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  • DISPARAGER Announce NYC Show Date w/ Sworn Enemy July 12th

    L-R:  Chris AhKao (guitar, vocals), Jason Kim (guitar), Peter Meluso (drums), Sri Rao (bass) – Photo credit:  Merissa Blitz

       Brooklyn, NY's post rock metal band DISPARAGER is proud to announce they will be opening support for hardcore aggressors Sworn Enemy on July 12th in NYC at Blackhorn 51 alongside Thorn Constellatin, Fate Breaks Dawn, Mala Entrana, Apparition, Halo To Havoc and Risers (full show details below).

    "Without the influence of hardcore bands like E.Town Concrete and Biohazard, there would arguably be no Disparager, at least not in the formation that exists today.  Sworn Enemy was part of a really special wave of hardcore for me, and they're such a killer band live. Looking forward to sharing the stage with them." comments vocalist / guitarist Chris AhKao.

    In additional news, DISPARAGER has teamed up with Blank TV for the premiere of their new acoustic video 'Gratitude', the third track off their recently released debut EP 'Timeless, Ageless' produced by Jay Maas (Defeater, Bane, H2O, American Nightmare, Polar Bear Club).

    VIDEO LINKhttp://mail.ns2.blanktv.com/index.php/videos/video-premieres/409

    blanktv - dangerous music for dangerous people!

    DISPARAGER will be performing the following show dates in support of their debut EP 'Timeless, Ageless'.

    Show Dates:

    June 26 @ Buzzbin Art & Music Shop - Canton, OH

    BUZZBIN ART & MUSIC SHOP, 339 Cleveland Ave NW
    For more info: http://buzzbinshop.com
    Bands Performing:
    June 29 @ Mojo13 - Wilmington, DE
    MOJO13, 1706 Philadelphia Pike
    2 TBA
    July 12 @ Blackhorn 51 - Elmhurst, NY
    Blackhorn 51, 80-12 51st Ave

    BT51 Presents:

    The Return of National Rec Artists & New York's Own:


    in support of their killer new release **Living on Borrowed Time**

    with special guests:

    Formed just last year, DISPARAGER has always had the crazy notion that music is art and that art is never a means to an end but an end in itself. As an extension of frontman Chris AhKao regaining his life from personal demons, this debut EP is a testament to that. Bursting with dense rawness and precision while pushing the boundaries of metal with tracks like "At Least I Still Have Bon Iver" – half folk song, half crushing mix of Isis and Slayer - and "Pictures” - a time signature mindfuck the band is proud NOT to call prog rock. The music is meant to showcase a refusal to settle, to compromise, to live any other life than that inspired by unwavering intent, self-expression and integrity.

    EP Stream - Timeless, Ageless - https://soundcloud.com/disparager/sets/timeless-ageless-ep

    Song Stream - Tuesday Love - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HN2J4SgT830

    Song Stream - R.I.P. Bill Hicks - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUPEAO0FWbs

    Album Cover - Disparager - Timeless, Ageless EP

    EP Track Listing – Disparager - Timeless, Ageless:
    1. Pictures
    2. Tuesday Love
    3. Gratitude
    4. R.I.P. Bill Hicks
    5. At Least I Still Have Bon Iver

    For more info, please follow the band at these links:





    EPK - http://ashermediarelations.com/epks/epk-disparager/

    - 30 -


    Disparager are from Brooklyn, New York and play metal or hardcore, or post-rock, or whatever you want to call it. Above all else though, Disparager are fucking badass. ” – Pure Grain Audio

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  • HIBRIA release 'Shall I Keep On Burning' music video

    HIBRIA's new music video, 'Shall I Keep On Burning', is available. Besides all the careful production with professional actors, special effects and locations thoroughly selected by the director Deivis Horbach (Plano9 Filmes), the work features a technology used in Brazil just few times: the video was shot in 4K or Ultra HD.

    'Shall I Keep On Burning' is the third audiovisual work taken from 'Silent Revenge' which also includes clips for the songs 'Silence Will Make You Suffer' and the title track.

    Released in 2013 by the label King Records in Japan and AFM in Europe, 'Silent Revenge' is HIBRIA's fourth studio album and earned the band a new tour in Japan, plus concerts alongside of Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Obituary and of course, at Rock in Rio festival.

