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  • 04:02 NECROSIS - The Weakest

    NECROSIS - The Weakest

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    NECROSISThe WeakestReborn2009Images taken when NECROSIS was supporting "MEGADETH's Rust In Peace Tour", Movie Star Arena, Santiago - Chile 2010 Edited&Post-Produced by Marco MedinaCameras by Johnny Cuevas y Marco MedinaDirected/Produced by Rodrigo OnettoO

  • 04:19 TORTURER - Prince of Darkness live

    TORTURER - Prince of Darkness live

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    TORTURER Prince Of Darkness Chargola Fucking Fest DVD 2006 profile: http://www.myspace.com/torturerchile Portaldisc: http://www.portaldisc.com/filtro.php?artista=Torturer More info: http://www.digmetalworld.com

  • 04:10 CHILEANMETAL: Ayudanos Hoy!

    CHILEANMETAL: Ayudanos Hoy!

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    video: "Ayudanos Hoy!" por Abysmo.clEl destacado director Chileno de videos musicales, CARLOS TORO (CRIMINAL, LACRIMOSA, VOLKMAR, VADER, REPLICA, THE SHRINK) nos presenta la cancion: "Ayudanos Hoy!". Esta cancion fue compuesta por la Ignacio Orellana (US)

  • 04:10 CHILEANMETAL - Give Help To Yourself

    CHILEANMETAL - Give Help To Yourself

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    Leading Chilean music video director, CARLOS TORO (CRIMINAL, LACRIMOSA, VOLKMAR, VADER, REPLICA, THE SHRINK) presents the song: "Give Help To Yourself".This song was composed by Ignacio Orellana (US) with the collaboration of Chilean musicians: Sebastian

  • 03:27 NECROSIS - Elite Hunter

    NECROSIS - Elite Hunter

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    NECROSIS Elite Hunter Reborn 2009 Live video @ La Batuta. myspace: http://www.myspace.com/necrosisofficial http://www.necrosis.cl more info: http://www.digmetalworld.com Find the album REBORN on iTunes - Amazon and Digmetalworld Distro in Chile go to http

  • 07:40 TANTAL live

    TANTAL live

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    Russian band TANTAL live showhttp://www.tantalweb.ru http://www.myspace.com/tantalband http://music.digmetalworld.com/album/the-beginning-of-the-end

  • 00:18 Latin American Metal Bands on Volume Two by DIGMETALWORLD

    Latin American Metal Bands on Volume Two by DIGMETALWORLD

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    VOLUME TWO: Another Kind Of EvilAvailable $0.99 Full Album Download@ CDBABY $0.99.- http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/digmetalworld2 @ iTunes $3.99.- http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/volume-two-another-kind-evil/id397787485 1. CERBERUS - Redemption Of Demigod 2. E

  • 02:24 GREENSLEEVES - Out of Reality

    GREENSLEEVES - Out of Reality

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    GREENSLEEVES Out of Reality The Elephant Truth 2009 Brazil The Elephant Truth is a concept album by Brazilian heavy metal band Greensleeves. The songs tell, nonlinearly and abstractly, the mental journey of a man in a coma. Band: Featuring Gui Nogueira (v

  • 05:01 LIVIN GARDEN - Age Of Lies

    LIVIN GARDEN - Age Of Lies

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    LIVIN GARDEN Where I Can Breathe Brazil Tracklist: 1 - Where I Can Breathe 2 - Blinding Me 3 - Age Of Lies 4 - Crown Of Thorns 5 - Pain 6 - Don't Blame 7 - Take The Time 8 - The Old Days Gabriel Canoro -- Vocals / Bass Pablo Kravicz -- Guitar Vinnie Lazza

  • 04:00 VASTATOR - Machine Hell

    VASTATOR - Machine Hell

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    VASTATORMachine HellMachine Hell2010Second video promotional featuring the song "Machine Hell". This album is available on iTunes, Amazon and all the major online Stores. more previews go to: http://music.digmetalworld.com/album/machine-hell more informat

  • 05:17 RATZINGER - Zeitgeist

    RATZINGER - Zeitgeist

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    Official Video New Record "2012" The song title "ZEITGEIST" is the German expression for "Spirit of the Time". The latest released 2012 is available on iTunes, Amazon and more throughout Digmetalworld.com check our RATZINGER at their Official Website: htt

  • 06:30 DESECRATED SPHERE - Gospel Is Dead

    DESECRATED SPHERE - Gospel Is Dead

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    Born in January 2011 in Sao Paulo - Brazil, Desecrated Sphere formed by Renato Sgarbi (Vocals), Jose "Motor" Mantovani (Bass) and Rodolfo Bassani (Drums) and Gustavo Lozano (Guitars).Soon after the band foundation it is launched the first full-length albu

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