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  • LAPSUS DEI release new album "Sadness Reflections"

    The Death Doomer LAPSUS DEI have returned after a long silence of three years since their last album released this time under the Chilean label AUSTRALIS RECORDS.

    "SADNESS REFLECTIONS" the title of this new album of 13 tracks in which it demonstrates a more mature and developed sound, dominated by rhythmic and harmonic sounds in conjunction with violent and heartbreaking breaks, all topped by growls and wrenching vocals.

    "We are looking for an own sound and at the same time, our old and new fans can identify it as our style", says its leader and founder Rodrigo Poblete, "we wanted to make a conceptual album, but didn't sound boring or pretentious, and honestly I can say that it achieved to identify what we really wanted".

    "SADNESS REFLECTIONS" is not a taken lightly album or appeared out from nowhere, in addition to the participation of five current members of the band, it is included the support of VIKA YERINOYEV (Pianos), ALEJANDRA LAVISSE (Violins and Violas) and FERNANDA AURISTONDO(vocals) for this recording. The actual line-up is JULIO LEIVA (Grunts and Vocals), RODRIGO POBLETE (Guitars), JORGE ALQUINTA (guitars), JUAN JOSE ULLOA (bass) and GABRIEL CARREÑO (drums)

    Another aspect is the main art for which was elected the Czech master of visual arts VLADIMIR CHEBAKOV.

    The track list of the new South American doom death debut is:

    1. Intro
    2. Our Funeral
    3. Dreams
    4. The Meeting
    5. Eternal Places Pt. 2
    6. The Wormhole
    7. Eternal Places Pt. 3 (Our Place)
    8. Absences
    9. The Great Loss
    10. Visions
    11. Take Me Away, Madness
    12. The Eternal Seeking
    13. The Cry of Mankind

    "SADNESS REFLECTIONS" is available in an elegant and simple digipack and you can hear the single "DREAMS" at the following link.

    For more information and buy your copy only write to

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  • MERIDIAN offers free album download, releases lyric video,

    Chilean heavy metal band MERIDIAN have releases its its self-titled debut EP. You can download the album at this location for free: http://music.digmetalworld.com/album/meridian.

    Watch the lyric video of the track "Meridian" below:

    Meridian is side project of VASTATOR's vocalist, Sr. Diaz and ENTRANCE's guitarist Richard Pilnik. The EP contains four tracks of classic heavy metal. The Meridian EP was recorded by Richard Pilnik and Gerardo Barnechea at Kabara Musical Studios in Santiago, Chile and mastered by Richard Pilnik studios. The art cover was designed by Chaotic Kimist.

    Meridian EP tracklisting: 
    'All 4 One' 
    'Midnight Train' 

    More information at this location: https://www.facebook.com/SrDiazProject

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  • SANCHEZ new line up and free album download

    After seven years working as a project band, SANCHEZ SWEDEN is turning now into a full time band ready an' willing to conquer the world with their Top Notch brand of Hard Rock!!!

    By the end of 2012 José Sánchez, singer and leader of the band parted ways with he last incarnation of SANCHEZ SWEDEN and started to re-build it from the ashes, but this time not limited to be a project. To such endeavor José has joined forces together with Nick D. Powers and Simon Zee on guitars, Frances Mancusso on bass, and Andy Ziegler on drums.

    José Sánchez as the former singer of Swedish Cult NWOBHM band from the 80's EMPIRE SAINT, by 2005 started to work on a new solo project called SANCHEZ that soon after derived into SANCHEZ SWEDEN.

    With two albums released plus a mini album, SANCHEZ SWEDEN managed to get brave reviews all over the world and the opening slot for internationally well-known acts such as Dee Snider, White Lion, The Poodles, Paul Di'anno, Easy Action among others.

    Right now SANCHEZ SWEDEN is working on the recording of a single that will be given away for free on the net, this single will include a brand new song plus a re-recording of "Looking For Some Love" out of the first album, and talking about that album, the contract for it already expired so the band decided to make it available for free downloading from the following link: http://www.freemp32005.sanchez-sweden.com

    You can hear a couple of samples from the following links:

    SANCHEZ SWEDEN has also recently signed a Booking agreement with Uffe Lidén and his CE Entertainment company from Sweden, so the band is waiting to start playing live again as soon as possible.

    Being in the Hard Rock/Metal scene for over two decades now, José Sánchez has been the front man for Swedish bands like Lies, Empire Saint and also the more Thrash Metal oriented Fierce Conviction that released a couple of albums on the German label ABS.

    More info about SANCHEZ SWEDEN at: www.Facebook.com/SanchezSweden

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  • SACRED OATH Reveals new album art cover and its release date

    A brand new full-length album from Sacred Oath is scheduled for worldwide release on May 28th of this year. “Fallen” is the 6th studio album from the power metal quartet currently celebrating 25 years in the business.

    Produced by lead singer/guitarist Rob Thorne at his studio in Connecticut, all 10 songs were recorded with the original 1988 line-up, including Pete Altieri (bass), Kenny Evans (drums), and Glen Cruciani (guitar). “The four of us haven’t recorded anything together since “Darkness Visible” for a variety of reasons,” says Thorne, who has produced six of the band’s more recent albums. “I threw the idea out there of doing an EP together to celebrate our 25th anniversary, and everyone jumped on board. It quickly escalate! d into a monstrous LP. It’s very exciting.”

    There are ten songs on “Fallen” with writing contributions from all four members, including:

    King Of Your World
    Death Knell
    Lurking Fear
    Misery Loves Company
    Get Your Wings
    The Way of All Flesh
    Dream Death
    Snake Eyes

    not necessarily in that order.

    The band chose to bring back artist Jason Beam for this release, whose artwork also appears on “Darkness Visible” (2007), “Till Death Do Us Part” (2008), and most recently “Spells and Incantations” (2012).

    “Fallen” will be released by Angel Thorne Music and distributed by MVD Entertainment.


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