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  • Spread the Metal Charity Festival Announces Toronto Venue, Launches Crowd Funding Campaign And Band Search For Indie Opener w/ Suffocation, The Agonist, Augury, Skullfist & More!

    Spread The Metal Festival has announced they will be holding this year's Toronto edition at the famed Opera House on September 7th and 8th. The fest will see Suffocation, The Agonist, Augury, Skull Fist and many more perform in raising funds for Kiva, an organization that reduces poverty by providing monetary support to struggling entrepreneurs in developing countries.

    STM Fest organizer Matt Day comments:

    "This is the second of many Spread the Metal Festivals to come, and this one comes to you in the form of Suffocation, The Agonist, Augury, Skull Fist, and 12 more tearing up The Opera House stage in Toronto. 100% of the profits from the festival are going to Kiva.org in order to fight poverty and eventually injustice around the world. There's a lot in it for fans this year as well though, since they can make off with signed albums, VIP experiences, album downloads and so much more. Now go forth and Spread the Metal."

    To compliment the festival, the label is launching a crowd funding campaign in order to raise additional funds for Kiva.

    Among the perks are signed albums and set lists from every band at the festival (including some that aren't), guitar picks, album downloads, etc. As well, fans will have the chance to attend the sound check, hang out with the headliner of their choice, and even punch a record label exec! Full list of available perks below on the crowd funding page:


    Band Search For Indie Opener


    Based on a points system, bands interested in performing on the festival will have to share the following link:


    Each "share" on FB of the STM Festival Indiegogo crowd funding campaign = 1 point
    Each contributor to the campaign inspired by their participating band = 5 points
    Each contribution made by a band member from a participating band = 10 points
    All participating band members make a contribution = 25 points
    The participating band that raises the most money through the campaign = 50 points

    When making contributions on the crowd funding page, contributors are urged to add a comment letting STM Records know, which participating band they're supporting to help get a spot on the festival lineup.

    So what does the band win?

    The band selected will receive an opening slot at the "Spread the Metal Festival 2013 - Toronto Edition", full backline, get a chance to meet Suffocation, The Agonist, Augury, Skull Fist, and many more, and have their album reviewed by Spread the Metal Records and other industry reps.

    Bands interested in participating and questions can email info(@)spreadthemetal.com.

    Festival LINEUP:

    September 7:

    Evertrapped - https://www.facebook.com/evertrapped?fref=ts

    Answer With Metal - https://www.facebook.com/answerwithmetal?fref=ts

    The Catalyst - https://www.facebook.com/TheCatalystMTL?fref=ts

    Deathpoint - https://www.facebook.com/deathpoint.metal?fref=ts

    Augury - https://www.facebook.com/augury?fref=ts

    TBA - Indie Opener

    Suffocation - https://www.facebook.com/suffocation?fref=ts

    September 8:

    Nephelium - https://www.facebook.com/nephelium?fref=ts

    Hallows Die - https://www.facebook.com/HallowsDie?fref=ts

    Crimson Shadows - https://www.facebook.com/CrimsonShadowsBand?fref=ts

    Beheading of a King - https://www.facebook.com/beheadingofaking?fref=ts

    Sanktuary - https://www.facebook.com/sanktuarymetal?fref=ts

    Edge of Attack - https://www.facebook.com/edgeofattackofficial?fref=ts

    Skull Fist - https://www.facebook.com/skullfisted?fref=ts

    The Agonist - https://www.facebook.com/TheAgonistOfficial?fref=ts

    TBA - Indie Opener

    More bands to be announced.

    For more info, please visit these links:

    2 Day Festival Pass Available here: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/279311 (Individual day passes on sale June 1st)

    Festibal Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/SpreadTheMetalFestival

    Toronto Edition - https://www.facebook.com/events/142645535907013/

    Halifax Edition - https://www.facebook.com/events/393736497391434/

    Kiva - www.kiva.org 


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  • ERIDANUS: new line-up and recording debut album

