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  • LIVIN GARDEN reveals new album title

    Brazilian band LIVIN GARDEN have revealed the name of its upcoming album, "Bring it on!". Here’s a live video of Livin Garden performing the title song, “Bring It On”, at Otacílio Rock Festival, in Otacílio Costa/SC, Brazil. Watch the live video below:

    Lead singer/bass player Gabriel Canoro, explains it:
    “Bring It On” means where we are mentally and musically right now. The feeling that nothing can stop us is unavoidable and stronger than ever. We face so many obstacles everyday to remain as a band and at the end, we always find ourselves standing tall as winners. This is gonna be one of the best Rock albums of the year and you will see that “Bring It On” speaks for itself when you listen to it. Ambitious? Maybe, but that’s what makes us Livin Garden.

    The band is working in the pre-production of their 2nd album, to be released with “10 mind-blowing tracks”.

    More information about the band at its official website (http://www.livingarden.com.br

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  • HateFX New Album To Feature Guest Vocals By LOCKUP-CRIMINAL-PENTAGRAM Singer

    Fresno-Livermore metallers HateFX with lead guitarist Glen Alvelais (ex forbidden/Testament) have confirmed LOCKUP-CRIMINAL-PENTAGRAM singer Anton Reisenegger to lay down guest vocals on the title track of their new album UNDER DESTRUCTION


    Anton commented: "I was really happy to find out my good friend Gabriel had put together a new band in the US, When I heard Glen Alvelais had joined I was like "fuck!". The first Forbidden album is of my all-time favourite thrash albums, so I was really happy for Gabriel. And when he asked me to contribute some backing vocals I said "where do I sign?". HateFX's music will really appeal to fans of metal with groove, chops and balls!" 

    This song, which will open the new HateFX release, serves as a strong display of the new vibe the band has acquired

    Frontman "G" comments: "I thought of my chilean metal colleague Anton because we had worked before on Dogma's Superfix (mi former band) and wanted to get as heavy of a chorus part for the title track 'Destruction' and he captured exactly what we had in mind for this part. Each song has a different feel yet they come together as cohesive pieces to the overall sonic concept of 'Destruction'"

    The new album is being helmed by Chilean producer Javier Bassino for a late March release by xXx Music

    Immediately after the release of "UNDER DESTRUCTION", the band will embark on a number of tour dates starting with their home turf, California 

    An audio sample of the title track for "Under Destruction" can be streamed below:

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  • DYNAHEAD release new lyric video

    Brazilian band DYNAHEAD have the lyric video for the track "Bred Patterns" that comes off its latest release "Chordata I", set to be released on May 11th.

    The Brazilian digipak version will be released on MSMetal Records/Voice Music, and the digital version has been out since February 14th via Digmetalworld Records in North America. The band have also announced that it will be releasing all the tracks of this album on this video format in the near future.

    Watch the lyric video for "Bred Patterns" below:

    The track listing is as follows:

    1. Abiogenesis
    2. Bred Patterns
    3. Collective Skin
    4. Dawn Mirrored In Me
    5. Echoes Of The Waves
    6. Foster
    7. Growing In Veins
    8. Hallowed Engine
    9. Inevitable

    More information about this album (stream/download) can be found at this location (http://music.digmetalworld.com/album/chordata-i), more information about the band at its official website (http://www.dynahead.com.br).

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  • France's MEMORIES OF A DEAD MAN Release Lyric Video For "Trismegistus King"

    French post-metallers MEMORIES OF A DEAD MAN have recently released a lyric video for “Trismegistus King”. The track comes off the group's latest album, “V.I.T.R.I.O.L”, which was produced by Etienne Sarthou (Aqme) and issued last year via Klonosphere Records.

    Directed by video & design company Eyes and Pix, the video can be seen below:

    "The cascading series of emotions and atmospheres sway like trees in the wind and the album does a good job in trying to make the listener to pontificate while becoming immersed in the album."

    "Intense, engaging songs that satisfy on a number of levels, Memories Of A Dead Man is definitely a band worth checking out."

    "...this new disc ebbs and flows like a moving tide, first hypnotizing you then sucking you into it's depths."

    More information at its Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/MEMORIES-OF-A-DEAD-MAN/63906316034

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  • EDGE OF ATTACK Streaming Debut Album + New Video 'In Hell'

    Left to right: Dallas Dyck (Rhythm guitar), Roxanne Gordey (Vocals), Jurekk Whipple (Lead guitar, vocals), Denver Whipple (Bass), Trevor Swain (Drums) | Photo credit: Alicia Beisel Photography

       Grande Prairie, AB power-thrash five-piece Edge of Attack are now exclusively streaming their debut self titled album onSMNNews.com before its official release on Tuesday, February 19th via Halifax metal label Spread The Metal Records 

    Album Stream - http://www.smnnews.com/2013/02/15/exclusive-edge-of-attack-st-album-stream/ 

    Album pre-order available at the following link here. (http://spreadthemetalrecords.bandcamp.com/album/edge-of-attack)

    In additional news, Edge of Attack released their new music video 'In Hell' directed by Karen Michelle Meola.

    To view the video, please visit the following links below.

    Produced by EAO guitarist/vocalist Jurekk Whipple, the debut features ten tracks of haunting vocals, shredding guitars, complex bass lines, furious drumming plus choral and symphonic arrangements along with guest artists by solo artist Ivan Gianinni, Ryan Boivard (Hallows Die) and Pellek (Damnation Angels). 

    Edge of Attack - Track Listing 

    1. In Hell 4:36
    2. The Haunting 5:08
    3. Demon (Of The Northern Seas) feat. Ivan Giannini 5:04
    4. Take Me Alive 4:24
    5. In The Night 4:27
    6. Edge Of Attack 5:07
    7. Rise Above 5:55
    8. Forever 3:46
    9. The Damned feat. Ryan Bovaird 6:01
    10. Set The World Aflame feat. PelleK 8:29

    Forever - Music Video - http://youtu.be/yL1diclz8tM (please feel free to share and embed on social networks)

    For more info on Edge of Attack please follow the band at these links:

    www.EdgeofAttack.com | https://www.facebook.com/edgeofattackofficial | @EdgeOfAttack

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