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  • 04:10 THE ABSENCE - A Gift for the Obsessed

    THE ABSENCE - A Gift for the Obsessed

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    The Tampa-based melodic death metal band THE ABSENCE will release "A Gift for The Obsessed,” their first album in eight years, through M-Theory Audio on March 23. A Gift for The Obsessed" is THE ABSENCE’s first full-length since 2010's acclaim

  • 04:00 ATALA - Wilted Leaf

    ATALA - Wilted Leaf

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    Twentynine Palms, CA-based sludge/doom metal groupATALAwill released their upcoming full-length concept album,Labyrinth of Ashmedai, next Friday, January 26, 2018 via Salt of the Earth Records.Pre-orders forLabyrinth of Ashmedaiare available now viahttps:

  • 04:38 MORS SUBITA - As Humanity Weeps

    MORS SUBITA - As Humanity Weeps

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    Finnish modern melodic death metal band MORS SUBITA is set to release their third album "Into the Pitch Black". The album is released by Inverse Records on April 6th 2018. The album was recorded at the legendary Tico Tico Studio in Kemi with Ahti Kortelai

  • 02:15 STONE - Skeletons

    STONE - Skeletons

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    Milwaukee based five-piece STONE is taking the hardcore scene by storm with their forthcoming, highly anticipated debut album, Inch of Joy, that’s scheduled for release on March 2, 2018 from Pure Noise Records. STONE is a newly formed band, hailing

  • 06:36 JIRM - Candle Eyes

    JIRM - Candle Eyes

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    Surge Ex Monumentis, the impending new full-length from Swedish heavy rockers faction JIRM, formerly Jeremy Irons And The Ratgang Malibus, will drop via Small Stone this March. Surge Ex Monumentis will see release on CD, digital, and limited edition 2xLP

  • 04:13 THE CHARM THE FURY - Songs Of Obscenity

    THE CHARM THE FURY - Songs Of Obscenity

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    Amsterdam, Holland based metal band THE CHARM THE FURY have released a new music video for 'Songs Of Obscenity'. The song comes off of their album The Sick, Dumb & Happy, which was released last year through Nuclear Blast/Arising Empire. The video is

  • 07:44 W.A.S.P. - Chainsaw Charlie

    W.A.S.P. - Chainsaw Charlie

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    In December 2017, W.A.S.P. successfully completed their "ReIdolized" tour supporting the 25th anniversary of their iconic hit album "The Crimson Idol", the legendary story of Jonathan Aaron Steele, which will finally be released in a rerecorded version an

  • 06:21 LOUDNESS - Soul on Fire

    LOUDNESS - Soul on Fire

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    Japanese Heavy Metal legends Loudness display their blind determination and unchallenged fighting power with their brand new video for "Soul on Fire." It's an anthem that is celebrating the band's unique identity – an anthem which does not merely de

  • 04:05 SHIELDS - It's Killing Me

    SHIELDS - It's Killing Me

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    SHIELDS release their first single in almost 3 years! After signing with Long Branch Records the new song "It's Killing Me" marks the first single from a new upcoming album that is soon to be announced. The impressive video with underwater scenes and amaz

  • 05:00 ACCUSER - Catacombs

    ACCUSER - Catacombs

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    German thrash legends ACCUSER will release their new album The Mastery January 26th via Metal Blade Records! ACCUSER comments on the new video: "Catacombs describes the attempt to escape a psychological dead end. Imprinting, education and religion are the

  • 04:09 LAST LEGION - God Ov Chaos

    LAST LEGION - God Ov Chaos

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    New York City based Viking Metallers LAST LEGION have released their second full-length album “Muspelheim” in conjuction with hard rock/metal label Gravel Entertainment. “Muspelheim” is available now on Compact Disc and all major d

  • 04:43 HERETIC'S DREAM - A Price To Pay

    HERETIC'S DREAM - A Price To Pay

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    Italian progressive rock/metal band HERETIC’s DREAM, have released a new music video for the song 'A Price To Pay'. The track is taken from the forthcoming album 'Resilience', due out later in 2018. The video was directed by Adriano Giotti. 'A Price