    E-Mail: hibria@hibria.com
    Website: www.hibria.com

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  • EXPAIN Streaming Debut Album 'Just The Tip'

    L-R- Eric Morrison – Guitar | Daniel Brand – Vocals | Nikko Whitworth – Bass | Ryan Idris – Drums | Pat Peeve – Guitar
         Vancouver, BC's EXPAIN (formerly known as The Almighty Excruciating Pain) has teamed up with PureGrainAudio.com for the full online stream of their debut album 'Just The Tip' before its official release on Tuesday, June 24th.
    "Expain couldn't be happier to release this album to you guys!  We are chomping at the bit to get out and hit the road to support it. Welcome to our fucked up world.  Wear protection." comments guitarist Pat Peeve.
    The debut album features a blend of tech/prog/thrash/jazz metal that all came to be when the band turned to today's technology to bring them together. Thank You Craigslist for their birth! Delivering music that’s energetic, diverse and thoughtful in every sense of the word, 'Just the Tip’, plays to its sense of humour, but also represents the beginning of a musical journey that’s not bound to stop or slow down any time soon. Writing about everything from overcoming adversity to partying hard, living in an ever-changing city and the state of today’s society as a whole, EXPAIN has captured its true identity on this record.
    Full Album Stream EXPAIN - 'Just The Tip' at the following link - http://puregrainaudio.com/audio/expain-just-the-tip-world-premiere-album-stream
    Pre-order of 'Just The Tip' is available at http://expainband.bandcamp.com.
    Album Teaser Video - http://youtu.be/9MDYzR5yAOE
    Guitar / bass playthrough 'Aggressions Progression' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3-ynhod1H8
    Upcoming Show Dates:

    EXPAIN - Just The Tip - Album Cover

    Track Listing: EXPAIN - Just The Tip
    1. Bacchus
    2. Aggressions Progression
    3. Phoenix Writhing
    4. The King
    5. Don’t Worry The Worst Is Yet To Come
    6. Idol Worship
    7. Allegiance To Pain
    8. Manatee
    9. Headbang Your Head Off
    10. A.T.M.
    11. Eating A Beating Heart

    For more info, please visit the following links:



    Album Pre-Order - https://expainband.bandcamp.com/

    EPK - http://ashermediarelations.com/epks/epk-expain-just-the-tip-2014/

    - 30 -

    “Hold on to your balls, for Expain could be positioned as Canada’s next great metal export. Evidently going by their ferociously captivating debut album ‘Just The Tip’, the quintet slap together a masochistic mixture of blazing riffs, supersonic drumming, sexy solo’s and vocals so brutal it would make your last hangover as weak as Justin Bieber banging one out. Come on they mix jazz elements, that surely has to receive numerous acknowledgements, but also through the various sounds and lyric topics employed, this album is a party on it’s own” – Global Metal Apocalypse

    “a band built on displaying technical skills behind the instruments. A heavy and potent mixture of thrash and jazz metal, Vancouver, Canada’s Expain is hoping to become a staple in a genre built on technical skill and speed” – Under The Gun Review

    “a perfect blend of the technical and melodic, combining together to create a sound that is incredibly unique and forthright. I have listened to the album several times now, and each time I find myself enjoying some new dimension to the sound, or some new aspect of the music. It just keeps getting better.” – Vancouver Metal

    “In my metal induced coma, I am inclined to say this band should not be sniffed at or trifled with, they are some serious thrash metal impresarios… For Fans Of: Uber thrash with a touch of jazz.” – All About The Rock

    “Wildly diverse band that combines elements of thrash, punk, tech metal and even some jazz with an off-the-wall comedic streak.” Prog NW Metal Zone

    “It’s one of the finest independently released albums I’ve ever heard in my life. From the short intro track ‘Bacchus’ all the way to the perfect closer in ‘Eating A Beating Heart,’ there’s so many quality thrashers on the disc. ‘The King’ is a personal favorite of mine as the musicianship is ridiculously tight. ‘Aggressions Progressions’ has an absolutely beautiful dueling solo section and ‘Manatee’ has a sick bass solo. Overall it’s 11 tracks of pure thrash mayhem” – Broken Neck Radio

    “The band comes racing out of the gate with three dementedly heavy fist-pumpers….a promising metal act that is well worth a listen.” – Discorder (E.P.E.P Review)

