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  • 03:38 Popular WARCHEST - Contradiction - Digmetalworld

    WARCHEST - Contradiction - Digmetalworld

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    © WARCHEST, Contradiction taken from Aftershock (2011) Recorded&edited by Max Molina, Aldo Biggini and Diego SilvaProduced by 100iaudiovisualOfficial website: www.warchestband.comMusic available on Digmetalworld:

  • 03:50 VASTATOR - X-Terminate

    VASTATOR - X-Terminate

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    © VASTATOR, X-terminate taken from Machine Hell (2011) © Copyright-Nelson D'Aldunce, Gerardo Barrenechea, Peyote Barrera, Felipe He (884502785586) Record Label: Digmetalworld For more information visit: Listen to to Machin

  • 05:46 KRUDO - Asesino

    KRUDO - Asesino

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    © KRUDO, Asesino taken from Demencial (2012) © Copyright - Krudo (885767328808) Record Label: Digmetalworld Directed and editing by Mario Ruiz Cameras by Gustavo Amaro and Mario Ruiz Produced by Krudo and ACid ReCords 'Demencial' is the debut album of the

  • 03:45 SACRAMENTO - Everything To Waste

    SACRAMENTO - Everything To Waste

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    © SACRAMENTO, Everything To Waste taken from Weight Of Sin (2011) © Record Label: Mechanix Records / Digmetalworld (885767637092) Directed by Fernando Orellana Trincado (Aukache Films) Music Available at: Digmetalworld

  • 04:06 HUINCA - Marichiweu HD - Digmetalworld

    HUINCA - Marichiweu HD - Digmetalworld

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    HUINCAMarichiweuHuinca2012DigmetalworldOfficial website: Buy music:

  • 03:46 HUINCA - Ruca HD - Digmetalworld

    HUINCA - Ruca HD - Digmetalworld

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    HUINCARucaHuinca2012DigmetalworldOfficial website: Buy music:

  • 03:08 HUINCA - Boicot HD - Digmetalworld

    HUINCA - Boicot HD - Digmetalworld

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    HUINCABoicotHuinca2012DigmetalworldOfficial website: Buy music:

  • 04:15 Popular HUINCA - Rapa Nui - Digmetalworld

    HUINCA - Rapa Nui - Digmetalworld

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    HUINCA Rapa Nui Sic Semper Tyrannis 2012 Digmetalworld Directed by Carlos Toro (Abysmo) RAPA NUI I see, I see, the amazing island Rapa Nui Big faces, big stones, so colorful, what a place! So far, so hidden, so pure, so clean, so weak

  • 03:56 VASTATOR - Puñado de Almas

    VASTATOR - Puñado de Almas

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    Chilean heavy metal band VASTATOR has releases their 3rd music video supporting their latest album "Machine Hell" released in 2010 via Inferno Records in France and Digmetalworld in the U.S. The video was directed by Carlos Toro at Abysmo Producciones. Th

  • 03:46 INFERIS - Think About It

    INFERIS - Think About It

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    INFERIS Think About it When Men Collide: Encounter Of The Races Directed by Gabriel Cerda, Waldo Madriaga. 2010 Chilean heavy metal band INFERIS have signed a distribution deal agreement with Digmetalworld Records for its debut album called "When Men Coll

  • 03:49 INFERIS - Lead The Chain

    INFERIS - Lead The Chain

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    Chilean power metal band INFERIS have released the music video for the track "Lead the Chain" that comes off their newest EP also called "Lead the Chain" that will be released via Digmetalworld Records for Free on June 18th, 2012. As well as physical rele

  • 05:09 NIMROD - Betrayer Of The Soul

    NIMROD - Betrayer Of The Soul

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    Chilean metallers NIMROD has released the music video for the song "Betrayer of the Soul" that is included on their debut album "Return To Babylon". The video it was recorded and edited by members of the band. "Return to Babylon" was released in April, 20