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  • 00:51 SLAYER - You Against You (TEASER)

    SLAYER - You Against You (TEASER)

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    From BJ McDonnell, the director of Slayer's "Repentless" video... New Slayer Music Video "You Against You" Coming Soon..... The first leg of Slayer's North American tour starts this Friday:FEBRUARY19 Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL20 Riviera Theatre, C

  • 01:22 KNIFEWORLD - Bottled Out Of Eden (Album Teaser)

    KNIFEWORLD - Bottled Out Of Eden (Album Teaser)

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    London-based psychedelic octetKnifeworldrecently announced that their third studio album 'Bottled Out Of Eden', will be released on InsideOut Music on the April 22nd, 2016.Filming, animation and editing by Emmett Elvin The band have also announced a speci

  • 00:15 CORLYX - One Of Us (EP Trailer)

    CORLYX - One Of Us (EP Trailer)

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    Dark Pop/Indie duo CORLYX, who recently signed with ALPHA OMEGA Management, will release their debut EP "One Of Us" this coming Saturday, February 13th, co-produced with producer Paolo Pasquariello, is coming out on February 13 2016 at the digital stores.

  • 01:26 MOB RULES - Tales From Beyond (Teaser)

    MOB RULES - Tales From Beyond (Teaser)

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    Northern German Metal bandMOB RULEShave released a video teaser for their upcoming new studio albumTales From Beyond. The album will be availableMarch 18, 2016onSteamhammer/SPVas Digipak (incl. 1 bonus track + poster), double colored vinyl LP and digital

  • 01:10 MANTAR - Era Borealis (TRAILER)

    MANTAR - Era Borealis (TRAILER)

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    Northern Germany's infernal extreme metal duo,MANTAR, will release their Nuclear Blast debutOde To The Flameworldwide on April 15th. In related news,MANTARwill play a batch of exclusive release shows in April as well as various festival performances with

  • 01:47 TILES - Pretending 2 Run (Trailer #1)

    TILES - Pretending 2 Run (Trailer #1)

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    After eight years…, T I L E S returns with their mesmerizing 2-CD magnum opus “Pretending 2 Run” - to be released worldwide April 15, 2016 through the Laser's Edge Group. Clocking in at over 96-minutes, “Pretending 2 Run” is

  • 02:21 SPIRIT ADRIFT -  Perpetual Passage (teaser)

    SPIRIT ADRIFT - Perpetual Passage (teaser)

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    "Perpetual Passage" is one of two lengthy tracks from SPIRIT ADRIFT's debut EP "Behind - Beyond," due out worldwide via Prosthetic Records on Feb. 26. Pre-order bundles, which offer the EP on CD or LP along with an exclusive t-shirt, are available via the

  • 03:42 JESSIKILL - Metal Knights EP (Promo)

    JESSIKILL - Metal Knights EP (Promo)

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    San Antonio, Texas based female fronted heavy metal band JESSIKILL are releasing and making their debut 2016 "Metal Knights" ep. Pre-Order the Debut EP Online at:

  • 00:51 BUFFALO THEORY MTL - Skeptic Knight teaser (2016)

    BUFFALO THEORY MTL - Skeptic Knight teaser (2016)

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    Comprised of members from legendary Quebec bandsGhoulunatics, Les Ékorchés, Arseniq 33 and currently active Vantablack Warship,Montreal, QC based stoner thrash influenced metallersBUFFALO THEORY MTLreturn to the scene with a new previewfor t

  • 05:12 ADEPT - Sleepless (Album Preview)

    ADEPT - Sleepless (Album Preview)

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    The upcoming album Sleepless, by Sweden's finest Post-Hardcore-Metal band ADEPT, is already on the starting blocks. For those who can't wait any longer, you know have the exclusive chance to preview ALL of tracks from the record and get even more exited.

  • 02:35 TWISTED Fucking SISTER Trailer

    TWISTED Fucking SISTER Trailer

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    TheTwisted Sistermovie 'We are Twisted F*cking Sister!' a documentary film byAndrew Hornto be released inEurope/UKon a new date,February 12, 2016viaMONODUO FILMS. The film, lenght137 minutes+ over2 hours bonus materialwill be available onVOD(iTunes&Vi

  • 01:10 THE BODY And FULL OF HELL - One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache (Trailer)

    THE BODY And FULL OF HELL - One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache (Trailer)

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    Neurot Recordings is very pleased to deliver a full-length collaborative debut between apocalyptic doom duo, THE BODY, and grindcore/harsh noise sculptors, FULL OF HELL, this March. Fittingly titled One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache, the offering boasts e