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  • 05:53 ArmyOfOneTV - WARBRINGER (John Kevill)

    ArmyOfOneTV - WARBRINGER (John Kevill)

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    John Kevill of WARBRINGER talked to ArmyOfOneTV about their current tour status, their latest album and much more. The interview was done at The Loft, Poughkeepsie, NY yesterday Monday March 12, 2012. For more information visit: www.warbringermusic.com Re

  • 06:29 ArmyOfOneTV - THE GARDNERZ (Wilhelm Lindh)

    ArmyOfOneTV - THE GARDNERZ (Wilhelm Lindh)

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    THE GARDNERZ guitar player Wilhelm Lindh talked about the response of the fans from their debut album, the new recordings of the EP that is going to be release soon and his connection with South America, and more... the interviewed was done at The Funky K

  • 08:12 ArmyOfOneTV - DERANGED (Thomas Ahlgren)

    ArmyOfOneTV - DERANGED (Thomas Ahlgren)

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    Thomas Ahlgren of DERANGED was interviewed at the Funky Katz Studios, Sweden. The interview was recorded last week on his visit to "The Gardnerz EP recordings sessions" that took place on that studio". On this interview Thomas talked about the band's curr

  • 04:15 ArmyOfOneTV - DEATH ANGEL (Ted Aguilar)

    ArmyOfOneTV - DEATH ANGEL (Ted Aguilar)

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    DEATH ANGEL's Ted Aguilar, talked to ArmyOfOneTV on April 26th, 2012 at Bogie's, in Albany,NY. On this video Ted Aguilar discusses the writing process of their new material, and the problem crossing the border from Canada to the States, when they were com

  • 02:05 ArmyOfOneTV - HAVOK (Jesse De Los Santos - Pete Webber)

    ArmyOfOneTV - HAVOK (Jesse De Los Santos - Pete Webber)

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    Jesse De Los Santos and Pete Webber of the thrash metal band HAVOK talked to ArmyOfOneTV, right after their show at Bogie's in Albany, NY this past April 26, 2012. On this interview they discussed of the current activities of the band and also their upcom

  • 05:08 ArmyOfOneTV - KRISIUN (Alex Camargo)

    ArmyOfOneTV - KRISIUN (Alex Camargo)

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    KRISIUN's Alex Camargo talked to ArmyOfOneTV after their show at Bogie's in Albany, NY, this past April 26, 2012. On this interview Alex discusses the musical aspects of their latest album called "The Great Execution" and some stories about touring with M

  • 55:43 DEATH ANGEL: Live at Bogie's Albany, NY (04/26/12)

    DEATH ANGEL: Live at Bogie's Albany, NY (04/26/12)

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    DEATH ANGEL: Live at Bogie's Albany, NY (04/26/12) Audio Camera Thanks to: http://www.taintedentertainment.net http://www.upstateblacknblue.com http://www.armyofonetv.com

  • 08:29 ArmyOfOneTV - SABATON (Robban Back - Chris Rorland

    ArmyOfOneTV - SABATON (Robban Back - Chris Rorland

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    Robban Bäck and Chris Rörland the new additions to the Swedish metal band SABATON talked to ArmyOfOneTV on Wed May 2, 2012 at The Loft in Poughkeepsie, NY on the current Swedish Empire Tour 2012. On

  • 05:52 ArmyOfOneTV - BLACKSMITH (David Smith)

    ArmyOfOneTV - BLACKSMITH (David Smith)

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    BLACKSMITH guitarist David Smith talked to ArmyOfOneTV on May 2, 2012 at The Loft in Poughkeepsie, NY. The band it has been supporting SABATON for few shows on their Swedish Empire Tour 2012. BLACKSMITH is currently located in Albany, NY but was born in 1

  • 07:29 ArmyOfOneTV - WATAIN (Erik Danielsson)

    ArmyOfOneTV - WATAIN (Erik Danielsson)

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    ERIK DANIELSSON, vocalist/guitar player of the Swedish band WATAIN, talked to ArmyOfOneTV before the their show on Monday May 14th, 2012 at The Loft in Poughkeepsie, NY. On this video Erik discusses the current extended tour, their up coming DVD release a

  • 06:05 ArmyOfOneTV - SANCHEZ (Sweden)

    ArmyOfOneTV - SANCHEZ (Sweden)

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    SANCHEZ SWEDEN it's a Swede Hard Rock outfit led by José Sánchez that has released 3 CD's in the European territory since 2007. Originally from Chile (South America), José moved to Spain when he was a small child to then move to Sweden where he as lived a

  • 04:06 ArmyOfOneTV - AT ROPE's END (NY)

    ArmyOfOneTV - AT ROPE's END (NY)

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    New York death metal band AT ROPE's END, talked to ArmyOfOneTV at the Pickwick Pub on 06/28/12, they discussed the beginning of the band and how they things are working on the recordings of their debut demo, also they mentioned their upcoming shows. The i