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  • SEDUCED BY SUICIDE release "Enlightened Dawn of Death", free download

    SEDUCED BY SUICIDE released "Enlightened Dawn of Death", the first of a series of singles that will be released in the next few months. The new song, like the other band releases, is available for download at www.seducedbysuicide.com

    About the series of singles Earth, the vocalist and multi-instrumentist of Seduced by Suicide comments: "I recorded several other songs with the idea to release an album, but during the process I noticed that all of them, in a way or another, needed a certain attention to actually have life, something that would not happen that way. Record a song or even an album isn't a hard task, even if takes time, but to give life to a song, that requires more than just do everything technically flawless. It's necessary to completely give yourself to it, reach wherever you thought was your limit and go beyond, until it sounds as good in your player as it sounds in your mind. Although rewarding, it is quite exhausting and when you do it alone, it works better if you concentrate in a single song."

    Recently Earth released a new Blood Tears' song and is working on the recordings and production of metal bands like Eridanus and Hate Handles in Estúdio Nitro, his audio and design studio

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  • ERIDANUS new track available

    "Addicted Man", a new song from South American heavy metal act ERIDANUS is available for streaming on SoundCloud. The new song is the second single coming from the forthcoming debut album, "HellTherapy". Check out the track at http://soundcloud.com/eridanusofficial
    "HellTherapy" was recorded in Estúdio Nitro and produced by Roger Fingle (BLOOD TEARS, SEDUCED BY SUICIDE). A release date will be announced soon.
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  • Canadian Party Thrashers FATALITY Post New Tour Blog From 'Towards Disastour' On DeadRhetoric.com

        Toronto’s favorite thrash party monsters Fatality are currently on a two-month North American “Towards Disastour” in support of their latest album, Psychonaut. Vocalist Spencer Le Von checks in with Dead Rhetoric.com on their day off in Arlington, TX…

    Read about it here along with a podcast entitled "Fatality Backseat LeVoncast" on iTunes here:

    Tour Photos can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/98333748@N04/

    Past tour diary entries:

    Part I - http://www.deadrhetoric.com/features/fatality-north-american-tour-diary-part-i/

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    Fatality Canada / USA Dates: 'Towards Disastour'

    Up-to-date tour info can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/events/163831077118892/

    August 26 – Cleveland, OH @ The Foundry
    August 28 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Howler's Coyote - Show Details
    August 29 - Buffalo, NY - The Lair - Show Details
    *Homecoming show - SEPT 1 - TORONTO, ON @ BOVINE SEX CLUB - Show Details

    A darker and more mature effort, Psychonaut brings forth Fatality's trademark energy and commitment to drunken mayhem. Tracks like 'Thoughts Collide' and 'Before The Collapse' delve deep into the sodden minds of their creators, bubbling with the strange alchemy of pop culture. Psychonaut is an exploration of the inner landscape of the mind, where addled thoughts and horror-polluted dreams are held up to musical scrutiny. Monstrous, ambitious, and sardonically funny as ever, Fatality are taking their unique sound and boundless energy to the next level. 

    Souncloud stream - Monstrous - https://soundcloud.com/fatalitythrash/monstrous

    Soundcloud stream - Thoughts Collide - https://soundcloud.com/fatalitythrash/thoughts-collide/s-w96eC 

    Music Video - Thoughts Collide - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YLN5I7NUGU 

    fatality - thoughts collide (official music video)

    1. Enter Purgatory - 7:54
    2. Thoughts Collide - 5:11
    3. Monstrous - 5:26
    4. Before the Collapse - 5:29
    5. Towards Disaster - 4:47
    6. Psychonaut - 6:10
    7. Satan’s Shepherd - 4:18
    8. Thrashterpiece II - 7:15
    Total: 46:25

    'Psychonaut' is available on iTunesBandcampBig Cartel.

    To fund their new album, upcoming tour and music video FATALITY launched a crowd funding platform via Indiegogo.com, which was linked to http://fatality.ca. They've successfully received over $5,000 in fan support during the campaign for the album through this new initiative.

    Indiegogo Fundraiser Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7cti1up5zY

    About: Toronto, Canada’s high-energy, modern thrash monsters Fatality have been cranking out wise-cracking, beer-drenched nightmares together since 2003. Known for their wild, riotous live performances and their peerless work ethic, they have been independently booking and promoting their own shows, creating great merch, touring North America, and making some great tunes along the way. Few bands embody the DIY spirit as fully as Fatality consistently do, and no other bands have as much fun working their asses off.

    Fatality’s debut effort, Beers From The Grave, was an irreverent, horror-themed album that eschewed seriousness in favour of hard living and good times. Decibel Magazine quipped that, on Beers From The Grave, “solos fly with reckless abandon, the bass is audible and practically so are the beers being cracked open. These guys must have awesome parties.” Hellbound.ca stated that Fatality are “a bundle of crass, explosive, obnoxiously positive energy spewing beer and shrapnel.” Part homage to classic zombie apocalypse horror and part retro-thrash ruckus, Beers From The Grave was an exciting, riotously messy debut.

