that follow the same style, Holdark seeks to focus most of the melody on riffs and solos, avoiding to make too many arrangements for their music. Following a kind of paradox to the great names, brazilians prefer to bet on the complexity absence and, with this, to create their own style with short and optimized executions, distancing from long epic themes.

The quartet presents in his lyrics subjects related to the occult that wander through mythology, universe and nature, stimulating within each person its more spiritual and philosophical side, guided by these topics.

Holdark started 2018 releasing the single "Fly My Ravens", which translates the entire lyric and sound proposal of the band. The song that's on youtube and group official facebook since January 6, was released in the lyric video form produced by Caio Cortonesi. For the coming months two more singles, "Glorious Hammer" and "I Can Still Live" are scheduled to be released, and still that year the musicians will go into studio to debut first EP in 2019.

On stage, Holdark performs a set approximately 1h, where, along with the songs themselves, there are songs from bands like Vintersorg, Bathory and Borknagar, as well compositions by Baptised in Ice. As the group advances on ideas the repertoire changing until reaching a setlist 100% author, but without forgetting their references.



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