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Added by Ignacio Orellana in Music Videos


WARNING DONT SHOW YOUR MUM THIS VIDEO, THERES LOTS OF SWEARING AND SHE'LL TELL YOU TO STOP LISTENING TO US The Album 'Scare City' is available on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/scare-city/id1002159658 



instagram- @emberville

Daniel Raschila - Vocals @raschillaville
Matt Fennell - Drums @mattzville
Adam Lilleyman - Bass @Lilleyville
Aaron Dobkowski - Guitar @Azzville
Stevie Rain - Guitar @steezyville

Scare City Lyrics:

Welcome to the city of sin
this place is sure to fuckin' tear you to shreds
you shut your mouth, or we'll rip out your tongue
and take the music from your hands

Nobody said that you've got to accept me
But i swear to god, you're gonna fuckin' respect me!
watch me show the world that you're a filthy snitch
so everybody knows that you're a son of a bitch

Come on, come in...
we're about to begin, please raise your hands if you're down to sin
you're just in time, so come on get in line with the suckers
are you scared motherfucker?

How the fuck you gonna suck all the labels cocks
with a mouth full of lies, cover up
you better keep it quiet, you better shut your trap
you best get on your knees I'm gonna fuck you back

Are you scared? Are you scared? Are you scared?
Are you scared....

There are ghosts in these walls and the streets have eyes
they see that there's weakness behind your disguise
are you scared? are you scared?

Priest Actor: Jono Watts
Scare City Written by Emberville


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