    “a strong mixture of early Thrash and Crossover Thrash concepts, blending them with a Melodic Death Metal sound, and plenty of energetic aggression.” – Apochs Metal Review (E.P.E.P Review)

    “Don’t leave your children alone with The Almighty Excruciating Pain” – Metal Sucks (E.P.E.P Review)


    EXPAIN - Just The Tip - Album Cover


    Track Listing: EXPAIN - Just The Tip
    1. Bacchus
    2. Aggressions Progression
    3. Phoenix Writhing
    4. The King
    5. Don’t Worry The Worst Is Yet To Come
    6. Idol Worship
    7. Allegiance To Pain
    8. Manatee
    9. Headbang Your Head Off
    10. A.T.M.
    11. Eating A Beating Heart

    Album Credits:
    All Songs performed by – Expain
    All songs written by – Expain
    Produced by – Matthew Roach
    Mixed by – Matthew Roach
    Available on – CD+Digital

    Album + Live lineup:
    Daniel Brand – Vocals
    Pat Peeve – Guitar
    Eric Morrison – Guitar
    Nikko Whitworth – Bass
    Ryan Idris – Drums

    Shared stage with:

    Suffocation, Archspire, Powerman 5000, Nylithia, West Of Hell, Unleash The Archers, Mortillery, Into Eternity, Thor 

    Tours & Festivals:
    2014 – Western Canadian Tour (BC/AB)
    2013 – Western Canadian Tour (BC/AB)
    2013/ 2014 – Armstrong Metal Fest
    2013 – Medicine Hat Metal Fest

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  • TRAINWRECK ARCHITECT Post 'Wreck The Road' Tour Blog

     L-R – Eric Litinas: Bass | Raza Ali Khan: Guitar | Simon Ouellet: Vocals | Marc-Antoine Blackburn: Drums | Renaud Baril: Guitar – (Photo Credit: Jean-François Gagnon)

          Hitting the highway for show dates in Quebec and Ontario during their 'Wreck The Road Tour' last weekend, wreck n' roll band Trainwreck Architect has posted a new tour blog with video on DeadRhetoric.com chronicling their adventures in Quebec City plus their hometown and the Canadian metal capital Montre-Hell.

    "We had people moshing, headbanging and girls dancing! This show will stay in our memories and we recommend to every metal head passing by Quebec City to visit La Salle Unisson. This venue has something really special!"

    Read more at the following link: http://deadrhetoric.com/features/trainwreck-architect-summer-tour-blog-part-i/

    The band has one more date left on the tour on July 4th at Bar Le Lorrie-Ann in La Baie , QC w/ Wanderlost to support their debut album 'Traits of The Sick' released during November 2013. Mastered by Jeff Waters of Annihilator, whom also makes a guest appearance with a guitar solo on the track ‘As Killers Breathe’, 'Traits of The Sick features an eclectic mix of thrash, classic metal and rock n' roll. The debut  is now available on BandcampiTunes, Amazon and all other major online retailers.

    Tha band's music video 'Dream Pariah' is inspired by the dramatic story of a man, approaching the end of his life and trying something new! (hint, hint, breaking bad!)

    'Dream Pariah'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmRLLpJKsuA

    trainwreck architect -

    Album Stream Links:

    Bandcamp: http://trainwreckarchitect.bandcamp.com/

    Track Listing: Trainwreck Architect - Traits of The Sick

    1-Comatose Era (intro)
    2-The Culprit
    3-Die Like A Legend
    4-The Door Slams Shut [Bravewords]
    5-Deadbeat Beatdown
    6-Rabid Psychotic Relapse
    7-As Killers Breathe ft. guitar solo by Jeff Waters (Annihilator) [Bandcamp] [Youtube] [Soundcloud]
    8-Dream Pariah [Video]
    9-The Narcissist
    10-Feed Them Bullets

    For more info, please visit these links:


    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Trainwreck-Architect/160132547367321

    Twitter: @ThrashingPariah

    Bandcamp: http://trainwreckarchitect.bandcamp.com 

    Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/trainwreck-architect/

    EPK: http://ashermediarelations.com/epks/epk-trainwreck-architect-traits-of-the-sick-2013-release-date-november-12-2013/

