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  • UNTIL DAWN Offering FREE Download 'Roamers And Lurkers'

    (L-R) – Steve White – Guitar, Darren Ehler – Bass, Adam Macleod – Vocals, Luke Worrell – Drums, Deke Worrell – Guitar (Photo Credit = Barrett Klesko – FadeBlack Studios United)

          Until Dawn has teamed up with SMNNews.com for an exclusive FREE DOWNLOAD of their track 'Roamers And Lurkers' at the following location here

    The melodic metal band known for intense energy, intoxicating guitar riffs along with their lively stage shows unleashed their new album 'Horizon' in August 2013 and has shown that their location in the remote northern depths of Fort McMurray, Alberta will not slow them down.

    Mixing the sound of modern metal and classic rock, brothers Luke and Deke Worrell, with Adam MacLeod and Steve White have created a thirteen track exploder that appeals to both young and old alike to follow up their 2011 self titled debut. Having previous success with their 2011 hit single “Table and The Plastic” getting steady rotation on local Rock 97.9FM. The band was able to successfully tour Western Canada, which included festival performances and sharing the stage with such as acts as rock legends KISS, Korn, Volbeat, Billy Talent, A Day To Remember, Hell Yeah, All Else Fails, Fozzy, Ill Scarlett, 3 Inches of Blood and Striker where they wowed audiences with their own brand of modern metal.

    Now with their sophomore album 'Horizon', Until Dawn is building on their prior success and setting new plans to bring their music to larger audiences around the world. All in all, Until Dawn is melodic metal at its finest, and this is just the beginning.

    'Horizon' is available at UntilDawn.caiTunesBandcamp and all major music retailers.

    Music Video - Until Dawn - 'This Fallen Fortress' - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxv2rt3-XLo

    until dawn - this fallen fortress (music video)

    Track Listing: Horizon [Album Stream]

    1. Roamers And Lurkers [Free Download]
    2. Strings Of The Dammed
    3. The Red Sun Rises This Day
    4. Third Knee
    5. This Fallen Fortress [Music Video] [Free Download]
    6. A Conjurer Of Cheap Tricks
    7. DNR
    8. Time Tested Fortune
    9. The Trial
    10. Polar Parallels
    11. Horizon [Youtube]

    Bonus Tracks:
    12. WM3
    13. Richard

    For more info, please visit these links:




    iTunes: http://itunes.com/untildawn 

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    Until Dawn – Horizon (2013)

    UntilDawn.ca | FacebookTwitter | Youtube | Reverbnation | CBC 3 |  Soundcloud | Last FM | Bandcamp | iTunes |CD Baby

    RELEASE DATE: August 6, 2013



    ISRC Codes: CA-6oS-13-00001 - CA-6oS-13-00013

    UPC Code #: 875531009460

    RIYL: Soilwork, Killswitch Engage, In Flames, Metallica, Trivium, All That Remains

    PR Rep – Jon Asher – ashermedia(@)gmail.com

    Radio Tracking – Barbara Pavone – radiotrackingashermedia(@)gmail.com

    Alberta’s Until Dawn have unleashed their impressive sophomore melodic death metal album Horizon. Containing thirteen tracks of driving tempos, diverse vocals and melodic guitar riffs, the band has grown and taken a huge step in progressing. This is a tight affair where the songwriting has been analyzed and every riff and melody is utilized to its full effect.

    At times the band adds metalcore influences into their sound like on single “This Fallen Fortress,” but their execution is infallible. The brilliance of adding the aggressive vocals behind the melodic lead vocal during the chorus is a nice touch. The guitar players add excellent melodic riffs that blend perfectly with the driving riffing. The arpeggiated guitar picking and clean vocals of “DNR” is a nice change of pace from the ongoing battering.” – About.com: Heavy Metal - Drago’s Dungeon: July 2013 - The Month’s Best Unsigned Metal Bands

    “”With brutal riffs, breakdowns as they should be done, excellent vocal work and impeccable instrumentation, “Horizon” is one of the best albums I’ve heard all year”. ” – Goetia Metal

    “The track does an excellent job of capturing the raw energy of Until Dawn’s refined modern metal. With a wicked bass line and a bouncing chug-chug rhythm, “This Fallen Fortress” is essentially about finding strength to overcome any life challenge. It’s melodic and heavy, but it does teeter more on the hard rock, active radio side of the metal spectrum than the death metal side… but it’s still more real than metalcore.” – Yell! Magazine

