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  • 01:03 DESTRUCTION - Under Attack (TEASER)

    DESTRUCTION - Under Attack (TEASER)

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    Iconic thrash metal bandDESTRUCTIONare set to release their new thrash metal hammerUnder Attack:on May 13th viaNuclear Blast Records.The video will be released next week - stay tuned!<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/A

  • 01:00 ASSCHAPEL Full Discography LP (Trailer)

    ASSCHAPEL Full Discography LP (Trailer)

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    Southern Lord has confirmed the impending release ofTotal Destruction (1999-2006)the collected discography of now defunct bible-shredders,ASSCHAPEL. ASSCHAPEL's existence: the band's thirty-two wretched tracks of total destruction captured during their l

  • 02:39 MALEVOLENT CREATION - The Ten Commandments 25th Anniversary

    MALEVOLENT CREATION - The Ten Commandments 25th Anniversary

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    ALPHA OMEGA Management and Century Media Records roster band, MALEVOLENT CREATION – one of most legendary and longest running death metal horde on this globe - released their debut album "The Ten Commandments" on April 24th, 1991 (via Roadrunner Rec

  • 08:16 DAYS OF ANGER - III (Album Preview)

    DAYS OF ANGER - III (Album Preview)

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    Swedish MetallersDAYS OF ANGERposted song snippets online of their new album "III", due outApril 22, 2016viaGoldenCore Records/ZYX Music. The album was mixed and mastered byPhilip Crusner(Fatal Smile, Diamond Dawn). Track listing: 1.Burning Inferno 2.Devi

  • 00:53 WOLVERINE - Machina Viva (Trailer)

    WOLVERINE - Machina Viva (Trailer)

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    Sensory Records has locked the Summer release date for Machina Viva, the vast fifth studio album from leading Swedish progressive metal outfit, WOLVERINE. The band has created a brief trailer for the record, including the first sample of audio from the al

  • 01:43 LIGHTLESS MOOR - Hymn For The Fallen (Album Trailer)

    LIGHTLESS MOOR - Hymn For The Fallen (Album Trailer)

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    ALPHA OMEGA Management is pleased to announce that the Italian Gothic Metallers LIGHTLESS MOOR are set to release their new album "Hymn For The Fallen" on June 9th, via Wormholedeath/Aural Music Group."Hymn For The Fallen" tracklist:1. Fairytales of Lies

  • 03:48 UMVRAL - Trascendencia (Album Preview 2016)

    UMVRAL - Trascendencia (Album Preview 2016)

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    UmvraL - Trascendencia (2016) Producido por UmvraL en colaboración con Ignacio Figueroa y Ricardo Martinez. Mezcla y masterización por Ricardo Martínez en Imperial Lion Studio (Santiago de Chile) Contacto prensa: umvral@gmail.com Rede

  • 03:04 INFINITE SPECTRUM - Haunter of the Dark (Album Trailer)

    INFINITE SPECTRUM - Haunter of the Dark (Album Trailer)

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    Sensory Records has issued the official release info for the label's first release for New York City-based progressive metal quintet, INFINITE SPECTRUM, as the label prepares the band's Haunter Of The Dark for release this June. INFINITE SPECTRUM's soari

  • 02:29 DESPITE - Synergi (album teaser)

    DESPITE - Synergi (album teaser)

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    DESPITE have revealed a teaser video featuring four snippets from their upcoming thirteen song album entitled “Synergi” which is scheduled for release on July 22 via Eclipse Records. “Synergi”, is currently scheduled for worldwide

  • 00:23 BROKEN TEETH - Show No Mercy (Trailer)

    BROKEN TEETH - Show No Mercy (Trailer)

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    Manchester, UK-based hardcore youngbloodsBROKEN TEETH HCreleased a teaser for the upcoming music video for the song "Show No Mercy". After stirring up the European underground intensively for the past months,BROKEN TEETH HCinked a worldwide record deal wi

  • 01:35 GWAR-B-Q 2016 Commercial

    GWAR-B-Q 2016 Commercial

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    Attention Bohabs!!! The 7th Annual GWAR B-Q is Set For August 20th in Richmond, VA B4BQ Slated For August 19th The Biggest, Craziest, Nastiest Bash of the Summer is Back!!! That's right it's time once again for the yearly tradition where Bohabs, GWAR fans

  • 05:56 MANTAR - Ode To The Flame  (Trailer)

    MANTAR - Ode To The Flame (Trailer)

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    Northern Germany's infernal extreme metal duoMANTAR,have released a video featuring snippets of every song off the band's second album,Ode To The Flame. Ode To The Flamewill be out on April 15th viaNuclear Blast.The album will be available as Digi-CD, bla