    - 30 -

    2013 - Traits of The Sick
    2012 - Compilation – Canuck Metal Volume 2.
    2009 - Feed Them Bullets Demo2013 - Traits of The Sick
    2012 - Compilation – Canuck Metal Volume 2.
    2009 - Feed Them Bullets Demo

    Shared Stage w/
    Skull Fist, Kill Devil Hill, Slaves on Dope, Hollow, Reanimator, Dark Century, Dissension, Fatality, Sanktuary

    Tours and Festivals
    Finalist at 2012 Heavy MTL Battle of The Bands
    Semi Finalist at 2013 Wacken Metal Battle Canada

    Trainwreck Architect – Traits of The Sick (2013)

    Highlight: #11 on January 2014 Top 20 Loud Charts – Canadian College Radio – (Earshot)

    Highlight: #15 on December 2013 Top 20 Loud Charts – Canadian College Radio – (Earshot)

    Highlight: #4 on Top 10 – For The Week Ending: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 – Canadian College Loud Charts – (Earshot)

    Highlight: #10 on Top 10 – For The Week Ending: Tuesday, January 7, 2014 – Canadian College Loud Charts – (Earshot)

    Highlight: #10 on Top 10 - For The Week Ending: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 – Canadian College Loud Charts - (Earshot)

    “‘Dream Pariah’ is infectious it possesses something wholesome, but a track like ‘The Narcissist’ is an absolute perfect thrash attack. All in all, Trainwreck Architect hang around the fringes of the thrash scene without going totally into it with both feet, they enhance their sound with some modern touches and have mastered their recorded sound. This is a rather decent album and worth anybody’s money.” – Brutalism.com

    “…it is a pure primal architect of aggression. Please continue to knock us out and feed us those sweating bullets.” – Metal Temple

    “What listeners will get from this album is a strong blend of traditional heavy metal mixed with a strong dose of thrash. The best thing about the music is the twin guitar harmonies, slick and technical solos, and the occasional burst of groove. In the end, the band proves that NWOBHM-style music still has legs. Simon Ouellet’s vocals definitely bring to mind an old school-style, mixing high pitched wails, clean articulation, and thrash-inspired aggression…the guitar licks and grooves really shine, ranging from strong and infectious to slick and polished. Better still, the track “As Killers Breathe” includes a solo from the legendary Jeff Waters (of Annihilator) that is well worth a listen. Listeners that enjoy an older style of heavy metal will appreciate the way this band nods to the old school while also trying to keep things fresh and new.” – Sea of Tranquility

    “Other than featuring a very cool album cover (there is a nice backpiece tattoo in there somewhere), this lot turn in some fine tunes for us with their Traits of the Sick recording.  Instrumental shredding (Comatose Era), punk/thrash workouts ( The Door Slams ShutDeadbeat BeatdownThe Narcissist, and Feed Them Bullets), and plenty of no-holds-barred Metal boogie….heavy guitars, lots of heavy drums – let’s face it, this is heavy everything. So, if you’re into the heavy stuff, here’s a great place to start!” – Wyrd Ways

    “Each track is an individual burst of gunfire riffing and dito vocals, and the band sound very true and natural that it fair brings a tear of nostalgia to your eye. Bassist Eric Litinas and drummer Marc-Antoine Blackburn form two natural focus points as they work hard and sound tight throughout the album.” – RockUnited

    “A nice blend of elements from around the metal universe wrapped in melodic thrash metal, Trainwreck Architect’s “Traits of the Sick” is nicely eclectic and sophisticated, and should appeal to fans of Death Angel, Anthrax and Annihilator.” – Metal Music Archives

    “Direct and incisive, the Thrash of TRAINWRECK ARCHITECT has all to conquer you!” – Metal Integral

    “Whatever you’re looking for in a metal album, these guys serve it up, moving from thrash, to classic metal, to rock, with even a slight punk edge at times. All these sounds combined could potentially have been a… trainwreck (haha, I’m so funny), but these guys pull it off, and not only pull it off, but do it excellently. This album is for fans of all metal genres. My suggestion to everyone is to throw on your dirtiest jean jacket, get a 12-pack of your favourite cheap beer, and give this record a listen. You will not be disappointed.” – Bucket List  Music Reviews

