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  • 06:19 NIGHTBRINGER - Of the Key and Crossed Bones (audio)

    NIGHTBRINGER - Of the Key and Crossed Bones (audio)

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    Underground black metal cult NIGHTBRINGER are streaming a third new track off their forthcoming album 'Terra Damnata'. NIGHTBRINGER recently announced new tour dates. The tour begins in late May and sees the band traveling to and from Maryland Deathfest.

  • 03:08 NEUNTOTER - Rot Alive [audio]

    NEUNTOTER - Rot Alive [audio]

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    One of the most obscure death/grind bands from the early '90s scene in Spain isNeuntoter, a band with a true underground cult following that will finally see released their only two demos from '90 and'91 plus quite some unreleased bonus tracks on the famo

  • 02:07 PAIN TANK - When Integrity Means Death (audio)

    PAIN TANK - When Integrity Means Death (audio)

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    Washington, DC-basedPAIN TANKand their impending97,901,726 Confirmed Killsdebut album has been declassified through an exclusive stream of "When Integrity Means Death". PAIN TANK's lyrics show a depth and intensity rarely seen in extreme music, and a fer

  • 06:26 MERRIMACK - Apophatic Weaponry (audio)

    MERRIMACK - Apophatic Weaponry (audio)

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    French black metal cultists MERRIMACK have unveiled new details of their forthcoming new full-length. The album, titled 'Omegaphilia', will be released by Season of Mist on June 9th worldwide. An extreme, relentless take on pitch-black metal, "Omegaphilia

  • 09:03 WITHOUT WAVES - Us Against (audio)

    WITHOUT WAVES - Us Against (audio)

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    Post-progressive metal outfit WITHOUT WAVESis excited to reveal yet another new single from their upcoming debut album, "Lunar", out March 17 via PROSTHETIC RECORDS. Self-produced at Bricktop Recording with Pete Grossman (Weekend Nachos, Immortal Bird) ov

  • 03:10 EARTH ELECTRIC - Mountains & Conquerors (audio)

    EARTH ELECTRIC - Mountains & Conquerors (audio)

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    EARTH ELECTRIC, the hard rock brainchild of Norwegian guitarist Rune Eriksen (ex-MAYHEM, AURA NOIR, TWILIGHT OF THE GODS, ex-AVA INFERI) are streaming the second new track off their forthcoming album, 'Vol. 1: Solar'. Vol. 1: Solar', sees the renowned mus

  • 02:33 WOLFBRIGADE - Warsaw Speedwolf (audio)

    WOLFBRIGADE - Warsaw Speedwolf (audio)

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    Stockholm-based WOLFBRIGADE has released the lead single from their impending ninth LP, Run With The Hunted, which is set for release through Southern Lord in late April. The album's merciless second track, "Warsaw Speedwolf," comes crushing forth through

  • 02:50 SOULROT - From My Grave (audio)

    SOULROT - From My Grave (audio)

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    On April 24th, Memento Mori is proud to present the debut full-length of Chile's Soulrot, Nameless Hideous Manifestations. Hailing from the city of Valparaíso, the band was formed by guitar player JL Olmos (Betrayed, ex-Micosis, ex-Gangrenous) circ

  • 04:27 EXCALIBUR - Excalibur [audio]

    EXCALIBUR - Excalibur [audio]

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    Legendary Spanish heavy/rock band Excalibur have just launched the first advance single from their long-awaited third album, Humo Negro ("Black Smoke"), set for international release on May 2nd via Fighter Records. Formed back in 1984, Excalibur released

  • 05:30 FOSCOR - Ciutat Tràgica (audio)

    FOSCOR - Ciutat Tràgica (audio)

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    Named after the Catalan word for "darkness", the Spanish atmospheric metal band FOSCOR have revealed new details about their forthcoming album. The band's Season of Mist debut is titled 'Les Irreals Visions', and will be released worldwide on June 9. Pre-

  • 03:47 MOONLIGHT PROPHECY - Spellbound (audio)

    MOONLIGHT PROPHECY - Spellbound (audio)

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    Philadelphia'sMOONLIGHT PROPHECYisa Progressive, Thrash and Neoclassical Metal project from multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Lawrence Wallace (SHADOWS IN THE CRYPT, LAWRENCE'S CREATION). Debut EPEternal Oblivionwill be self-released on April 15. Stream si

  • 06:47 HIDEOUS DIVINITY - Aages Die (audio)

    HIDEOUS DIVINITY - Aages Die (audio)

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    Adveniens is the impending new studio offering from Italian death metal unit HIDEOUS DIVINITY, which features within its ranks current and former members of Hour Of Penance and Aborted. Slated for release on April 28th, the follow-up to the band's critica