    After supporting Beers From The Grave with East coast Canadian tours, and being invited to share the stage with the likes of Exodus, Municipal Waste, Holy Grail and Razor, the thrash rockers went back to the studio and emerged with still more new material. Three rough-and-tumble, irresistibly catchy singles — “T.F.E.S.”, “Uppercut” and “Hammerfist” — were bundled together as a free EP. While most bands would have simply released a free record and called it a day, Fatality supported their singles with North American tours, winning hearts, destroying livers and splitting eardrums along the way. After those adventures, Fatality went into a period of hiatus. They emerged from this creative cocoon and re-instated their original drummer, Mason LeVon (brother to guitarist and vocalist Spencer LeVon, who replaced longtime friend and skinsman Andrew Suarez), and new musical vision. In early 2012, the band began writing a brand-new full-length, 'Psychonaut', unquestionably their most ambitious project to date.

    FATALITY is:

    Eytan Gordon - Lead Guitar

    Spencer LeVon - Lead Vocals/Guitar

    Adam Zlotnik - Bass Guitar

    Mason LeVon – Drums

    2011 Single T.F.E.S. – http://youtu.be/sNaYiUm6ze4

    For more info, please visit these links:

    Facebook - http://facebook.com/fatalitythrash

    Bandcamp - http://fatality.bandcamp.com/

    the FATALITY Blog - http://fatalitythrash.blogspot.ca/

    SoundCloud - https://soundcloud.com/fatalitythrash

    Merch Store - http://fatalitymerch.bigcartel.com

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  • HIBRIA - Loudness guitarist joins on the stage in Japan

    Hibria just confirmed the participation of the legendary Japanese guitarist Akira Takasaki at their concert in the city of Osaka.

    Akira is considered if not the most, one of the most important guitarists in Japan and since 1981 leads Loudness, classic lineup of Hard/Heavy from the island. This is not the first cooperation between the bands, at the Brazilian festival Live n'Louder this year, Iuri performed as vocalist for the quartet, check out a video:

    The presentation in Osaka is part of HIBRIA’s new tour in Japan, fifth in career, check out the dates:

    SEP 01 – Osaka/JP @ Umeda Club Quattro
    SEP 03 – Nagoya/JP @ Bottom line
    SEP 04 – Tokyo/JP @ Shibuya O-EAST
    SEP 05 – Tokyo/JP @ Tower Records (pocket + autographs)

    Still in Asia, Hibria has a concert at Orange Isle Music Festival in China. Returning to Brazil, the group performs at Rock in Rio on September 19th along with Almah.

    Watch the video for “Silent Revenge”:

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  • INCARCERATION release new music video, Eurotour dates available

    The Brazilian (German based) Old School Deathmetallers of INCARCERATION released a new Videoclip for the song "Forsaken and Forgotten" taken from their Debut-EP "Sacrifice". The videoclip was recorded in Hamburg/Germany and produced by Mike Lorenz. 

    "It was recorded at our Rehearsal Room in Hamburg, and it's great because it's a very special place for us and now we can share it with all of you who is following our activities. This is the place where almost every week we meet ourselves to rehearse, drink some beers, to laugh with the jokes and stories of Micha, and bang our heads while doing our Death Metal Ritual." says Daniel Duracell, singer/guitarist of the Band.   

    The band is also announcing the dates of their upcoming Eurotour. The Terror Over Europe Tour 2013 will be together with the brazilian band ESCARNIUM, and they have already 17 gigs through Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Italy and Switzerland. This tour aims to promote the EP Sacrifice, released in Tape Format by FDA Rekotz (Germany) and in 7" Vinyl by Dawnbreed Records (Netherlands).    

    Terror Over Europe Tour 2013

    3.09 Wolfsburg, GER @ SVJH Ost
    14.09 Hoogeveen, HOL @ Alien Music Cave
    15.09 Groningen, HOL @ The Pit
    16.09 Eindhoven, HOL @ The Rambler
    17.09 Arnhem, HOL @ Willemeen
    20.09 Katwijk, HOL @ Scum
    21.09 Wermelskirchen GER @ NRW Deathfest
    23.09 Milan, Italy @ Blue Rose Saloon
    25.09 Toulouse, FRA @ La Dernière Chance
    26.09 Deinze, BEL @ Muziekcafé Elpee
    27.09 Hamburg, GER @ Bambi Galore
    28.09 Göttingen, GER @ Juzi
    01.10 Geneva, SWI @ L'écurie
    02.10 Leipzig, GER @ Bandhaus Leipzig
    03.10 Prague, CZ @ Modra Vopice
    04.10 Breclav, CZ @ Piksla
    05.10 Berlin, GER @ Berlin Deathfest

    Check also: www.facebook.com/incarceration

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