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  • 06:38 ArmyOfOneTV - Suicide Silence (US)

    ArmyOfOneTV - Suicide Silence (US)

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    Suicide Silence drummer Alex Lopez sat down with ArmyOfOneTV at the Chicago Open Air Festival on July 14, 2017 to discuss the beginnings of the band, current album and future activities. The video was recorded by Julia Sariy. For more information visit:ht

  • 10:42 ArmyOfOneTV - EXIST (US)

    ArmyOfOneTV - EXIST (US)

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    Max Phelps (touring member ofCynic, Defeated Sanity, frontman forDeath To All) and bassist Alex Weber (Jeff Loomis) sat down with ArmyOfOnetv.com at Le Poison Rouge on 6/23/17 to discussed their label debut,So True, So Bound and also the tour supporting G

  • 08:40 ArmyOfOneTV - DESTRUCTION (DE)


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    Destruction’s frontman Schmiersat down with ArmyOfOneTV to discuss the current US tour, early influences, recording process, pledgemusic project and more… The video was recorded by Ignacio Orellana ( www.promusicvideo.com) at The Gramercy The

  • 09:57 ArmyOfOneTV - SUFFOCATION (US)


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    Guitarist Terrance Hobbs of the New York band Suffocation sat down with ArmyOfOneTV at The Gramercy Theatre on May 29th. On this interview he to discussed its new album "...Of The Dark Light' released via Nuclear Blast, its current tour with "Morbid Angel

  • 08:01 ArmyOfOneTV - HELL OR HIGHWATER (US)


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    Hell Or High Water guitarist Joey Bradford sat down with ArmyOfOneTV on May 8th at The Gramercy Theatre. On this video he discussed the beginning of the band, the new album 'Vista' that will be out on May 19th via Spinefarm Records and the current and upc

  • 08:38 ArmyOfOneTV - BATTLE BEAST (Fin)

    ArmyOfOneTV - BATTLE BEAST (Fin)

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    Battle Beast singer Noora Louhimo spoke to ArmyOfOneTV after their show at Playstation Theater in New York, NY. On this video she discussed current tour, set list, stage presence, 'Battle Bitch Make up' and more... The video was recorded and edited by Ign

  • 10:37 ArmyOfOneTV - SABATON (SWE) 2017

    ArmyOfOneTV - SABATON (SWE) 2017

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    Bassist Pär Sundström, original member of the Swedish band Sabaton spoke to ArmyOfOneTV on 4/21 at Playstation Theater. On this video he discussed beginning, band concept, stage props limitations and current North American Tour. The video was re

  • 08:36 ArmyOfOneTV - THE NEARLY DEADS (US)


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    The Nearly Deads singer TJ spoke to ArmyOfOneTV via internet. On this video TJ discusses the beginnings, crowdfunding campaigns, new tour dates, new album and more…Nashville rock band The Nearly Deads has announced plans to release a brand new EP,

  • 04:26 ArmyOfOneTV - METALACHI (En Español) (MX/US)

    ArmyOfOneTV - METALACHI (En Español) (MX/US)

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    Vega De La Rockha, cantante de la banda de Metal Mariachi METALACHI se sento con ArmyOfOneTV en su pasada por New York en el Moncktrosity tour 2017. En el video el habla de el concepto de la banda y sus inicios en la musica. El video fue grabado y editado

  • 07:20 ArmyOfOneTV - METALACHI (MX/US)


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    ArmyOfOneTV spoke to Vega De L Rockha singer of the Mariachi Metal Band METALACHI at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC last week.He discussed the bands, music style, albums released, current tour information and other bands as well as his personal favorite moments.

  • 05:19 ArmyOfOneTV - MAC SABBATH (US)

    ArmyOfOneTV - MAC SABBATH (US)

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    Mixing raucous comedy with borderline-horrific theatrics, the only thing more petrifying than impending health problems resulting from years of overeating is a Mac Sabbath show. Show attendees should be prepared to partake in the fun - Mac Sabbath puts on

  • 08:15 ArmyOfOneTV - CYPHER16 (UK)

    ArmyOfOneTV - CYPHER16 (UK)

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    London natives CYPHER16 have risen up the ranks in their native UK throughout the last few years, amassing a devoted following which has afforded them the opportunity to perform at numerous festivals around the world (including India and China), and to ca