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  • ENGEL Released Official Video Footage From Krock Festival

    ENGEL headlined the Krock Festival, in Kherson – Ukraine. The festival organizers have released an official video footage for ENGEL‘s “Your Shadow Haunts You”, watch it below. The video was edited by Ingwar Dovgoteles.

    Watch the first video “Salvation”, below:

    “Raven Kings”, the highly anticipated fourth album of ENGEL was released on November 26, 2015 via GAIN Production. The album is produced by the bands founders Marcus Sunesson and Niclas Engelin and is was mixed by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat).

    To see pictures about the show, go on Alpha Omega Management‘s Facebook page, here: http://on.fb.me/1Nxu7t6  (Facebook)

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  • NOX ETERNA reveals new album details

    Brazilian heavy metal band NOX ETERNA have revealed the art cover of its new album "The Ocean Is Mine". The art was created by its bassist Luis Felipe Chagas, he is also responsible for the art cover of its predecessor "Mind Abduction", released in 2009. The release date of this new album will be announced soon. "The Ocean Is Mine" will be released via Digmetalworld Records and distributed via MVD Entertaiment Group for North America.

    The band have uploaded a teaser video at this location below:

    Check out the track list of "The Ocean is Mine" below:

    1. Gone
    2. I've Been Here Before
    3. Tempted
    4. The Ocean is Mine
    5. She Likes the Dark
    6. A Night in the Eternity
    7. Disease Strikers
    8. State of Mind Suicide
    9. Wirewalker
    10. As I Fall
    11. Today I Died Again

    The album "Mind Abduction" was released in the US via Digmetalworld Records in 2009 and the track "Flirting With The Devil" was featured on the compilation "Volume One" of the same year. You can stream the entire "Mind Abduction" album at this location (http://music.digmetalworld.com/album/mind-abduction).

    Follow the band Nox Eterna on Facebook at its official page: https://www.facebook.com/noxeternafb

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  • SACRED OATH Reveals new album art cover and its release date

    A brand new full-length album from Sacred Oath is scheduled for worldwide release on May 28th of this year. “Fallen” is the 6th studio album from the power metal quartet currently celebrating 25 years in the business.

    Produced by lead singer/guitarist Rob Thorne at his studio in Connecticut, all 10 songs were recorded with the original 1988 line-up, including Pete Altieri (bass), Kenny Evans (drums), and Glen Cruciani (guitar). “The four of us haven’t recorded anything together since “Darkness Visible” for a variety of reasons,” says Thorne, who has produced six of the band’s more recent albums. “I threw the idea out there of doing an EP together to celebrate our 25th anniversary, and everyone jumped on board. It quickly escalate! d into a monstrous LP. It’s very exciting.”

    There are ten songs on “Fallen” with writing contributions from all four members, including:

    King Of Your World
    Death Knell
    Lurking Fear
    Misery Loves Company
    Get Your Wings
    The Way of All Flesh
    Dream Death
    Snake Eyes

    not necessarily in that order.

    The band chose to bring back artist Jason Beam for this release, whose artwork also appears on “Darkness Visible” (2007), “Till Death Do Us Part” (2008), and most recently “Spells and Incantations” (2012).

    “Fallen” will be released by Angel Thorne Music and distributed by MVD Entertainment.


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  • INANNA release Transfigured in a Thousand Desilusions

    After 4 four years of the release of their first album "CONVERGING AGES", the Chilean band INANNA has released during January his second album TRANSFIGURED IN A THOUSAND DELUSIONS under AUSTRALIS RECORDS. 

    The band formed by Max Neira (Bass & Vocals), Felipe Zara (Drums), Carlos Fuentes (Guitars) and Diego Ilabaca (Guitars), after more than four years of silence, started to record their album by their own guitarist Carlos Fuentes, achieving an own style following their debut album, but this time it develops within both lyrical and musical darker nuances than its predecessor, returning the place to INANNA to be considered one of the most important and innovative bands of Chilean Death Metal scene.

    The songs of this album are:

    1. Ancestral Raging Tides
    2. Temporal Beings
    3. I Am Become Death
    4. Age of Decline
    5. Everlasting Suffering
    6. The Crescent Portal of Insanity
    7. Redeeming Chaos
    8. Ascend from the Underworld

    The song Age of Decline was selected like single for this new album of INANNA.

    For more information and buy your copy only write to "sales@australisrecords.com"

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  • ENTROSPECT release Inverse Polarity

    ENTROSPECT, band formed by Felipe Silva (Guitar) and Luis Caro (Bass) and with the inclusion of members of one of the best new bands of the year in 2010 "Desire of Pain" Sebastian Silva (Vocals) and Alvaro Poblete (Drums), announces the release of their first album "INVERSE POLARITY" under Australis Records. 

    "Inverse Polarity" is just the result of over two years of effort in which the band sought a brutal sound coupled with a fine technique by each of its members, achieving a stunning album in collusion with an art and a special design for the intentions of the band.

    Inverse Polarity was recorded at AlbaRoad Studios by Eduardo Demangel and includes the following tracks:

    Quantum Void
    I Promise your Death
    Residual Energy
    Falling into Oscillating Abyss
    Dead in Lust
    Without Symmetry
    From Less to More (Instrumental)
    Point Zero 

    For now Entrospect is promoting their single PHOBIA, and is getting ready to record their first video clip very soon. this Single can be listen in the following link.

    For more information and buy your copy only write to: sales@australisrecords.com

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