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  • 00:35 Distribution of Latin American Metal Bands on  DIGMETALWORLD

    Distribution of Latin American Metal Bands on DIGMETALWORLD

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    DIGMETALWORLD:Digital Music Label that Promotes and Sells Metal Music from South America, Europe and Local, All Over the Social Media Network. Find out Artists on iTunes - Amazon - Raphody - Spotify - CDBaby and many more right from NY.Follow us on your m

  • 03:49 SACRAMENTO - Left Hollow

    SACRAMENTO - Left Hollow

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    SACRAMENTO Left Hollow Weight Of Sin 2011 "Left Hollow" contains live images os SACRAMENTO when they were supporting the show of THEATRE OF TRAGEDY in Chile, last Jun 24, 2010. SACRAMENTO abriendo el show de Theatre of tragedy en Chile el pasado 24 de Jun

  • 02:30 WARCHEST - Aftershock - Digmetalworld

    WARCHEST - Aftershock - Digmetalworld

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    WARCHEST Aftershock Aftershock 2010 | Chile Recorded/edited by Max Molina and Aldo Biggini Produced by Javier Laso Ulloa of Madness records http://www.warchestband.com Buy Music: http://music.digmetalworld.com/album/aftershock

  • 05:12 RATZINGER - Make-Make

    RATZINGER - Make-Make

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    Chilean thrash metal band RATZINGER have released a music video for the track 'Make-Make'. The song belongs to their newest album 2012 released in 2010.Video director Jona Cadet commented on the video: "It was a challenge the day when the band contacted m

  • 03:35 DYNAHEAD - Eventide

    DYNAHEAD - Eventide

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    (c) DYNAHEAD, Eventide taken from YOUniverse 2011. Available on iTunes, Amazon, Digmetalworld

  • 05:50 TRAYCE - Price to Pay

    TRAYCE - Price to Pay

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    (c) TRAYCE, Price to Pay taken from the album Bittersweet (2011) More info about the band at http://www.facebook.com/TrayceOfficial

  • 02:32 PRIMATE  - Abortion

    PRIMATE - Abortion

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    (c) PRIMATE, Abortion taken from Primate (1996)

  • 01:09 Latin American Metal Bands on DIGMETALWORLD

    Latin American Metal Bands on DIGMETALWORLD

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    Movie clip featuring:TRAYCE (Brazil) Price to pay WARCHEST (Chile) Aftershock RATZINGER (Chile) Make - Make DYNAHEAD (Brazil) Eventide find these and more bands from South America at: http://music.digmetalworld.com

  • 05:02 LEFUTRAY - Immersed - Digmetalworld

    LEFUTRAY - Immersed - Digmetalworld

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    © LEFUTRAY - Immersed (2011) © Copyright-Lefutray(885767919549) Record Label: Digmetalworld Recorded by: Infiernando, Edited by: Diego Araya Official website: http://www.lefutray.cl Available on digital format at: http://music.digmetalworld.com/

  • 06:06 D1STRAUGHT - Money Equal Death

    D1STRAUGHT - Money Equal Death

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    © D1STRAUGHT, Money Equal Death taken from Money Equal Death (2012) © Copyright-Digmetalworld(885767328792) Record Label: Digmetalworld Directed by Tito Labrin FREE MUSIC AVAILABLE: http://music.digmetalworld.com/album/money-equal-death-ep Official Websit

  • 03:38 Popular WARCHEST - Contradiction - Digmetalworld

    WARCHEST - Contradiction - Digmetalworld

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    © WARCHEST, Contradiction taken from Aftershock (2011) Recorded&edited by Max Molina, Aldo Biggini and Diego SilvaProduced by 100iaudiovisualOfficial website: www.warchestband.comMusic available on Digmetalworld: http://music.digmetalworld.com/al

  • 03:50 VASTATOR - X-Terminate

    VASTATOR - X-Terminate

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    © VASTATOR, X-terminate taken from Machine Hell (2011) © Copyright-Nelson D'Aldunce, Gerardo Barrenechea, Peyote Barrera, Felipe He (884502785586) Record Label: Digmetalworld For more information visit: http://www.facebook.com/vastator Listen to to Machin

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