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  • AXEMASTER - New album information


    Although the new AXEMASTER album is still in production and a little while away from being ready for mastering, the band would like to share some details about it as many people have shown interest in hearing more information...

    ALBUM TITLE - "Overture to Madness"
    SONG TITLES (in no specific order)

    1) Sanity's Requiem
    2) Forsaken
    3) Dream or Nightmare
    4) Chyld
    5) Statutes of Liberty
    6) Peeling Skin
    7) Ashes
    8) Thirty Pieces of Silver
    9) Epic
    10) Dark Souls
    11) Sinister
    12) Crimson Haze

    Lyrics by Geoff McGraw - Music by Joe Sims
    Produced by Joe Sims - Production consultant: S.A. Adams

    In other notes, the band now has it's own YouTube channel which includes (among others) the new video of Joe Sims and Geoff McGraw jamming to promote their endorsement with Sinister Guitar Picks, and a new video interview of them which was done for ArmyOfOne TV.

    You can check it out at www.youtube.com/user/axemasterofficial

    We hope that those who have not yet checked out the band's new website (www.axemasterofficial.com) will take the time to give it a look. Whether you are a long time Axemaster fan or really don't know anything about the band, there's something there for you as long as you are a fan of metal!!!!!


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  • Comedy Rock Kings PSYCHOSTICK Announce Illinois Show Dates

    L-R - Alex “Shmalex” Dontre – Drums | Josh “The J” Key – Guitar | Rob “Rawrb” Kersey – Vocals | Matty J “Moose” – Bass 

      Recently wrapping up the Shoot Tour with Amercian Head Charge, comedy rock kings Psychostick announce they will be performing the following Illinois show dates.

    Sept 27 - Catch 22 - Springfield, IL - Buy Tickets - Facebook Event - Download Flyer - Google Maps - w/Grim, Us Against Them, Utter Chaos

    Sept 28 - The High Note - Pekin, IL - Buy Tickets - Facebook Event - Download Flyer - Google Maps - w/ Grim, and guests

    Oct 24 - Maverick's (95 WIIL Rock FM's "Thirsty Thursdays") - Mundelein, IL - Buy Tickets - Google Maps 

    The band recently released their new music video 'Sadface :(', a social media song poking fun at wall whiners and pointless, attention-seeking posts. The track is from their fifth and latest release 'Space Vampires VS Zombie Dinosaurs in 3-D'.

    Check it out at the following link below.

    Sadface - Music Video - http://youtu.be/ZsqZl3VqoM4 

    sadface :( by psychostick [official music video] no more wall-whining!

    Psychostick guitarist Josh 'The J' Key also comments:

    "This song declares war on terrible, bitchy, whiney, pointless, attention-seeking posts. If you need someone to listen to your problems, go see a therapist (No... REALLY, stop reading this and go talk to a professional RIGHT NOW).

    What I love about this video is the feel. We wanted to feel like you were being yelled at you through the internet to knock that shit off.

    Another great thing about this video is how many hidden gems are in it. If you pause the video and take time to read all the mock comments, you will be greatly rewarded."

    For more info, music and tour dates, please visit the following links:




    Music Videos

    Dogs Like Socks - http://youtu.be/swmuqGWgZCc 

    Political Bum - http://youtu.be/DNZj2RrrkfI

    Boobs - http://youtu.be/dcYlytyuKsc 

    Do You Want A Taco? - http://youtu.be/k3tcQI5EEiA

    Beer - http://youtu.be/O-jOEAufDQ4 - over 4 million views

    Girl Directions - http://youtu.be/U5_HhqcbF_0


    Most high school friends can’t even stand to look at each other once school’s out, but in the case of vocalist Rob “Rawrb” Kersey and guitarist Josh “The J” Key, they decided to spend even more time together after graduation.

    Harnessing their crazy sense of humor and love of all things metal, they joined forces with drummer Alex “Shmalex” Dontre and bassist  Matty J “Moose” to create Pyschostick, a band they've coined as humorcore. With hilarious lyrics, heavy riffs, notorious stage antics and high-energy performances, the band has caused millions of laughs around the world and hundreds of mosh pits across the US, often simultaneously, since its birth in Phoenix, AZ in 2000.

    Almost 100 percent do-it-yourself, Psychostick never strays from its signature sound, a combination of heavy music Chimaira, Machine Head and Hatebreed would be proud of and wit and humor that would make Tenacious D and Weird Al Yankovic holler with laughter.

