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  • 02:55 HIGHER POWER - Balance (audio)

    HIGHER POWER - Balance (audio)

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    Leeds, UK-based HIGHER POWER advances their impending debut LP, Soul Structure - set for release through Flatspot Records/Venn Records in May. Bursting with old-school NYHC groove and West Coast crossover, HIGHER POWER's Soul Structure LP is about positiv

  • 02:30 EPI-DEMIC - Losing Time (audio)

    EPI-DEMIC - Losing Time (audio)

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    Calgary Thrashers EPI-DEMIC will return with new album Malformed Conscience April 14 on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. EPI-DEMIC make their explosive return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the new album Malformed Conscience. Following up o

  • 05:10 RUIN - Rancid Death (audio)

    RUIN - Rancid Death (audio)

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    On April 24th,Memento Moriis proud to present the LONG-awaited debut album of America'sRuin,Drown in Blood. Tracklist: 1. Crawling Through the Vomit2. Nightmares in a Void3. Sewer4. The Thirst for Annihilation5. Torture is Heaven6. Rancid Death7. Spread P

  • 04:27 SOULSKINNER - The Dead Have Ravished (audio)

    SOULSKINNER - The Dead Have Ravished (audio)

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    Greek epic & gloomy death metallersSoulskinnerareback with their fourth album,Descent to Abaddon, setfor international release on May 22nd viaXtreem Music.Soulskinnerwas born in the year 2000 as a side band of two members of the mythic Thou Art Lord,B

  • 03:51 CUT UP - Wherever They May Rot (audio)

    CUT UP - Wherever They May Rot (audio)

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    This Friday (March 24th), Cut Up will release their highly anticipated sophomore album, Wherever They May Rot, worldwide via Metal Blade Records! Just as brutal as its predecessor, 2015's Forensic Nightmares, Wherever They May Rot offers a rougher edge an

  • 06:15 VAMPIRE - Revenants (audio)

    VAMPIRE - Revenants (audio)

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    VAMPIRE's way to combine Swedish death metal darkness with the invincible force of Teutonic thrash metal and the nightmarish rapture of Scandinavian black metal is unrivalled. Lugubrious beauty, inscrutable dread and abysmal terrors blended to a concoctio

  • 08:31 GHOST BATH - Ambrosial (Audio)

    GHOST BATH - Ambrosial (Audio)

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    Starmourner is the forthcoming full-length from atmospheric black metallers GHOST BATH. Set for release on April 21st via Nuclear Blast Entertainment, the twelve-track offering and was recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by Josh Schroeder (Battlecross

  • 07:55 IN ABSENTHIA - Abiding Strain (audio)

    IN ABSENTHIA - Abiding Strain (audio)

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    Brazilian gothic death doom influencedIN ABSENTHIAhave released a new music video'Abiding Strain'in support of their forthcoming album'Thou Shalt Not Forgive Fate'set to be unleashedin a major partnership between Nuktemeron Productions, Odicelaf Records,

  • 53:44 DISCHRONIA - Aevum (Full album)

    DISCHRONIA - Aevum (Full album)

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    Hailing from Turin, Italy, 8-member Symphonic metallers AEVUM are streaming their brand new album "Dischronia" on the band's Youtube Channel! The album was released today, March 17th, via Maple Metal Records. As part of the deal Maple Metal Records will r

  • 02:25 WE RIDE - What You Are (audio)

    WE RIDE - What You Are (audio)

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    Victory Records’ latest signing, WE RIDE, have released ‘What You Are,’ the next cut from their forthcoming album, Empowering Life. Set for release on April 14th, Empowering Life serves as WE RIDE’s inauguration as the next heavy h

  • 04:08 IMMINENCE - Broken Love (audio)

    IMMINENCE - Broken Love (audio)

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    Swedish alternative rock/metal outfitIMMINENCE, has released their third single, “Broken Love,” from the band’s upcoming album,This Is Goodbye, that will be released onMarch 31stonSharpTone Records. Pre-order the upcoming albumThis Is G

  • 04:23 KOBRA AND THE LOTUS - You Don't Know (audio)

    KOBRA AND THE LOTUS - You Don't Know (audio)

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    It's been three years since Kobra And The Lotus' last studio album High Priestesswas released back in 2014. The time since has not been wasted; with their third album under their belt, and completing multiple tours worldwide (with the likes of Kamelot, So