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  • 06:50 ArmyOfOneTV - HYNGD

    ArmyOfOneTV - HYNGD

    by Ignacio Orellana Added 387 Views / 0 Likes

    FRI November 26, 2010 HYNGD(US) Rich - Brian - Shane - Greg HYNGD, an explosive driven rock quartet from Kingston NY, With over 5 years of pushing to get noticed from coast to coast. 2010 , Hyngd is moving forward with new music, and an adjusted attitude.

  • 25:37 ArmyOfOnePodcast - DAVOLA

    ArmyOfOnePodcast - DAVOLA

    by Ignacio Orellana Added 331 Views / 0 Likes

    ArmyOfOneTVPodcast - DAVOLAhosted by Williams @EvolutionRockDAVOLADichotomy2009New Jersey, United StatesThe brainchild of lone independent musician Aaron Cloutier, Davola is an extreme metal assault on the senses while pushing the limits of what can be do

  • 05:54 ArmyOfOneTV - ATOMIC HEAD


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    FRI December 17, 2010 ATOMIC HEAD(CL) Sebastian Galindo ATOMIC HEAD.. is born in october 2004 when Seb starts with the idea of starting a band inspired mostly in Megadeth, Metallica and Exodus, starts the composition. SEb meets Luis F in bass and in april

  • 24:51 ArmyOfOneTVPodcast - IGNACIO ORELLANA


    by Ignacio Orellana Added 394 Views / 0 Likes

    ArmyOfOneTVPodcast - IGNACIO ORELLANAby DJ Valkyrie @Beyond The BlazeFRIDAY 24 Dec, 2010IGNACIO ORELLANADownfire/Digmetalworld/Chileanmetal/ArmyOfOneTVNew York, USChilean metal drummer that moved to United States in early 2000's. Since 2004, Ignacio has b

  • 08:54 ArmyOfOneTV - DEMENCIA

    ArmyOfOneTV - DEMENCIA

    by Ignacio Orellana Added 426 Views / 0 Likes

    FRIDAY 31 Dec, 2010 DEMENCIA Giovanni Rivera - Rodrigo Villar Iquique, Chile Thrash Metal band originated from Iquique - Chile, it was created in 1995, under the name of --Kaníbal Kañero--. Their first album was called --METAL DISTORTION-- in 2009 and its

  • 17:50 ArmyOfOnePodcast - THE UNRAVELLING

    ArmyOfOnePodcast - THE UNRAVELLING

    by Ignacio Orellana Added 338 Views / 0 Likes

    Fri Jan 7, 2011THE UNRAVELLING (CA)Steve Moorehosted by Williams (Evolution Rock)The Unravelling is an eclectic progressive rock/metal band from Calgary, Canada. Described by Pure Grain Audio as "overflowing with a bloodthirsty passion", the Unravelling's

  • 10:02 ArmyOfOneTV - TIMECODE

    ArmyOfOneTV - TIMECODE

    by Ignacio Orellana Added 420 Views / 0 Likes

    Fri Jan 14, 2011 TIMECODE(CL) Ricardo Espinoza - Victor Trujillo TIMECODE was created in Santiago by April 1994. The first album of the band, named "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder". The whole process ends by late 2008. Abraham Lazo decides to leave the ba

  • 19:02 ArmyOfOneTVPodcast - MONGREL

    ArmyOfOneTVPodcast - MONGREL

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    Fri Jan 21, 2011MONGREL(US)Adam SavageHosted by TopJimmy @RockGatorRadioRock n' roll circa 2010 is becoming an increasingly predictable affair, so, whenever a band comes along refusing to fit the mold, it usually doesn't go unnoticed. Case in point, Bosto

  • 06:29 ArmyOfOneTV - THE FALLACY


    by Ignacio Orellana Added 399 Views / 0 Likes

    Sat Jan 29, 2011THE FALLACY(CL)Marco Cussatto - Angie - Niko"Beyond the Mist" is the 2nd album self released by the Chilean Gothic Rock/Metal band THE FALLACY. "Beyond the Mist" is in the pure vein of a Dark Gothic style with melodic vocals and warm Guita

  • 21:49 ArmyOfOneTVPodcast - MEMORIES of a DEAD MAN

    ArmyOfOneTVPodcast - MEMORIES of a DEAD MAN

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    Sat Feb 5, 2011MEMORIES of a DEAD MAN(FR)hosted by Williams (Evolution Rock)Mixing several influences and musical styles, Memories of a dead Man is delivering a heavy and hypnotic music. Relaying on the turbulences and emotions of a human being, the group

  • 05:44 ArmyOfOneTV - RATZINGER


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    Fri Jan 11, 2011RATZINGER(CL)Ivan Vega - Felipe MajlufRATZINGER is a metal band from Santiago-Chile, their first album is called "State Enemy" in 2006. After of 5 year of career RATZINGER is bringing its second full - length called "2012", it comes with 1

  • 23:12 ArmOfOneTVPodcast - CARLOS LICHMAN

    ArmOfOneTVPodcast - CARLOS LICHMAN

    by Ignacio Orellana Added 336 Views / 0 Likes

    Sun Feb 20, 2011 CARLOS LICHMAN(BR) hosted by Williams (Evolution Rock) CARLOS LICHMAN' complex shredding has been a central part of the progressive but powerful and thrash edge often attributed to his work's trademark sound since his first band in 1996.