    - Brazilian heavy metallers ERIDANUS are recording their debut album and announced a new line-up. The band was formed in 2005 and after several concerts was put on hold untill this year, now featuring the following members:
    - Thiago Lauer – vocals
    - Roger Feilstrecker – guitars
    - Deivid Morais – guitars
    - Andi Castro – bass
    - Rafael Reis - drums
    The debut album, entitled"HellTherapy", is being recorded in Estúdio Nitro, being produced by Roger Fingle (Blood TearsSeduced by Suicide) and will be released in the second half of 2013. About this forthcoming album the guitarist Roger Feilstrecker comments: "With this album Eridanus will show a new musical approacch, from extremely heavy guitars to catchy ballads, mixing the best influences from Heavy Metal and Hard Rock."
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  • THE RABID WHOLE Confirm NXNE Festival Performance

    From Left to Right:  JJ Tartaglia: Drums | Andreas Weiss: Vocals, Guitar | Oscar Anesetti: Bass Guitar | Chalsey Noelle: Keyboards, Vocals | George Radutu: Guitar (Photo Credit: Darko – www.darkophoto.com)

         After six weeks on their Short Circuit Canadian tour & Ultrawired Generation USA tour with Italy's Dope Stars Inc, award nominated electro / industrial rockers The Rabid Whole have confirmed they will be returning to this year's NXNE festival for a late night 2AM showcase on Friday, June 14th at Cherry Cola.

    "We are so excited to return to NXNE and blow the roof off of Cherry Cola's. They won't know what hit 'em ;)" comments vocalist / guitarist Andreas Weiss.

    The band performed at last year's fest to rave reviews from local press.

    Tmakworld.com comments:

    'Definitely the most energetic performance of the night and the crowd at The Bovine were having a good rocking time.'   

    FridaeTV comments:

    'The Rabid Whole ended my night with a bang! As soon as they started playing, their energy filled the tiny venue that is the Bovine. They had a grand sound, great stage presence and they jumped around the little stage rocking out harder than a lot of other bands I’ve seen.'

    Show Details:
    Friday, June 14, 2013
    Cherry Cola, 200 Bathurst
    Time: 2AM
    Music Video - Future - http://youtu.be/VUg4olEld1Q 
    video 1366641352


    There’s something to be said for fate in the music world. One moment you’re left with the skeleton of a band, unsure when you’ll be able to follow your calling again, the next you’ve got a whole new line-up, a brand new home, a stronger, more defined sound and are recording with some of the biggest names in the industry. This is the tale of The Rabid Whole.

    Disenchanted with playing in bands whose music was unchallenging and run of the mill, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Andreas Weiss set out to remedy his predicament. Purchasing an arsenal of music and noise-making gadgets, he began writing songs for his own band’s 2009 debut album, Autramaton.

    Recruiting musicians along the way, the first incarnation of The Rabid Whole was solidified, releasing their first album and touring Canada, sharing the stage with the likes of The Birthday Massacre, Econoline Crush, Hinder, Apoptygma Berzerk, and 16Volt.

    But that’s when things began to take a turn. Following the departure of several band members, Weiss decided to leave his hometown of Regina, SK behind, taking a leap of faith and moving to Toronto, ON along with guitarist and founding member George Radutu.

    Through some lucky online ads, he discovered drummer JJ Tartaglia and bass guitarist Oscar Anesetti while a Christmas trip back home to Regina put him face-to-face with Chalsey Noelle, a friend of a friend looking for a new career path after quitting her job. Wouldn’t you know it – Noelle was a talented keyboardist and vocalist.

    Now, the new and improved Rabid Whole has released their second album, 'Refuge'. A direct reflection of the emotional and external changes of Weiss’ journey, the album deals with relatable themes.

    “I sold my house, quit my engineering consultant job and moved…We were starting from square one again, but with more uncertainties than ever and weren’t sure when we would even have a full band again. Part of the writing had begun randomly scattered over the past couple of years, but the majority came right after the move. I set up the studio in the basement of my house and got to work. I didn’t leave the house for two months and wrote from the moment I’d wake up until I’d fall asleep,” says Weiss.

    Recorded and produced by Karl Schubach (Misery Signals, Solace), mixed by Dave Ogilvie (Jakalope, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson) and mastered by Noah Mintz (Broken Social Scene, Death From Above 1979), the finished product delivers rock and electronic elements pushed to the max, a male and female vocal showdown and, as Weiss puts it, showcases “a 21st century, high-energy, electro alternative, orgasmic-punch-in-the-face-rock band.”