    “Very similar in sound and style to KILLSWITCH ENGAGE or ALL THAT REMAINS and the whole bit, those guys from Alberta, Canada are promising indeed, the abilities to inject some infectious melodies into their Metalcore with much success is obvious and thrilling, each track reveal a little jewel hook and as always some great Headbanging riffage and furious breakdowns… ” – Metal Temple

    “Thirteen tracks in total, all highly listenable, with a few standout tracks that made a real impact on me. One of these tracks, ‘This Fallen Fortress’, was released prior to the album as a single and expresses what it was like for the band trying to break out and showcase their music to a larger audience and of gaining strength through confronting life’s obstacles.

    It’s a track that sat well with me from the offset, it has a fabulous bass opener and it’s powerful, as are a lot of the tracks on the album and was one of a couple that inexplicably made the hair stand up on the back of my neck, as did ‘A Conjurer Of Cheap Tricks’, which is awash with powerful riffs and carries a strong message.

    Other noteworthy tracks are ‘Roamers And Lurkers’, exciting, with a catchy memorable riff, ‘Strings Of The Dammed’ with a slower tempo, a bit of a groove and great picking elements, ‘DNR’, a gutsy and powerful ballad that is lyrically harrowing, about the lonely and confused end of someone’s life and finally ‘Horizon’, the title track which has a slower tempo to the greater part that is balanced against quickly delivered vocals with an up-tempo chorus and a reflective quality.” Metal Talk

    “Heavier than a CFL team, Until Dawn forges metal and classic rock in an unrelenting sonic assault.” – New Canadian Music

    “If there’s one album that you need to fit into your budget this summer, ‘Horizon’ is it. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed and you’ll be listening to the album for the rest of the year.” – Nuclear Fallout Radio

    “While flowing through the tracks of ‘Horizon,’ there are plenty of mosh pit moments early in the album with tracks such as ‘Roamers and Lurkers’ and ‘The Red Sea Rises.’ There are even ones where you can slow down and throw your lighters in the air as well. The track ‘DNR’ being a prime example of the ability to sit back and enjoy the moment and the artistry that Until Dawn is capable of, while at the same time giving you a break half-way through the album before punishing you with their ability to be LOUD once again with the track ‘Time Tested Fortune.’ Our personal favorite tracks off of the album had to be ‘The Trial’ followed up by ‘The Fallen Fortress,’ and ‘Polar Parellels.’ Let us be clear though, there is not a single track on ‘Horizon’ that is not good quality music. This is probably one of the most complete albums we’ve had a chance to listen to all year and that says a lot.” – Nuclear Fallout Radio

    “Track after track the formula sticks to what I consider a successful metal template. Heavy guitars, heart stopping drums and bass, with vocals that are melodic, fierce, and definitely metal. If this band doesn’t reach the pinnacle of Canadian Metal I have to think that the system is broken.” – We Love Metal

    “Until Dawn is a nifty metal band who are distinctly reminiscent of groups like Trivium or even Avenged Sevenfold. Their burnished modern metal sound is a lot of fun to listen too and brooks no posers. This is mainstream metal at its finest, accessible yet still brutal with a minimum of good cop bad cop vocals. The transitions between cleans and growls is actually very well handled and I think it will call up many a comparison to Trivium.” – Two  Guys Metal Reviews

    Until Dawn - Horizon - Album Cover

    1. Roamers And Lurkers
    2. Strings Of The Dammed
    3. The Red Sun Rises This Day
    4. Third Knee
    5. This Fallen Fortress
    6. A Conjurer Of Cheap Tricks
    7. DNR
    8. Time Tested Fortune
    9. The Trial
    10. Polar Parallels
    11. Horizon

    Bonus Tracks:
    12. WM3
    13. Richard


    2010 – Until Dawn – Demo – Release Date: Jan 1, 2010

    2011 – Until Dawn – LP – Release Date: April 2, 2011


    1. T.O.D 1:06
    2. M.O
    3. Slice Of Life
    4. The Darkest Flame
    5. By These Hands
    6. The Struggle
    7. Dark Passenger
    8. M99
    9. The Table And The Plastic
    10. Tonight
    Record Credits:
    Produced by: Until Dawn
    Engineered by: Deke Worrell / Luke Davis
    Mixed by: Deke Worrell
    Mastered By: Terry Tran
    Cover Art and album Design by: Abzerv.Design

