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  • 04:31 SYNDEMIC - Shelter In Disease (Playthrough)

    SYNDEMIC - Shelter In Disease (Playthrough)

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    'Shelter In Disease' is the opening Track of SYNDEMIC's upcoming album 'For Those In Desperation' . Copyright SYNDEMIC 2013 - all rights reserved.http://www.syndemic.dehttp://www.facebook.com/syndemicofficialhttp://www.soundcloud.com/syndemicofficial

  • 04:27 APOTHEOSIS Brad Berk - Defiler (Drum playthrough)

    APOTHEOSIS Brad Berk - Defiler (Drum playthrough)

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    Drum music video for Defiler by Apotheosis, played by Brad Berk, Produced by Sebastian Dill and Brad Berk.

  • 03:37 THE HAUNTED - Trespass (Playthrough)

    THE HAUNTED - Trespass (Playthrough)

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    The Haunted Official - http://www.the-haunted.comThe Haunted Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/hauntedofficial

  • 06:24 FELIX MARTIN - High Spirit (Playthrough)

    FELIX MARTIN - High Spirit (Playthrough)

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    Listen to the brand new single "High Spirit" from FELIX MARTIN's upcoming studio debut "The Scenic Album" out September 17 via Prosthetic Records! Pre-order packages available @ bit.ly/thescenicalbum Marco Minnemann on Drums.Nathan Navarro on Bass.www.fel

  • 04:54 Where Giants Once Stood "Disbelievers" Official Guitar Playthrough

    Where Giants Once Stood "Disbelievers" Official Guitar Playthrough

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    The guitar play-through for the newest single off of Where Giants Once Stood's brand new E.P "The Changing". Buy this track on Itunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/where-giants-once-stood/id648026358Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wheregiant

  • 04:48 DESECRATED SPHERE José Mantovani - Leaders of Babylon (Bass playthrough )

    DESECRATED SPHERE José Mantovani - Leaders of Babylon (Bass playthrough )

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    Playing Desecrated Sphere - Leaders of Babylon along with raw audio tracks from our second full-length album Emancipate (2013). I feel this is one of our toughest songs so far.Bass is my Spector Euro 5LX, stringed with Pyramid Black Wires, 0.045-0.130. Pl

  • 03:27 RATZINGER - Alex Labraña (Drum playthrough of "R3volución")

    RATZINGER - Alex Labraña (Drum playthrough of "R3volución")

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    RATZINGER - Alex Labraña (Drum playthrough of "R3volución")https://www.facebook.com/Ratzinger2012

  • 05:52 AEON ZEN - Downfall (Guitar Playthrough)

    AEON ZEN - Downfall (Guitar Playthrough)

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    Rich Hinks' official playthrough of the Aeon Zen track 'Downfall' off the Aeon Zen album 'Enigma'. Out now on Nightmare Records.Guitar: Sabre Ghost HB-1Amp: Fractal Axe-FxBig thanks to Alex Felicioni for letting me use his beautiful guitar for this video,

  • 04:47 EXTERMINATUS - Axios (Guitar/Bass Playthrough)

    EXTERMINATUS - Axios (Guitar/Bass Playthrough)

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    Download this video: https://mega.co.nz/#!xIRTyR5R!MO6OiU4O9TG7NsPJbaEctzfSmeIJN5gqxNR5xzghmfQVideo play-through for the single AXIOS off the debut album VENI VIDI VICI by Exterminatus. The album is set in the Warhammer 40k universe and follows the exploi

  • 03:25 DEATHEMBER - Quietly (Guitar Car Playthrough)

    DEATHEMBER - Quietly (Guitar Car Playthrough)

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    Bored of ordinary playthroughs, we did one while driving.Original music video for "Quietly": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlMT11BXmV0Taken from our debut album "Going Postal".Scandinavian release: 05/04/2013 (Violent Groove Music Group)Europe: 19/04/201

  • 04:26 OVER YOUR THRESHOLD - Antic (Playthrough)

    OVER YOUR THRESHOLD - Antic (Playthrough)

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    Order at: http://www.metalblade.com/overyourthr... Over Your Threshold performs "Antic" from their latest album, "Facticity".

  • 03:27 ALEXANDER BATEMAN - A Conflicts End (Playthrough Video)

    ALEXANDER BATEMAN - A Conflicts End (Playthrough Video)

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    Recreated a track off my 2010 EP for fun with JP Andrade! Check it out, share the video and look up the original ep now for free on Alexanderbateman.bandcamp.com. ENTIRE 2010 EP AVAILABLE NOW AT ALEXANDERBATEMAN.BANDCAMP.COM