    “The approach that Trainwreck Architect have to their music is powerful and distinctive, it reaches out and touches the listener with its honesty. This is what these guys were born to do and no one will stop them from reaching their total heavy metal dominance. Suffice to say the future seems bright for these guys and I could see them and their unique sound going far. If you want to hear more of their unclassable metal madness be sure to check out their new record Traits of the Sick!” – Two Guys Metal Reviews

    “One favorite is probably ‘ The Killers Breathe ’, featuring Jeff Waters (Annihilator) on guitar solos. But we can not also fail to mention the most “eared” as “ Dream Pariah . “  To finish the double “T he Narcissist”and” Feed Them Bullets ”continues to charge massive doses of pure aggression and lasts well established in the voracity of demonic vocals always well supported by portentous riffs. So, for all those who enjoy a good dose of primordial metal full of aggression and nostalgia, but also with some fun Rock to the mix, Traits OF The Sick is always a safe bet.” – Rock N’ Heavy

    “‘Traits Of The Sick’ an engaging and entertaining listen.” – Planet Mosh

    ”This album is a perfect blend of pure metal, very well done!” – Quebec Metal

    “Trainwreck Architect has their own diverse style that is hard to compare to other bands and this album proves it. Traits of the Sick is definitely an album worth giving a listen to.” – The Scene Magazine

    “These architects of heavy pay homage to roots metal bands such as Dio and maple leaf legends, Annihilator, while adding popular loud sounds of today.” – Louder Than Hell

    “This is one of those albums that surprises you with how great they sound; one that you don’t expect to blow you away, but after having a listen you’re left gobsmacked. If you don’t mind a bit of a modern twist on your traditional thrash and heavy metal music then this would be perfect for you. Recommended.” Louder Than Hell

    “What listeners will get from this album is a strong blend of traditional heavy metal mixed with a strong dose of thrash. The best thing about the music is the twin guitar harmonies, slick and technical solos, and the occasional burst of groove. In the end, the band proves that NWOBHM-style music still has legs. Simon Ouellet’s vocals definitely bring to mind an old school-style, mixing high pitched wails, clean articulation, and thrash-inspired aggression.” – Sea of Tranquility

    “Tearing up the stage from the moment the first chord is struck, the room is packed and the crowd is just as revved up as the band. Note after note tears through the air and charges the crowd and the band with a fury. Simon Ouellet bounces off stage with a roar and flies into the crowd and they love it. The band members are everywhere wreaking complete havoc and feeding their hungry fans. Technically precise and experienced they want this bad and after all of this, they deserve it! They are a well oiled machine and to comment on them individually would only blaspheme their sound as one entity and deplete the value of their clearly hard work. They break out into a tune tributed to the 80’s metal scene and it certainly does the decade justice. As Simon puts his shades to his face we take a train ride back in time and this is anything BUT a train wreck!!!” – Ondes Chocs

    ”Bands like Crossitution and Trainwreck Architect are blowing my mind in terms of talent, performance and initiative (as they are both unsigned)…Any metalhead who respects himself must listen to Trainwreck Architect” – Bang Bang Blog

    “Let me tell you I had great expectations, since when doing some researches, I’ve read this on the band’s website: The meaning behind the band name is “Intelligently creating destruction and chaos” and we plan on putting that in your face when it comes to live performance. “ I can confirm they were not lying!..The singer’s voice is powerful and impressive, and the band members are full of energy. They offer Heavy metal with various influences. – Quebec Daily Rock

    “…full of energy and stage presence, Trainwreck blasted their signature thrashy classic metal tones out to the crowd, causing probably the best moshing of the night. Trainwreck plays with their whole hearts, and has a great sound as far as aural enjoyment is concerned. They are tight and I simply can’t wait to see how far these boys go.” – Montreal Music Scene

    “Trainwreck Architect has shown once again they feel like home on stage ! The singer, Simon Ouellet, opened the show by saying : “Don’t be fooled by the haircut, this isn’t an N’Sync tribute band!”. The band is really at ease on stage and their compositions are really catchy.” – Thorium Magazine 

     ”I really enjoyed their hard rock attitude, coupled with a more modern metal edge, and was really into “Midnight Bitch” – which is a really catchy tune.” – The Scene Magazine

    ’’Excellent set, super tight. You know how to deal with the public, you have confidence, you know what you’re doing!’’ - Bart Frydrychowicz – Quo Vadis