    Shared Stage w/

    Korn, Volbeat, Billy Talent, Kiss, A Day To Remember, Hell Yeah, All Else Fails, Fozzy, Ill Scarlett, Without Mercy, Unleash The Archers, 3 Inches of Blood, Striker

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  • TRAINWRECK ARCHITECT Offer Fans FREE Show And Part Of New Music Video For Upcoming Album 'Traits of The Sick'


     L-R – Marc-Antoine Blackburn: Drums - Raza Ali khan: Guitar - Simon Ouellet: Vocals - Renaud Baril: Guitar - Eric Litinas: Bass – (Photo Credit: Shelle MacPherson)

       Montreal, QC wreck n'roll metal band Trainwreck Architect are offering their local fans a FREE show this Sunday, October 20th at Katacombes (1635 St. Laurent) to be part of the band's music video for 'Dream Pariah', which is one of ten tracks from their upcoming album 'Traits of The Sick' set for release on November 12th. The album is mastered by Jeff Waters of Annihilator and features an eclectic mix of thrash, classic metal and rock along with creative lyricism on the idea of humans being human and never willing to be completely satisfied.

    Events Details

    Date: Sunday, October 20th

    Time: 7PM -10 PM

    Venue: Katacombes, 1635 St. Laurent, Montreal, QC

    Cost: FREE show to film sequences for the DREAM PARIAH video-clip + Free album poster

    The band is now streaming the first track off the album 'As Killers Breathe', which features a guitar solo from Annihilator's Jeff Waters

    Bandcamp: http://trainwreckarchitect.bandcamp.com/track/as-killers-breathe

    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7cpRoTLFL0 

    Soundcloud: http://snd.sc/18A7vlj 

    1-Comatose Era (intro)
    2-The Culprit
    3-Die Like A Legend
    4-The Door Slams Shut
    5-Deadbeat Beatdown
    6-Rabid Psychotic Relapse
    7-As Killers Breathe
    8-Dream Pariah
    9-The Narcissist
    10-Feed Them Bullets

    For more info, please visit these links:


    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Trainwreck-Architect/160132547367321

    Twitter: @ThrashingPariah

    Bandcamp: http://trainwreckarchitect.bandcamp.com 

    Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/trainwreck-architect/

    EPK: http://ashermediarelations.com/epks/epk-trainwreck-architect-traits-of-the-sick-2013-release-date-november-12-2013/

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    Trainwreck Architect – Traits of The Sick (2013)

    “Other than featuring a very cool album cover (there is a nice backpiece tattoo in there somewhere), this lot turn in some fine tunes for us with their Traits of the Sick recording.  Instrumental shredding (Comatose Era), punk/thrash workouts ( The Door Slams ShutDeadbeat BeatdownThe Narcissist, and Feed Them Bullets), and plenty of no-holds-barred Metal boogie….heavy guitars, lots of heavy drums – let’s face it, this is heavy everything. So, if you’re into the heavy stuff, here’s a great place to start!” – Wyrd Ways

    ”This album is a perfect blend of pure metal, very well done!” – Quebec Metal

    “Trainwreck Architect has their own diverse style that is hard to compare to other bands and this album proves it. Traits of the Sick is definitely an album worth giving a listen to.” – The Scene Magazine

    “These architects of heavy pay homage to roots metal bands such as Dio and maple leaf legends, Annihilator, while adding popular loud sounds of today.” – Louder Than Hell

    “Tearing up the stage from the moment the first chord is struck, the room is packed and the crowd is just as revved up as the band. Note after note tears through the air and charges the crowd and the band with a fury. Simon Ouellet bounces off stage with a roar and flies into the crowd and they love it. The band members are everywhere wreaking complete havoc and feeding their hungry fans. Technically precise and experienced they want this bad and after all of this, they deserve it! They are a well oiled machine and to comment on them individually would only blaspheme their sound as one entity and deplete the value of their clearly hard work. They break out into a tune tributed to the 80’s metal scene and it certainly does the decade justice. As Simon puts his shades to his face we take a train ride back in time and this is anything BUT a train wreck!!!” – Ondes Chocs

    ”Bands like Crossitution and Trainwreck Architect are blowing my mind in terms of talent, performance and initiative (as they are both unsigned)…Any metalhead who respects himself must listen to Trainwreck Architect” – Bang Bang Blog

