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DESECRATED SPHERE reveals new album's art work

Brazilian death metal band DESECRATED SPHERE have revealed the art artwork for their upcoming full-length album, titled EMANCIPATE. Cover and booklet art are being developed by the artist Raphael Gabrio (Kreator, Dying Fetus, Nile) over the band's concept. 

Vocalist Renato Sgarbi commented: 
"In our new album "Emancipate" we talk about the humanity itself, be it a religious man or not, regardless the nationality or skin color, the emancipation in reconnecting to yourself, beyond the flesh and materialism, between gods and heroes. 

We talk about the dualism of men in dividing everything between good and evil, good or bad, the manichean thought. (We talk) about seeing beyond what our senses and instincts lead us to comprehend, connect our conscious to subconscious, of transcending what we are every day, freeing ourselves from our scales (as in fish scales) without fears that binds us to ancestors or traditions. 

About the system and its manipulations, the governors of the world: The multinational enterprises, the politicians and religious leaders that control the masses. 

About the necessity men has of searching for answers to questions that go beyond our ability to understand: where do we come from, the origin of the universe, who has created it... And since the atomic particles in chaos to the gigantic immeasurable universe. 

Emancipate is to detach yourself from everything that traps you, liberating yourself, freeing yourself from a imaginary game that has no adversary. The union of these lyrics' concepts with the commitment of writing music without barriers is what has become "Emancipate". 

EMANCIPATE is scheduled to be launched in Brazil and online in the second semester of 2013. 

More information at the following location (https://www.facebook.com/DesecratedSphere). 

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