    Isn’t it time you fell down the rabid whole?


    1. Future
    2. Metro
    3. Corporate
    4. New System
    5. Serenity Falls
    6. Solution
    7. Rhythmic Reflection
    8. Stargazer
    9. Delusion
    10. Refuge

    - 30 -


    The Rabid Whole – Refuge (2012)

    Release Date: Tuesday, May 1, 2012

    Label: Boonsdale Records

    R.I.Y.L. -  Nine Inch Nails, Shiny Toy Guns, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Birthday Massacre, Linkin' Park

    Digital Download can be requested at ashermedia(@)gmail.com

    Band Management – band(@)therabidwhole.com

    “…it’s about time that a band comes along from the great white north that is able to capture the delicate balance of alternative rock with the danceable and mechanized sounds of industrial.…collects vigorous hard rock riffs…catchy song writing, a dash of electronic edginess, and finishes them all off with the melodic vocals of charismatic frontman Andreas Weiss.” – Outburn Magazine

    “From start to finish Refuge presents a strong, varied and beautifully polished album. Whether we’re getting revved up with songs like “Future” or grooving in the softly sweet “Serenity Falls” the band comes across as finely coordinated. They operate really well together and show a willingness to experiment and play off each other. I’m on my third listen-through of Refuge and I haven’t found a thing about which to complain. I definitely recommend checking out this LP, we’re going to be hearing more of Rabid Whole.” – WeLoveRocknPop.com

    “…crawling, angst ridden with acidic bite…every bit as virulent as its name implies…It catches and sticks in your head holding on with spider like claws.” – Fangoria Magazine

    “…the diverse roots seep like unnoticed ingredients, making a rather surprising dish.…when you are done with those drool cups, take a moment to let the unique approach of this project infect you.” – Vampirefreaks.com

    “I have listened to Autraumaton on repeat and every time it still remains fresh…a truly great album. Fans of Linkin Park, Static-X, and APE will enjoy this record.com” – Puregrainaudio.com

    “…fresh, catchy and energetic, not falling into the mainstream pit…a 30 Seconds to Mars-ish feeling to them…exploring both the heavy and electronic side, combining heavy riffs, groovy beats and atmospheric samples along with screeching synthesizer sound….They hit you right away and you sit there through the whole album with your mouth open…” – Abort Magazine

    “…could easily be recognized as part of that new generation of industrial-rock ‘coldwave’ artists…heavy guitars and tortured vocals, with just a touch of post-goth glitter that evokes thoughts of The Birthday Massacre…Sort of like Stabbing Westward before their radio-friendly crescendo.” – Side-Line Music Magazine

    “…Nine Inch Nails accented with similar emotional tones…excellent electronic-rock, both tempting and edgy.” – Fabryka Industrial Rock Magazine

    “…before you know it you’re getting tugged into a tearing circle of raging, soaring guitars, propelling drum blasts and the greatly diversified vocal delivery…a ferocious weapon…a high-octane hybrid of Rock and electronics that nobody who’s heard it once will soon forget.” – Reflections of Darkness Web Zine

    “…an awesome mix of electronic, rock and industrial ready to take on the world with their incredibly refreshing sound.”- Gothicinternational.com

    "Refuge" - Album Credits:

    LABEL: Boonsdale Records
    DISTRIBUTION: Storming The Base, FiXT, Tunecore
    CATOLOG # BDR0102
    UPC CODE # 881295552845
    • All songs performed by: The Rabid Whole
    • All songs written by: Andreas Weiss
    • Produced by: Karl Schubach, Andreas Weiss
    • Mixed by: Dave Ogilvie
    • Mastered by: Noah Mintz
    • Single released: Future (Radio Edit)

    Shared Stage w/

    Econoline Crush
    The Birthday Massacre
    Hanzel Und Gretyl
    Left Spine Down

    Past Festival Performances:

    2012 – Indie Week (Toronto, ON)
    2012 – NXNE – North By North East(Toronto, ON)
    2012 – CMW – Canadian Music Week (Toronto, ON)
    2012 – SXSW – South By South West – Red Gorilla Showcases (Austin, TX)
    2011 – Indie Week (Toronto, ON)
    2008 – The Wolf Canada Day Festival (Regina, SK)
    2008 – Cathedral Village Arts Festival (Regina, SK)
    2008 – Gateway Festival (Bengough, SK)
    2008 – Field Fest (Craik, SK)