    “Let me tell you I had great expectations, since when doing some researches, I’ve read this on the band’s website: The meaning behind the band name is “Intelligently creating destruction and chaos” and we plan on putting that in your face when it comes to live performance. “ I can confirm they were not lying!..The singer’s voice is powerful and impressive, and the band members are full of energy. They offer Heavy metal with various influences. – Quebec Daily Rock

    “…full of energy and stage presence, Trainwreck blasted their signature thrashy classic metal tones out to the crowd, causing probably the best moshing of the night. Trainwreck plays with their whole hearts, and has a great sound as far as aural enjoyment is concerned. They are tight and I simply can’t wait to see how far these boys go.” – Montreal Music Scene

    “Trainwreck Architect has shown once again they feel like home on stage ! The singer, Simon Ouellet, opened the show by saying : “Don’t be fooled by the haircut, this isn’t an N’Sync tribute band!”. The band is really at ease on stage and their compositions are really catchy.” – Thorium Magazine 

     ”I really enjoyed their hard rock attitude, coupled with a more modern metal edge, and was really into “Midnight Bitch” – which is a really catchy tune.” – The Scene Magazine

    ’’Excellent set, super tight. You know how to deal with the public, you have confidence, you know what you’re doing!’’ - Bart Frydrychowicz – Quo Vadis

    “You Guys really kicked ass. That was tight, That was powerful, a fucking machine. Great frontman, and I’ve never heard a band introduced like that before. I love the band you guys are awesome.’’ - Vinnie Appice – Kill Devil Hill, DIO, Black Sabbath

    ’The whole job of a frontman, in my opinion, is…You wanna watch that guy, and you wanna hang out with that guy. I wanna hang out with you! I’ve never heard anyone introduce a band that originally and that well… You guys came to win. Fantastic job, one of the best bands so far in the contest. I do feel for the band that has to follow that… I have to be honest…” Jason Rockman – CHOM FM

     ”I really loved your punk rock attitude. I think the crowd reaction said it all. Greenland Productions would feel comfortable booking you anytime. You rock, pretty cool!’’ - Vincent Lafrenaye Lamontage – Greenland Productions 

    ”Well, I have to say I really love your singer; the way he uses to set the notes and the words is so cool! The best songs to me are Dream Pariah and Rabid Psychotic Relapse, because the first one is very catchy and second one is extremely heavy.” - Carlos Cantatore – Former Annihilator Drummer


    R.I.Y.L = Annihilator, Testament, Anthrax, Metallica, Municipal Waste, Skid Row, Black Sabbath

    RELEASE DATE:  November 12, 2013

    LABEL: Indepenedent

    DISTRIBUTION: Independent   

    ISRC Codes: (coming soon)

    UPC Code #: 620953479229

    1-Comatose Era (intro)
    2-The Culprit
    3-Die Like a Legend
    4-The Door Slams Shut
    5-Deadbeat Beatdown
    6-Rabid Psychotic Relapse
    7-As Killers Breathe
    8-Dream Pariah
    9-The Narcissist
    10-Feed them Bullets

    Album Credits:
    • All songs performed by: Trainwreck Architect
    • All songs written by: Trainwreck Architect
    • Produced by: Trainwreck Architect
    • Mixed by: Fern Bouie
    • Mastered by: Jeff Waters
    • Single released: As Killers Breathe

    MAPL Logosocan logo


    2012 – Compilation – Canuck Metal Volume 2.

    2009 – Feed Them Bullets Demo

    Shared Stage w/
    Skull Fist, Kill Devil Hill, Slaves on Dope, Hollow, Reanimator, Dark Century, Dissension, Fatality, Sanktuary

    Tours and Festivals
    Finalist at 2012 Heavy MTL Battle of The Bands
    Semi Finalist at 2013 Wacken Metal Battle Canada 

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  • SHADOWS LEGACY new music video

    The new video clip of SHADOWS LEGACY is now available. The selected song is ‘The Sky is Falling Down’ which will be present on the new album, ‘You’re Going Straight To Hell’, to be released in January 2014.

