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  • RODDY BOTTUM of Faith No More brings SASQUATCH, The Opera

    Faith No More’s Roddy Bottum brings Sasquatch, The Opera to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August, running Aug. 4 to 27 at Summerhall. The international debut of the experimental opera will be the first full-length performance of the offering with a cast backed by a live band.

    Summerhall link: https://festival17.summerhall.co.uk/event/sasquatch-the-opera/ 

    Bottum, internationally known as a founding member of Faith No More, is also an accomplished film and TV composer and Sasquatch sees him take his skill for scoring to the stage. A dark and tragic love tale based on the fable of Sasquatch, the elusive man-beast who stalks the forest. The story revolves around a backwoods family who make a living selling the story of Sasquatch to willing tourists and what happens when they come across the real monster.

    The show, while holding true to the dark fairytale premise, is a drug-fueled, surreal and provocative outing.

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