    Music Placements:

    2012 -  The Death of Michael Callaghan- indie film shown at The Young Cuts Film Festival in Montreal, QC
    2012 – Redshift – indie film from Montreal
    2012 – Gunderson – Saskatchewan Web series,


    AUTRAUMATON – 2009  

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  • OUT TODAY! THE IN & OUTS New Album 'Zero Gravity', New Music Video 'There We Go' + FREE Download

    L-R: Alexandre Pépin - Bass | Francois -Michel Beauchamp - Drums, Backup Vocals |  David Groover – Lead Vocals, Guitar

       One of the hottest flames to rise out of Montreal’s musical blaze, The In & Outs, a high voltage, electrifying experience are proud to release their second full-length, 'Zero Gravity' out today, June 11th.

    Expertly fusing rock riffs with cheeky lyrics and the occasional hint of funky blues only begins to underline the trio’s vast influences from diverse genres, ranging from Johnny Cash to The Doors, passing through Elvis Presley and John Spencer. 

    'Zero Gravity reflects where we are as a band in the evolution of our inspiration, which is influenced by life, science and astronomy. We gave this album a heavier more poetic sound. Just another part of the band's natural direction." comments vocalist/guitarist David Groover.

    Lyrically eclectic and musically unrivalled each and every In & Outs song demonstrates a profound love of music and reflects the ups and downs of life and the essence of a society where creating your own opportunities leads to self-fulfilment, all of which is transmitted to their audiences through a hypnotic stream of sound and energy.

    Landing a commercial placement in a 2011 Ford Focus televised ad in Quebec with their track 'Steep Mountain' (video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAoRDl-VM2g), along with their songs 'Celebrate Consumption' and 'Boo My God' used for Sports Network (RDS) show H2Snow (video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9WcXbQXYWQ), The In & Outs have progressed in the Montreal music scene and beyond, touring Europe in 2012 and performing at multiple festivals in support of last year's self-titled EP and their debut album, 'Ascending Back and Forth'.

    'Zero Gravity' can now be purchased on iTunes and via http://theinnouts.bandcamp.com/ along with a FREE download of their single 'There We Go'.

    Music Video - There We Go - http://youtu.be/IJk83l6CCXY 

    there we go - the in & outs

    Live Video - Festival Interceltique Lorient  2012 (France) - http://youtu.be/Wtcow-A-0Cw 

    The In & Outs - Zero Gravity

    1. You Talk
    2. Chess Games
    3. There We Go
    4. One Way Leading To A Dead End
    5. W
    6. Wearing A Smile
    7. Shelter 039
    8. ø
    9. Zero Gravity
    10. Up Against The Wall
    11. 88
    12. The Fabrik
    13. Sleepy Sheep

    Show Dates:

    June 21, 2013 - Dooly’s – Caraquet, NB w/ Dead Messenger
    June 22, 2013 - Igloo – Moncton, NB w/ Dead Messenger
    For more info on The In & Outs, please visit these links:
    Official Website - http://www.theinnouts.com/ 
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  • Blood Tears: split CD available for download

    BLOOD TEARS, the doom metal band formed by Earth (Seduced by Suicide), released a split-CD with Hermit Age. The follow up to 2004's "Demo Songs" is just the first partnership with Hermit Age to be released this year.
    About the release Earth comments: "Even though we play really different music, Diego (Hermit Age) and I have a lot in common. This includes our work (we both have a recording studio) and some strong musical influences, like Type O Negative. 'Gothic Dream' and 'Sinnocence' were released pretty much at the same time and we faced similar challenges and solutions. Even before that we used to help each other a lot with information about music and audio, to grow together. All of that even living in different cities. I believe that we didn't met eachother more than three times. In the last years I recorded several new songs with Blood Tears and Seduced by Suicide just for myself and I knew that he did the same, so, considering our affinity and the fact that I'm really a fan of Hermit Age, I decided to invite him to release our songs together, afterall we have a similar audience."
    The split CD features the songs ""My Dearest Scar" (Blood Tears) and "Spread The Sin" (Hermit Age) and is available for download at 
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