    It is noteworthy that the former singer of Iron Maiden, Blaze Bayley, will make a special participation on song ‘Hate Within’, track contained on the album. The band just released the EP, ‘Rage and Hate’ which is available for free download by the link:
    Contacts: leandro.a.motta@hotmail.com
    Related Sites:
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  • Canadian Thrashers FATALITY Posts New Blog 'Post-Tour Blues'

    L-R:  Mason Le Von – Drums | Spencer Le Von – Vocals/ Guitar | Adam Zlotnik – Bass | Eytan Gordon – Guitar

        Toronto’s favorite thrash party monsters Fatality recently wrapped up their two-month North American “Towards Disastour” in support of their latest album, 'Psychonaut'. Vocalist Spencer Le Von checks in with DeadRhetoric.com with his latest blog on 'Post-Tour Blues' at the following link here. (Past tour diary entries can be found here.)

    Listen to Spencer Le Von's podcast entitled "Fatality Backseat LeVoncast" on iTunes here chronicling their adventures during their tour.

    Tour Photos can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/98333748@N04/

    In additional news, bassist Adam Zlotnik recently explained to Decibel Magazine's DeciBlog how the band put together a crowd funding campaign to help them achieve the release and their summer tour. 

    Metal MBA: Fatality’s tips for successful crowdfunding http://www.decibelmagazine.com/featured/metal-mba-fatalitys-tips-for-successful-crowdfunding/

    Upcoming Show Dates:

    Oct 17 - Bovine Sex Club - Toronto, ON - Indie Week - Show Details - Buy Tickets

    Oct 25 - Piranha Bar - Montreal, QC - Show Details - w/ Crosstitution, Mutank, Kruhl

    Oct 26 - Bar Le Trash - St. Hyacinthe, QC - Show Details w/ Eternal Judgment, Reanimator, T.P.G.

    Dec 7 - Bovine Sex Club - Toronto, ON - Show Details /w Pyres, Razorwire, Ayahuasca

    A darker and more mature effort, Psychonaut brings forth Fatality's trademark energy and commitment to drunken mayhem. Tracks like 'Thoughts Collide' and 'Before The Collapse' delve deep into the sodden minds of their creators, bubbling with the strange alchemy of pop culture. Psychonaut is an exploration of the inner landscape of the mind, where addled thoughts and horror-polluted dreams are held up to musical scrutiny. Monstrous, ambitious, and sardonically funny as ever, Fatality are taking their unique sound and boundless energy to the next level. 

    Souncloud stream - Monstrous - https://soundcloud.com/fatalitythrash/monstrous

    Soundcloud stream - Thoughts Collide - https://soundcloud.com/fatalitythrash/thoughts-collide/s-w96eC 

    Music Video - Thoughts Collide - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YLN5I7NUGU 

    1. Enter Purgatory - 7:54
    2. Thoughts Collide - 5:11
    3. Monstrous - 5:26
    4. Before the Collapse - 5:29
    5. Towards Disaster - 4:47
    6. Psychonaut - 6:10
    7. Satan’s Shepherd - 4:18
    8. Thrashterpiece II - 7:15
    Total: 46:25

    'Psychonaut' is available on iTunesBandcampBig Cartel.

    About: Toronto, Canada’s high-energy, modern thrash monsters Fatality have been cranking out wise-cracking, beer-drenched nightmares together since 2003. Known for their wild, riotous live performances and their peerless work ethic, they have been independently booking and promoting their own shows, creating great merch, touring North America, and making some great tunes along the way. Few bands embody the DIY spirit as fully as Fatality consistently do, and no other bands have as much fun working their asses off.

    Fatality’s debut effort, Beers From The Grave, was an irreverent, horror-themed album that eschewed seriousness in favour of hard living and good times. Decibel Magazine quipped that, on Beers From The Grave, “solos fly with reckless abandon, the bass is audible and practically so are the beers being cracked open. These guys must have awesome parties.” Hellbound.ca stated that Fatality are “a bundle of crass, explosive, obnoxiously positive energy spewing beer and shrapnel.” Part homage to classic zombie apocalypse horror and part retro-thrash ruckus, Beers From The Grave was an exciting, riotously messy debut.

    After supporting Beers From The Grave with East coast Canadian tours, and being invited to share the stage with the likes of Exodus, Municipal Waste, Holy Grail and Razor, the thrash rockers went back to the studio and emerged with still more new material. Three rough-and-tumble, irresistibly catchy singles — “T.F.E.S.”, “Uppercut” and “Hammerfist” — were bundled together as a free EP. While most bands would have simply released a free record and called it a day, Fatality supported their singles with North American tours, winning hearts, destroying livers and splitting eardrums along the way. After those adventures, Fatality went into a period of hiatus. They emerged from this creative cocoon and re-instated their original drummer, Mason LeVon (brother to guitarist and vocalist Spencer LeVon, who replaced longtime friend and skinsman Andrew Suarez), and new musical vision. In early 2012, the band began writing a brand-new full-length, 'Psychonaut', unquestionably their most ambitious project to date.