    With two full-length albums behind them – “We Couldn’t Think of a Title” and “Sandwich” - the band released their latest record, “Space Vampires VS Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D,” in 2011, following it up with a tour with Mushroomhead to add to their total count of 21 nationwide tours that have hit 47 states.

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  • DAYDREAM XI: working on debut album with Jens Bogren

    - Brazilian prog metallers DAYDREAM XI finished the recordings of their debut album, which was produced by Jens Bogren along with Tiago Masseti, the band's vocalist and guitarist. Jens already worked with acts like Katatonia, Opeth, Symphony X, Pain of Salvation, James LaBrie, etc. Right now the album is being mixed by André Alvinzi, and will return to Jens for mastering. This will be the band's first album, a follow-up to "Humanity's Prologue" EP, released back in 2009.

    About the album the band comments: "Despite the delay, the album is getting better than our expectations. Having the vision of Jens on our work made fthe songs to have a more direct approach, creating a more cohesive and modern sound. After receiving feedback from him about the arrangements, I was in charge of producing the recordings here and the result was amazing! The whole band worked hard and the result was very rewarding. We are already receiving some mixing previews and I can say that André is doing a phenomenal job! The result will be a heavy prog metal, complex and with a killer sound! We can not wait to play it live and and see the reaction of the crowd! The waiting will really be worthy."

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    "American Head Charge is back, sounding bigger and better than ever!" - Vegas Seven

    Following the release of their critically acclaimed new ep 'SHOOT' and their first major tour in 6 years, one of the finest bands of the industrial / metal genre are set to return to the UK this November.

    American Head Charge bassist and co-founder Chad Hanks speaks for the band when he says "Beyond a shadow of a doubt, we're all looking forward to returning to the UK for the Shoot Tour Part II. It's been WAY too long, and we're going to make it a tour to remember. See you soon, ladies and gents." Pulling no punches, keyboardist J.Fowler adds "Brace yourselves. We're back on the march and we're coming to rip your faces off...You wanted it? You got it!"

    SHOOT PART II - UK Tour Dates 2013

    Special guests RSJ and Maplerun

    13th Nov - The Haunt - Brighton, UK
    14th Nov - The Garage, London, UK
    15th Nov - Legends - Newcastle, UK
    16th Nov - Audio - Glasgow, UK
    17th Nov - Sound Control - Manchester UK
    18th Nov - ScholarBar / Academy 2 - Leicester, UK
    19th Nov - The Fleece - Bristol, UK
    20th Nov - Bogiez - Cardiff, UK
    21st Nov - White Rabbit - Plymouth, UK
    22nd Nov - Crauford Arms - Milton Keynes, UK
    23rd Nov - Roxx, Southampton - UK
    24th Nov - The Met - Peterborough, UK

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  • HateFX: New Video Teaser Available for 'Play it by Fear'

    Fresno-Livermore metallers HateFX, featuring Glen Alvelais (ex Testament, Forbidden) and G (ex-Dogma Chile) has released a video teaser showcasing the brand new track titled "Play it by Fear", to be featured on the band's new release, titled "Under Destruction", slated for digital release later this fall.

    Play it by Fear teaser video link: http://youtu.be/2xxnGcDifHM

    The cover artwork was created by by Chilean/Italian digital artist- photographer Claudio Bergamin, who has previously worked with HALFORD, Arjen Lucassen, RATA BLANCA, CRIMINAL, DOGMA and other bands from Europe and America.

    "Under Destruction" was recorded at Green Bird studios in Fresno, California with remote supervision of Chilean producer Javier Bassino (Estudios Bassino). Javier engineered, mixed and mastered the CD, which marks Alvelais' recording debut with the band.

    The video is being produced by Chilean videographer Juan Pablo Arriagada who had worked with Dogma (Chile) and HateFX before with collaboration from central valley videographer Enik Sleastak

    The concept for the video came from actual events that tie in with the lyric content of the song dealing with extortion, manipulation and blackmail and there is a parallel story that describes the key events of the situation.

    G (frontman) comments "It was important to have professional actors portray this very graphic storyline that describes how manipulation and extortion can get out of hand, causing emotional and physical distress to those involved and Enik (videographer) did a great job with casting the right team for the job, we are looking forward to share the final version for this concept video. The story blends in great with the music…We have enough material for an extended version that we are thinking of putting together before the release of out next single “

    The band is scheduled to continue playing live in support of this release including a west coast run before the end of the year. For more info and dates check www.hatefx.com | www.facebook.com/hatefx | youtube.com/user/hatefx 

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