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  • MERIDIAN reveal art cover, track list and release date for its debut EP

    Chilean heavy metal band MERIDIAN have revealed the art cover and the track list for its debut EP called "Meridian". The release date is set for April 15th, 2013 via Digmetalworld Records.

    Meridian is side project of VASTATOR's vocalist,  Sr. Diaz and ENTRANCE guitarist guitarist Richard Pilnik, the mini album contains 4 tracks of classic heavy metal sound. More information and a lyric video for the track "Meridian", will be release in a few days.  Meridian's mini album was recorded by Richard Pilnik and Gerardo Barnechea at Kabara Musical Studios in Santiago, Chile and mastered by Richard Pilnik studios. The art cover was designed by Chaotic Kimist. 

    Sr. Diaz commented below: 
    "We are putting out this tracks so people can get to know us, but we are already working on a full album to be out we hope by the end of this year. Meridian's sound is a classic heavy metal like "Merciful fate and Judas priest" but we still would like to add a little more of aggression to it, so we are working on it as it is right now". 


    The track list of the EP "Meridian" is the following, see below: 
    1. Meridian 
    2. All 4 One 
    3. Midnight Train 
    4. Restless 

    Previously, the band have uploaded a teaser track for "Meridian", check it out below:

    More information about this release, can be found on Sr. Diaz Project's page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SrDiazProject

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  • HateFX sets release date for their album 'Under Destruction"

    Fresno/Livermore metallers HateFX featuring guitarist Glen Alvelais (ex-Forbidden, Testament) brand new release, "Under Destruction", has been set for a March 23rd North American release via xXx Music. "Under Destruction" will be available in two configurations: the Ultimate Limited Edition silver bullet shaped USB drive (mp3-wav format, lyrics and extras) and a standalone CD.

    A picture of the limited edition silver bullet USB drive can be seen below

    Frontman G comments: ‘ We wanted to innovate as far as the format of our music release and got these special usb drives made with our logo engraved with open code so you get the album in 2 hi-fi formats as well as lyrics, artwork, pictures, and other extras, plus you can use the drive to carry other information as well since there’s additional free space on the USB drive. You can play the music right in your car if you have a USB input. Also we thought it was a portable/convenient format that allows to be carried easily, let’s say you get this on a show and it fits right in your pocket! and you get bonus stuff”

    “Under Destruction” will include special guest appearances by Anton Reisenegger (Lockup/Criminal), Patrick Contreras (Master Violinist), Amandolyn Rostikus (Spirit Descending) on keys and Antonio Godoy (Music Machine) on some sequences

    HateFX has set March 23rd at the Starline Performance Venue in their native Fresno, CA as the album release party where they will share the stage with Grooveyard and Sacramento’s Serpent and Seraph, also including the guest appearance of master violinist Patrick Contreras who participated in the recording of “Under Destruction”

    (event URL: http://www.facebook.com/events/336836506430253)

    The band is lining up a number of live dates in support of the new release in California and Nevada, show dates will be announced soon

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  • ENTROSPECT release Inverse Polarity

    ENTROSPECT, band formed by Felipe Silva (Guitar) and Luis Caro (Bass) and with the inclusion of members of one of the best new bands of the year in 2010 "Desire of Pain" Sebastian Silva (Vocals) and Alvaro Poblete (Drums), announces the release of their first album "INVERSE POLARITY" under Australis Records. 

    "Inverse Polarity" is just the result of over two years of effort in which the band sought a brutal sound coupled with a fine technique by each of its members, achieving a stunning album in collusion with an art and a special design for the intentions of the band.

    Inverse Polarity was recorded at AlbaRoad Studios by Eduardo Demangel and includes the following tracks:

    Quantum Void
    I Promise your Death
    Residual Energy
    Falling into Oscillating Abyss
    Dead in Lust
    Without Symmetry
    From Less to More (Instrumental)
    Point Zero 

    For now Entrospect is promoting their single PHOBIA, and is getting ready to record their first video clip very soon. this Single can be listen in the following link.

    For more information and buy your copy only write to: sales@australisrecords.com

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  • WARBREATH release debut album, lyric video

    Chilean metal band WARBREATH have uploaded the Lyric Video of the track "Devastation" that comes off its debut album "Gates of Beyond" released via Digmetalworld Records. Download the Full Album for Free at this location (http://music.digmetalworld.com/album/gates-of-beyond).

    Watch the lyric video of "Devastation" below:

    The album was recorded at Ignacio Figueroa's Estudios in Viña del Mar, Chile. The art cover was designed by Christopher Peters "A.K.A. Trejoe at Deviant Art".

    The tracklist can be seen below:

    1. Evilution
    2. Devastation
    3. Hell Fire
    4. Wander
    5. Seed of fire
    6. Bound to no man’s land
    7. Kill the Mind
    8. On my way to Acheron

    Warbreath is:

    Carlos Escobar: Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitars
    Lead Ronny: Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
    Alex Cluster: Bass / Backing Vocals
    Gustavo Lara: Drums / Backing Vocals

    More information about the band at this location (http://www.facebook.com/WarbreathOfficial).

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  • DESECRATED SPHERE uploads studio report #3 (video)

    Brazilian death metal band DESECRATED SPHERE have uploaded its third studio report of its upcoming album "Emancipate". The video was edited by Leilane Camargo and Renato Sgarbi.

    Watch the guitar work of "Emancipate" below:

    The band have recently came back to Brazil after touring Europe for two month, supporting its debut album "The Unmasking Reality" released in 2011. Listen to Desecrated Sphere's debut album entirely at this location (http://music.digmetalworld.com/album/the-unmasking-reality).

    More information about the current status of the band on its official Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/DesecratedSphere)

    Watch the previous studio report videos below:

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