    FATALITY is:

    Eytan Gordon - Lead Guitar

    Spencer LeVon - Lead Vocals/Guitar

    Adam Zlotnik - Bass Guitar

    Mason LeVon – Drums

    2011 Single T.F.E.S. – http://youtu.be/sNaYiUm6ze4

    For more info, please visit these links:

    Facebook - http://facebook.com/fatalitythrash

    Bandcamp - http://fatality.bandcamp.com/

    the FATALITY Blog - http://fatalitythrash.blogspot.ca/

    SoundCloud - https://soundcloud.com/fatalitythrash

    Merch Store - http://fatalitymerch.bigcartel.com

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  • INSURRECTION New Album 'Prototype' (Galy Records)

    Insurrection - High Press Photo

    L-R: Philippe Moreau Latreille (Drums), Vincent Laprade Séguin (Guitar), Stef Jomphe (Vocals), Francis Girard (Bass), Martin Samson (Guitar) - Photo Credit: Nicolas Paquet

         Assaulting witnesses in both languages of French and English, Gatineau, QC death metal band INSURRECTION unleash their first crowd funded and third full length album 'Prototype', out today, October 15th via Canadian label Galy RecordsProduced by Topon Das (Fuck The Facts), the album is the follow up the band's 2010 'Fracture' and 2009's 'Prologue', which gave first life to the band's monstrosity.

    Album Stream - Prototype - http://snd.sc/18RY6FI 

    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/prototype/id716070055

    Galy Records Store: http://galyrecords.bigcartel.com/product/insurrection-prototype-cd-bonus-cd 

    Blending calculated technicality to create a signature mixture of merciless death metal that has emerged from the prominent Canadian scene. INSURRECTION has been growing, modulating and mutating into a machine of an aural onslaught since their conception in 2003 by founding members Martin Samson and Stef Jomphe.

    Album Cover - Insurrection - Prototype

    ‘Prototype’ Track Listing:

    1 – Overprocessed (Intro)
    2 – Abattoir [Soundcloud]
    3 – The Chronophobes
    4 – Checkmate [Youtube] [Soundcloud]
    5 – Sueurs Froides
    6 – Hellfire
    7 – Trois Minutes de Carnage
    8 – Archetype
    9 – Prototype
    10 – They Rise
    11 – Bruits Sans Fin

    Insurrection will be performing the following Canadian tour dates in promotion of 'Prototype'.

    Tour Dates:

    Oct 19 - Petit Theatre - Rouyn-Noranda, QC

    Nov 8 - Elks Lodge - Sydney, NS

    Nov 9 - Gus' Pub - Halifax, NS

    Nov 10 - The OC - Moncton, NB

    Nov 11 - Baba's Lounge - Charlottetown, PEI

    Nov 29 - Foufounes Electriques - Montreal, QC

    Nov 30 - Bar Le Magog - Sherbrooke, QC

    Dec 7 - Eglise St. Jean-Bosco - Hull, QC

    Past video updates from the crowd funding campaign, which offered eight various packages in support of raising their monetary goal to record the album, can be viewed below at the following links.

    Episode 5: Guitars - http://youtu.be/8pOZEDwaS-g 

    Episode 4: Drums - http://youtu.be/fAX24sSmc34

    Episode 3: Business - http://youtu.be/WRytMd5dvho 

    Episode 2: Rock n Roll! - http://youtu.be/7QX1b3mItVs 

    Episode 1: Prototype - http://youtu.be/1efN_AGj7pI 

    For more info on INSURRECTION, please visit these links:

    http://www.insurrectionmetal.com | Facebook.com/InsurrectionMetal | Twitter: @InsurrectionCan

    - 30 - 

    Insurrectionmetal.com | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Reverbnation

    Soundcloud |Last.FM | CBC 3 | Galy Records | Bandcamp | iTunes

    R.I.Y.L. (Recommended If You Like) = Neuraxis, Misery Index, Decapitated, Testament, Bloodbath, Obliveon, Hypocrisy, Nevermore 

    RELEASE DATE:  October 15, 2013

    LABEL: Galy Records

    DISTRIBUTION: F.A.B. Distribution

    ISRC Codes: (coming soon)

