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  • DESECRATED SPHERE uploads studio report #3 (video)

    Brazilian death metal band DESECRATED SPHERE have uploaded its third studio report of its upcoming album "Emancipate". The video was edited by Leilane Camargo and Renato Sgarbi.

    Watch the guitar work of "Emancipate" below:

    The band have recently came back to Brazil after touring Europe for two month, supporting its debut album "The Unmasking Reality" released in 2011. Listen to Desecrated Sphere's debut album entirely at this location (http://music.digmetalworld.com/album/the-unmasking-reality).

    More information about the current status of the band on its official Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/DesecratedSphere)

    Watch the previous studio report videos below:

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  • WARCHEST release new music video

    Chilean thrash metal band WARCHEST have released "Fear of the Machine", its third music video promoting its debut album "Aftershock". The music video was directed by Axel Marinkovic with the assistance of Raimundo Correa (Warchest's bass player) at Oxido bar in Santiago, Chile.

    You can watch the video below:

    Guitarist/ Vocalist Chris Pelaez have commented:
    "This video release has the mission of give the last breed to our first album (this is the track n.10 of it), before we start full committed to the new one. And also to showcase our two newer members to the fans that already knows our work. We picked this track to show our thrash metal side on a live environment". 

    The track list of "aftershock"is the following:

    1. Aftershock
    2. The Entrance
    3. Contradiction
    4. Warchest
    5. Prelude
    6. Let Me Down
    7. Alone
    8. Mental Mess
    9. Army of Revolution
    10. Fear of the Machine

    Stream the full album on this location (http://music.digmetalworld.com/album/aftershock). More information about the band on its official website (http://www.warchest.cl/).

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  • MIERDASTER new live performance on TV

    Chilean thrash punk MIERDASTER have uploaded its live performance on Chilean Rockaxis TV released on 03/12/2013. You can watch the full presentation below:

    Señal Escudo - MIERDASTER from Rockaxis TV on Vimeo.

    Mierdaster is currently promoting its latest album "La Furia" to be released in Chile by Sickbangers Distro and United States by Digmetalworld Records via MVD Entertainment Group. Set to be the street day on 05/07/13.

    La Furia is the third album of the Chilean Hardcore metal bands MIERDASTER. 15 years into their career they have been punishing their fans with fast and schizophrenics rhythms. Mierdaster is proud of its perseverance and and dedication as an example of hard working musicians with dignity among the other bands of its style and age.

    The track list of "La Furia" below:
    1. La Envidia
    2. Verte Caer
    3. Infierno
    4. Idiosincrasia
    5. Predicador
    6. Ahora Estas Solo
    7. No Quieres Ver
    8. Libérame
    9. D-Generación
    10. La Furia

    Mierdaster is:
    Mauricio "Chino" Almazan - Vox/bass
    Martin Capdevilla - Guitar/Vox
    Claudio Melo - Guitar/Vox
    Cristian "Timmy" Lueje - Drums

    Two audio singles are been streamed at this locations:

    More information about the band on its official website (http://www.mierdaster.com).

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  • NAIOTH finishes filming second official video.

    Chilean Djent Metallers NAIOTH have finished filming its second official video for the track “Death Elements”. A screenshot of the video can be seen below. "Death Elements" was directed and filmed by Mauricio Duran from “Tejevientos Films” that also worked on its previous music video “Dance of Light”. 

     “Death Elements” comes off its debut album “Dance of Light”, released in July 2012 via Digmetalworld, the 9-track album is available for free download in the following location (http://music.digmetalworld.com/album/dance-of-light).

    Naioth was founded by Ignacio Figueroa in 2008 and is considered to be one of the first Chilean bands in this genre mixing elements from Progressive Death Metal, Math Metal and Djent.

    “Dance of Light” tracklisting:
    1. Born
    2. Seed of Truth
    3. Inside
    4. Dance of Light
    5. Death Elements
    6. Mental Walls
    7. The Alchemyst
    8. Paradox Spheres
    9. Fast

    Watch the music video for "Dace Of Light" below:

    More info about the band: www.facebook.com/naiothband

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  • LIVIN GARDEN reveals new album title

    Brazilian band LIVIN GARDEN have revealed the name of its upcoming album, "Bring it on!". Here’s a live video of Livin Garden performing the title song, “Bring It On”, at Otacílio Rock Festival, in Otacílio Costa/SC, Brazil. Watch the live video below:

    Lead singer/bass player Gabriel Canoro, explains it:
    “Bring It On” means where we are mentally and musically right now. The feeling that nothing can stop us is unavoidable and stronger than ever. We face so many obstacles everyday to remain as a band and at the end, we always find ourselves standing tall as winners. This is gonna be one of the best Rock albums of the year and you will see that “Bring It On” speaks for itself when you listen to it. Ambitious? Maybe, but that’s what makes us Livin Garden.

    The band is working in the pre-production of their 2nd album, to be released with “10 mind-blowing tracks”.

    More information about the band at its official website (http://www.livingarden.com.br

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