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  • 05:43 GRANDS BOULEVARDS - Children of Light

    GRANDS BOULEVARDS - Children of Light

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    Grands Boulevards is a French indé/alternative band. The band explores different sounds to make an organic and electronic mixed, passing by indie-rock, dream pop and electronica music. Music written and produced by Grands Boulevards. https://www.fa

  • 05:31 TWELVE NOON - No Way Out

    TWELVE NOON - No Way Out

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    Pittsburgh PA’s alternative metal rising stars TWELVE NOON have premiered a new music video for the song ‘No Way Out’. This is the first single off their debut LP, ‘Saints and Sinners’. The album consists of ten songs and is

  • 06:01 BELOW - Disappearing into Nothing

    BELOW - Disappearing into Nothing

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    On May 19th, Swedish epic doom metallers Below will release their new album, Upon A Pale Horse, worldwide via Metal Blade Records! For pre-orderes visit: http://metalblade.com/below Upon A Pale Horse track-listing:1. The Plague Within2. Disappearing Into

  • 03:35 BEASTMAKER - Nature  of the Damned

    BEASTMAKER - Nature of the Damned

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    Beastmaker will release their new album Inside The Skull May 19th on Rise Above Records. Pre-order the albumon iTunes and check out the band's upcoming North American tour dates with Zakk Sabbath HERE.

  • 04:40 IDES OF GEMINI - Heroine's Descent

    IDES OF GEMINI - Heroine's Descent

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    Ides Of Gemini have released their new album Women On Friday April 28th via Rise Above Records.Order your copy of WomenviaiTunesandAmazon.

  • 05:21 HOLYCIDE - Human's Last Dawn

    HOLYCIDE - Human's Last Dawn

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    Spanish thrash squadron Holycide premiere the new video "Human's Last Dawn". The track hails from the band's highly anticipated debut album, Annihilate... Then Ask!, released earlier this year via Xtreem Music. Tracklist: 1. Afterworld Remnants2. Annihila

  • 04:57 SLAUGHTER TO PREVAIL - Chronic Slaughter

    SLAUGHTER TO PREVAIL - Chronic Slaughter

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    The second single and first music video off SLAUGHTER TO PREVAIL’s eagerly awaited debut full-length album, Misery Sermon, is for the track Chronic Slaughter and was directed by Evgeniy Kozlov. Misery Sermon is set for release on May 5th through Sum

  • 02:55 OCEANO - Human Harvest

    OCEANO - Human Harvest

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    The new music video and second single off OCEANO’s Sumerian debut, Revelation, is for the track Human Harvest and was directed by Orie McGinness of Enlighten Creative Studio (Bad Omens, Out Came the Wolves, Escape the Fate). www.oceanoofficial.com

  • 05:59 THE INTERBEING - Deceptive Signal

    THE INTERBEING - Deceptive Signal

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    THE INTERBEING released the second single from their upcoming Album "Among The Amorphous". The song, called "Deceptive Signal", is the follow-up to the comeback single "Sins Of The Mechanical". The new album "Among The Amorphous" will be released worldwid

  • 04:16 BEASTMAKER - Evil One

    BEASTMAKER - Evil One

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    Beastmaker's new album Inside The Skull is set for release next Friday May 19th via Rise Above Records. Inside The Skull is not just a muscular hymn to the glory days of heavy metal's genesis and early prosperity: this is a vital, virile and venomous slab

  • 04:19 INSANITY - With My Friends

    INSANITY - With My Friends

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    Swiss Hardcore band Insanity have just released the 2nd single off of their upcoming album „Toss A Coin”. The song is called „With My Friends” and it comes with a music video that follows up the video of their first single “D

  • 03:45 SIKTH - Golden Cufflinks

    SIKTH - Golden Cufflinks

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    Ahead of the June 2 release of their highly anticipated new album The Future In Whose Eyes?, SikTh have dropped their new single and video for "Golden Cufflinks."When introducing the new song, vocalist and lyricist Mikee W Goodman states, "The song is ver