    UPC Code #: (coming soon)

    “Insurrection play a groovy type of death metal that’s equal parts Dying Fetus, Decapitated and Lamb of God.”  - Metal Sucks 

    Death metal needs fresh blood and let’s hope this album inspires some youngsters to steer away from the crap and come back to serious business.” – Metal Made in Canada

     “This 5-piece monstrosity has struck again with precision, aggression and near perfection! INSURRECTION delivers a one of a kind album – solid and crushing from beginning to end.” – The Ottawa Epitaph

    Fracture is mint, tight and completely in your face. With well thought out lyrics, great aggressive riffs and a constant energy that hooks you to its sound; it’s a must for any tech death fan. It’s their second effort, and a solid follow up to Prologue, their first album. The lyrics, in both English and French, circles around the themes of society, politics and mental illness. Their vocalist, Stephane Jomphe, does a great job at throwing them at us like bullets and he’s also an incredible live performer. If you get the chance to see them live, jump on it. A good way to get in touch with this piece of art is by listening to its highlights. You better start off with ”Set The World On Fire” a catchy yet brutal (don’t bash me for using this term) song about human rebellion against our capitalist system, well written with a sing along chorus and a heavy sound, in short, a perfect starter. Then there’s ”Dérangé” which can be translated to disturbed or insane. This is surely one of my favorite, a French track about narcotic problems and sanity. Personally I also enjoy ”Fracture”, their title track, and ”History Repeats Itself”…If you’re the metal enthusiast craving heavy and vicious crushing riffs, or the typical technical death metal fan looking for some new stuff to enjoy. Stop searching, you’ve found what you need and believe me you’ll enjoy this album..” – Metal Storm

    “One of the things that attracted me to this band was their use of both local languages in their songs. I know it’s easier to write songs in english, and english bands seem to get more popular than french bands, but I feel like a lot of bands don’t even try. Half the songs on Prologue are in french, and half are in english, and it does nothing but improve the record. Hats off to these dudes for writing in their native tongue.” – Bloody Underated


    Album Cover - Insurrection - Prototype

    ‘Prototype’ Track Listing:

    1 – Overprocessed (Intro)
    2 – Abattoir
    3 – The Chronophobes
    4 – Checkmate
    5 – Sueurs Froides
    6 – Hellfire
    7 – Trois Minutes de Carnage
    8 – Archetype
    9 – Prototype
    10 – They Rise
    11 – Bruits Sans Fin

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    Album Credits:
    • All songs performed by: Insurrection
    • All songs written by: Insurrection
    • Produced by: Topon Das and Insurrection
    • Mixed by: Pierre Rémillard
    • Mastered by: Pierre Rémillard
    • CD Cover, Album Artwork by: Jérémy Dumouchel


    Album Line Up: 
    Philippe Moreau Latreille (Drums)
    Vincent Laprade Séguin (Guitar)
    Stef Jomphe (Vocals)
    Francis Girard (Bass)
    Martin Samson (Guitar)

    2013 – Prototype
    2010 – Fracture
    2009 – Prologue
    2007 – Fear Tomorrow (promo)
    2004 – Insurrection Demo

    Shared Stage w/
    Acacia Strain
    Beyond Creation
    Chariots of The Gods
    Despised Icon
    Dying Fetus
    Fuck the Facts
    Ion Dissonance
    Lamb of God
    Mononc Serge
    Napalm Death
    Quo Vadis
    Rotting Christ
    Shadows Fall
    White Chapel
    Wolven Ancestry

    List of Tours and Festivals
    2013 – Trois-Rivières Metalfest, Trois Riveres, QC
    2013 – Amnesia Rockfest, Montebello, QC
    2013 – Grind Your Mind Fest, Notre-Dame-Du-Bon-Conseil, QC
    2012 – The Edg3 Fest, Maxville, ON
    2012 – Camping metal Francophone 3, St-Lin-des-Laurentides, QC
    2012 – Grind Your Mind Fest, Notre-Dame-Du-Bon-Conseil, QC
    2009-12- D-Tox Rockfest, Montebello, QC
    2011 – Trois-Rivières Metalfest, Trois Riveres, QC
    2011 – Alexandria Sk8Fest, Alexandria, ON
    2010 – Festival Outaouais Émergent, Hull, QC
    2009 – Camping Metal Francophone 2, St-Calixte, QC

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