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  • 04:42 BODY COUNT - Raining In Blood / Postmortem (Slayer cover)

    BODY COUNT - Raining In Blood / Postmortem (Slayer cover)

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    BODY COUNT "Raining In Blood / Postmortem" wastaken from the album ‘BLOODLUST’, Century Media Records, 2017.Directed by Ice-T and Treach andproduced by Itchy House Films.Stream and buy 'BLOODLUST' now!!:http://smarturl.it/BodyCountBLOODLUST

  • 02:03 AS PARADISE FALLS - Digital Ritual

    AS PARADISE FALLS - Digital Ritual

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    The album's concept revolves around the idea that technology is ruining our lives by inhibiting “real life” engagement with our friends & family. At the same time, tracking cookies and big advertising corporations are chipping away at inte

  • 04:20 ATRIARCH - Repent

    ATRIARCH - Repent

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    The apocalyptic noisemakers in ATRIARCH are pleased to unveil their visual accompaniment to the track, "Repent," off the impending new full-length album, Dead As Truth. Dead As Truth is set for release on August 11th on CD, LP, and digital formats via Rel

  • 03:59 ALTARAGE - Spearheaderon

    ALTARAGE - Spearheaderon

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    Spanish death/black metal band ALTARAGE have revealed new details behind the release of their Season of Mist debut. The album is titled 'Endinghent', and will be released worldwide on October 13. Pre-orders for the album are available across CD and limite

  • 05:58 THE AGONIST - The Raven Eyes

    THE AGONIST - The Raven Eyes

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    As THE AGONIST get ready to hit the road, the band has released a video for their song "The Raven Eyes". The song is taken from their Napalm Records debut Five, which was released late last year.Order FIVE here:http://smarturl.it/5-NPRiTunes:http://smartu

  • 04:07 KHAZADDUM - The Deathless Crown

    KHAZADDUM - The Deathless Crown

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    Milwaukee's KHAZADDUM have released the official video for new single "The Deathless Crown," a track from forthcoming album Plagues Upon Arda. KHAZADDUM will release sophomore album Plagues Upon Arda August 19. Following the 2015 In Dwarven Halls EP, the

  • 09:54 SHADOWSIDE - Alive

    SHADOWSIDE - Alive

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    Brazilian Metal band Shadowside, featuring Swedish bass player Magnus Rosén (ex-Hammerfall), released today a video for the song ALIVE, first single of the new album SHADES OF HUMANITY, which was recorded and produced in Sweden by Fredrik Nordstr&o

  • 03:49 TRAVELIN JACK - Keep On Running

    TRAVELIN JACK - Keep On Running

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    Founded in summer 2013, Travelin Jack have developed into one of Germany's most unusual rock acts over the past four years, establishing their inimitable style, which is tailored to the vocals of Alia Spaceface, with two successful tours and shows at impo

  • 03:17 CKY - Replaceable

    CKY - Replaceable

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    CKY (Chad I Ginsburg, Jess Margera and Matt Deis) have debuted a brand new music video today titled “Replaceable”. Directed by Produced/Directed by JOFFco, this is the second music video we've seen from their all new LP The Phoenix. CKY releas

  • 04:13 UFORIA - Overthrow

    UFORIA - Overthrow

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    Uforia’s third EP is the high energy Fight or Flight, featuring five songs all produced by and co-written with Steve Molella (Finger Eleven) Tracklist: 1. Fight or Flight2. Radiation3. Wake Me4. Overthrow5. Is Anybody Living? Uforia’s previous

  • 03:52 FOR THE WIN - All Or Nothing

    FOR THE WIN - All Or Nothing

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    For The Win have premiered “All Or Nothing”, the latest music video from their forthcoming album, Heavy Thoughts. Upon announcing their signing to Victory Records in May of 2017, FOR THE WIN released videos for the tracks “Crash And Burn

  • 05:26 SHATTERED SUN - Hollow Chains

    SHATTERED SUN - Hollow Chains

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    With a week away from the release of The Evolution Of Anger, their second album for Victory Records, modern metal trailblazers SHATTERED SUN have unveiled the video ‘Hollow Chains.’ Perfectly outlining the demise of cultural and social conscio