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  • SCARLET RECORDS release Resurrection's DEATH SS

    As its title suggests, ‘Resurrection’ marks the return of seminal heavy metal band Death SS and its charismatic leader Steve Sylvester. The band’s latest album, ‘The Seventh Seal’, came out to critical acclaim some 7 years ago in 2006.
    ‘Resurrection’ alternates the two topics that have always been the main inspirations behind the Death SS project: horror movies and occultism. But for the first time ever, Steve wanted to add another one of his main influences in a more explicit way: the Italian sexy-horror comics of the Seventies! The beautiful illustrations used for the album cover and booklet were handled by the great "maestro" Emanuele Taglietti, an internationally renowned painter and author of all the covers of cult adult comics such as ‘Belzeba’, ‘Zora’, ‘Sukia’, ‘Cimiteria’, ‘La Poliziotta’ to name a few.
    A big change happened also on the production front. For the first time after the release of ‘Black Mass’ in 1989, Steve produced the album himself without the supervision of a well known, external producer, simply relying on the experience he has matured in almost 35 years of career in the music business. These 12 new songs represent one of the finest bands in heavy metal still on top of its game.

    · The long-waited new album of the legendary heavy metal band!
    · 12 brand new songs representing one of the most influential acts of all times, still on top of its game
    · Besides the usual horror movies and occultism topics, Steve Sylvester introduces in this album his great passion for Italian sexy comics of the Seventies for the first time ever
    · The beautiful illustrations used for the album cover and booklet were handled by internationally renowned painter Emanuele Taglietti
    · The album was preceded by the higly succesfull EP ‘The Darkest Night’. An accompanying video was released at the same time
    · A video for the second single Ogre’s Lullaby was also released
    · A video for the third single Eaters is in the making and will be released soon
    · Ads, reviews and interviews have already being planned and will appear in all the relevant Heavy Metal media worldwide

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  • Glen Alvelais BIZARRO searching for a bassist

    Dear friends, In the past I posted that I was going to get my project “Bizarro” out and into the clubs. We came very close last year and ran into some snags. The songs are written, the props are in place and the we are now planning to record the music and start playing live as soon as humanly possible. We are searching for a bass player to complete the lineup of Bizarro. Although we have several friends in the Bay Area that can and want to play for Bizarro, I really want to focus on a bass player that can give 100% on a professional level, meaning must be able to tour, have pro gear, rehearse and have the ability to record and learn material on their own. Must also be able to play with both groove and speed. For audition info please write payaso.bizarro@gmail.com. We will send you the music accordingly.

    Glen Alvelais



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  • Scarlet Records releases INFINITA SYMPHONIA

    Infinita Symphonia
    Release: 18 June 2013

    Following the success of their critically acclaimed debut ‘A Mind’s Chronicle’ (2011), Infinita Symphonia have announced the release of their new self-titled album, keeping faith to their trademark Power/Symphonic sound but also adding an Hard Rock edge to the mix and a fresher, more modern approach. ‘Infinita Symphonia’ was recorded and mixed at Outer Sound Studio by Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre) and mastered by Henkka Niemistö and Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers Studio (Sonata Arctica, Apocalyptica) and features a very special guest appearance by legendary singer Michael Kiske (Helloween, Unisonic) on the song ‘Fly’.

    ·New album for the critically acclaimed band!
    ·A stunning mix of Classic/Power Metal, Progressive and Hard Rock
    ·Featuring legendary singer Michael Kiske (Helloween/Unisonic) on the song ‘Fly’
    ·Recorded and mixed by Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre) at Outer Sound Studio
    ·Mastered by Henkka Niemistö and Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers Studio (Sonata Arctica, Apocalyptica) 

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  • SILVERJACK release "Apostando a Ganador" music video

    Chilean band SILVERJACK have released the music video for the track "Apostando A Ganador" that comes off its latest album with the same name. The video was directed by Jaime Dutrey and Lucas Roncatti with the video camera and video edition of Lucas Roncatti

    Watch the music video on the following link:

    The album contains 9 tracks and many guest musicians such as Claudio Cordero and Victor Escobar (alto Voltaje), Elias Jaramillo (Los muertos) and Rocardo Tampier (No hay trato), the art work was done by Roberto Jaras.

    The following is the track list of "Apostando a ganador"

    1. Apostando a ganador
    2. Disparo en mi cabeza
    3. Demonio errante
    4. El Control
    5. Sin Dios ni ley
    6. Golden ritz
    7. Retribucion
    8. El ultimo soldado
    9. Corazones Negros

    Silverjack is:

    Chinorock: Vox/Guitar
    Jaimetal: Guitar/backing vocals
    Mathias: Bass
    Felipe Cortes: Drums

    You can stream the album at this location (http://music.digmetalworld.com/album/apostando-a-ganador), for more information about Silverjack visit its official website (www.silverjack.cl) or its official Facebook page: (https://www.facebook.com/SilverjackOficial)

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  • REIGN OF THE ARCHITECT (Israel) new video interview

    Nina Vouraki of the Israel's of Reign of the Architect recently have released a video interview with ArmyOfOneTV regarding its new album. On this video interview, she talks about their latest release "Rise" via Pitch Black records among the other things.

    Watch the video interview below:

    At the moment, the band's debut -RISE- is available worldwide on iTunes, on Pitch Black Records online store and in a record store near you. All of the tracks feature a plentitude of layers consisting, among others, multiple guitar and vocal layers, and multitudes of orchestral and exotic instruments.

    Let it reign!

    The debut album 'Rise' is available worldwide now on iTunes and here:

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