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  • 00:46 CRYSTAL LAKE - True North (Trailer)

    CRYSTAL LAKE - True North (Trailer)

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    Japanese heavy-rock giantsCrystal Lakehave announced plans to release their long awaited, fourth full-length album,True North, onArtery Recordingsin North America onDecember 2nd. In anticipation for the new record the band will unveil the record’s f

  • 03:41 DEVILMENT - Halloween Horror Quiz (Trailer)

    DEVILMENT - Halloween Horror Quiz (Trailer)

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    Witch County nefarious frightsDEVILMENT– led by vehement frontmanDani Filth,will release their forthcoming masterpieceDevilment II: The Mephisto Waltzeson November 18 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Pre-orderDevilment II: The Mephisto Waltzes:http:

  • 01:09 MASCHINE – Naturalis (trailer #1)

    MASCHINE – Naturalis (trailer #1)

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    Young British progressive rockers Maschine recently announced the release of their second studio album 'Naturalis' for November 18th, 2016 on InsideOutMusic. Pre-Order the digital album, 'Naturalis', and receive the single 'Night And Day' today!iTunes:htt

  • 05:24 I PREVIAL - Lifelines (Album Preview)

    I PREVIAL - Lifelines (Album Preview)

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    Detroit rock band I Prevail’s highly anticipated, debut album, Lifelines, has been released today by Fearless Records. Fans can now purchase digital copies at iTunes and physical copies at Target, Best Buy and FYE as well as online retailers. I Prev

  • 02:12 DOWNFALL OF GAIA - Atrophy (Studio Teaser)

    DOWNFALL OF GAIA - Atrophy (Studio Teaser)

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    On November 11th, Downfall Of Gaia will release their fourth full-length, Atrophy, via Metal Blade Records. Recorded in June 2016 at Hidden Planet Studio Berlin with Jan Oberg, Atrophy was mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studio in San

  • 00:50 THE POWER OF THE RIFF 2016 (trailer)

    THE POWER OF THE RIFF 2016 (trailer)

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    The second wave of acts for the LA-based December edition ofTHE POWER OF THE RIFFhas today been released, the new list including Nails, Pelican, Gatecreeper, Gag, and hardcore supergroup, Bloodclot, featuring members of Cro-Mags, Warzone, Murphy's Law, Qu

  • 03:00 I PREVAIL - Come And Get It (audio)

    I PREVAIL - Come And Get It (audio)

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    Rising Detroit rock band,I Prevail, has premiered a brand new song today called “Come And Get It.” The song is featured on the band’s hotly anticipated upcoming, debut album,Lifelines, which will be released onOctober 21stviaFearless Rec

  • 04:26 INQUISICION - Infected - (Album trailer)

    INQUISICION - Infected - (Album trailer)

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    Oscuro Heavy Metal de vieja escuela, "Preacher And Lust" es el sexto álbum de INQUISICIONEstará disponible desde Noviembre del 2016 bajo Disembodied Records...INQUISICION"Preacher And Lust"201601- Preacher And Lust (4:27)02- Church Of Devil

  • 07:25 RHAPSODY Luca Turilli - Prometheus... (Trailer P.2)

    RHAPSODY Luca Turilli - Prometheus... (Trailer P.2)

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    The latestalbum ofLuca Turilli's RHAPSODY,Prometheus, Symphonia Ignis Divinus, was chosento be the first studio album in music history to be remixed inDolby Atmos. Renowned producer/mixing engineerChris Heil(DAVID BOWIE, BRYAN ADAMS, SCORPIONS) mixed the

  • 02:06 FISTULA / GRIME |  European Tour 2016 (Trailer)

    FISTULA / GRIME | European Tour 2016 (Trailer)

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    Ohio sludge misanthropesFISTULAwill kick off theirThe Shape of Doom 2016 tour later this month beginning with a march through Europe. The journey, set to embark on October 13th in Brussels, Belgium, will rumble nineteen venues through October 31st. The ba

  • 03:36 WATCHTOWER - Mathematica Calculis (Teaser)

    WATCHTOWER - Mathematica Calculis (Teaser)

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    Legendary progressive metallists WATCHTOWER will be releasing their first new EP in over twenty years on October 7 via PROSTHETIC RECORDS worldwide on CD and LP. Formed in 1982 in Austin, Texas, WATCHTOWER has been hailed as the first jazz inspired progre

  • 05:38 CROWBAR - Plasmic and Pure (audio)

    CROWBAR - Plasmic and Pure (audio)

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    Riff lords Crowbar have debuted"Plasmic and Pure"today, the second track from the NOLA legends' forthcoming LP. Crowbarwill releaseThe Serpent Only Lies, on October 28, 2016 via Entertainment One (eOne) in North America and via SPV overseas. The Serpent O