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  • 04:33 VISIGOTH - Outlive Them All

    VISIGOTH - Outlive Them All

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    On February 9th, Salt Lake City's traditional metal champions Visigoth will release their sophomore album, Conqueror's Oath, via Metal Blade Records. Buy Here: Conqueror's Oath track-listing1. Steel and Silver2. Warrior Q

  • 03:59 Mike Lepond's SILENT ASSASSINS - Hordes of Fire (audio)

    Mike Lepond's SILENT ASSASSINS - Hordes of Fire (audio)

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    Frontiers Music Srl will release the new album from Mike Lepond's Silent Assassins, "Pawn and Prophecy" on January 26, 2018. Lepond is extremely excited for the release of his band's sophomore effort, which he describes as a "a collection of epic tales to

  • 03:21 TURBOWOLF - Domino (Official Audio)

    TURBOWOLF - Domino (Official Audio)

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    Bristol-based alt rock mavericks Turbowolf have released "Domino," the latest single taken from their upcoming album The Free Life, which will be released via So Recordings on March 9. "Domino" is a transportative, transcendental voyage into the anarchic

  • 04:12 CYNIC - Humanoid (audio)

    CYNIC - Humanoid (audio)

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    CYNIC has released a digital single titled "Humanoid". The song marks the first new music from the progressive pioneers since the band's 2014 album "Kindly Bent To Free Us." The artwork for "Humanoid" features a detail from the painting "Ayahuasca Dream"

  • 04:53 LIONE - CONTI - You're Falling (audio)

    LIONE - CONTI - You're Falling (audio)

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    Frontiers Music Srl will release the masterful debut from Lione/Conti on January 26, 2018. Pre-order & stream singles from "Lione/Conti" here: Track Listing:1. Ascension2. Outcome3. You're Falling4. Somebody Else5. Misbeliever

  • 06:47 EARTHLESS - Gifted By The Wind (audio)

    EARTHLESS - Gifted By The Wind (audio)

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    Earthless, the San Diego-based trio whose most recent release, the 2013 album From The Ages, was included on multiple best of year-end lists including Rolling Stone and Magnet magazines, return with the full-length album Black Heaven on March 16 (via Nucl

  • 04:35 GENOCIDE PACT - Structural Dissolution (audio)

    GENOCIDE PACT - Structural Dissolution (audio)

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    GENOCIDE PACT'sOrder Of Tormentwill see release February 2nd, 2018 on CD, LP, and digital formats via Relapse Records. Physical packages and digital order are available via Relapse.comHEREand all digital retail outletsHERE.Recorded by Kevin Bernsten at De

  • 04:41 KAOTEON - Damnatio Memoriae (audio)

    KAOTEON - Damnatio Memoriae (audio)

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    Out of the hellish darkness emerges Lebanese extreme death metal band KAOTEON with a savage blackened attack in the form of their new full-length album, Damnatio Memoriae. The album is due for release on February 23, 2018, and pre-orders are available now

  • 01:30 VIOLENT OPPOSITION - Controlled Opposition (audio)

    VIOLENT OPPOSITION - Controlled Opposition (audio)

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    Violent Opposition return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the new album Utopia/Dystopia. A vicious mix of Grind, Death Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Rock and Jazz minced into a pungent gruel. Tons and tons of riffs, Violent Opposition have created mus

  • 06:25 ILSA - Hikikomori (audio)

    ILSA - Hikikomori (audio)

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    Horror-obsessed, underground cultILSAweaves together tales of depravity and devil worship on their Relapse debutCorpse Fortress.Recorded by Kevin Bernsten (Full Of Hell, Code Orange, Magrudergrind, Integrity) in Baltimore, Maryland at Developing Nations,C

  • 07:48 CLAMFIGHT - Echoes in Stone (audio)

    CLAMFIGHT - Echoes in Stone (audio)

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    Delivering five new tracks totaling nearly forty-five minutes of groove-laden sludge/doom metal, CLAMFIGHT sounds more victorious in their thunderous mission than ever before on their third full-length release. III was recorded and produced at Gradwell Ho

  • 05:54 A PERFECT CIRCLE - Disillusioned [Audio]

    A PERFECT CIRCLE - Disillusioned [Audio]

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    A Perfect Circle welcomed 2018 with the release of ‘Disillusioned," the second piece of new music from their forthcoming BMG debut. Addressing the musicality of the song, which echoes the sentiment of unity, Maynard James Keenan said: “Attempt