    “You Guys really kicked ass. That was tight, That was powerful, a fucking machine. Great frontman, and I’ve never heard a band introduced like that before. I love the band you guys are awesome.’’ - Vinnie Appice – Kill Devil Hill, DIO, Black Sabbath

    ’The whole job of a frontman, in my opinion, is…You wanna watch that guy, and you wanna hang out with that guy. I wanna hang out with you! I’ve never heard anyone introduce a band that originally and that well… You guys came to win. Fantastic job, one of the best bands so far in the contest. I do feel for the band that has to follow that… I have to be honest…” Jason Rockman – CHOM FM

     ”I really loved your punk rock attitude. I think the crowd reaction said it all. Greenland Productions would feel comfortable booking you anytime. You rock, pretty cool!’’ - Vincent Lafrenaye Lamontage – Greenland Productions 

    ”Well, I have to say I really love your singer; the way he uses to set the notes and the words is so cool! The best songs to me are Dream Pariah and Rabid Psychotic Relapse, because the first one is very catchy and second one is extremely heavy.” - Carlos Cantatore – Former Annihilator Drummer

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  • THE ROUGH BOYS Streaming New Track 'Hogtown'


    L-R – Marky Zapata (Guitars), Tommy Gervais (Bass/Vox), Sammy Greenland (Drums) – Photo Credit – Grace Cavarra

        Taking their name from a Neil Young lyric – ‘All those rough boys, playin’ that rock and roll’, Toronto, ON's speed infused punk thrashing THE ROUGH BOYS born out the inner city area of Parkdale has teamed up with PureGrainAudio.com for the premiere of their city anthem 'Hogtown' off their upcoming third EP 'Blood, Booze And Gasoline' set for release on July 22nd.

    Vocalist / bassist Tom Gervais comments:

    "This is our song dedicated to our hometown, Toronto. The stories are true...never mind all the alt rock shoegaze hipster shit. We come from Hogtown. We are The Rough Boys."

    The band’s third EP 'Blood, Booze And Gasoline' offers bluesy stoner rock songs in a punk metalsetting, thus putting them somewhere in a grey area of the heavy music world, but if it’s an alternative to most of today’s metal genres you’re looking for, you got it!

    This EP is packed with aggression and emotion sure to leave you in both shock and awe while forcing you to press ‘Play’ again and again.

    The band has shared the stage with Cauldron, Fuck The Facts, Axxion, Midnight Malice, Adrenechrome, Saigon Hookers to name a few.

    'Hogtown' can be heard and shared from the following link: http://puregrainaudio.com/audio/the-rough-boys-hogtown-world-premiere-song-stream

    EPCover - Rough Boys - Blood Booze and Gasoline

    Track Listing: The Rough Boys - Blood, Booze and Gasoline
    1. Before The Devil Knows I’m Dead (2:27)
    2. Hogtown (3:57)
    3. Blood, Booze and Gasoline (3:05)
    4. May Two Four (3:11)

    Total Time: 12:42


    Music Video 'Born To Rock' off Speed EP (2012) - http://youtu.be/vKwZP8wxVns

    the rough boys - born to rock

    Music Video for title track off 'Spithead' EP (2011) - http://youtu.be/x0ZD8AZpNPE

    the rough boys - spithead (music video)

    For more info, please visit the following links:






    - 30 -


    “A collision of soul-scorching hard rock with speed-fueled thrash metal. This is music that’s loud, dirty, raw, and played at a breakneck pace. Just think Motorhead crashing head-on with Slayer.”- Exclaim Magazine

     “Hide your daughters, hide your wives, The Rough Boys are coming to town and they aren’t discreet!”” – Uysfaber.com

     “…great  sounding  mixture  of  thrash  and  punk  rock  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  those  musical  genres,  you  should  check  out  this  band.”- Extreme Underground Music Zine

    EPCover - Rough Boys - Blood Booze and Gasoline

    Track Listing: The Rough Boys - Blood, Booze and Gasoline
    1. Before The Devil Knows I’m Dead (2:27)
    2. Hogtown (3:57)
    3. Blood, Booze and Gasoline (3:05)
    4. May Two Four (3:11)

    Total Time: 12:42

    EP Credits:
    • All songs performed by:
    -    Tom Gervais(Bass/Vox)
    -    Jack Cerre(Rhythm Guitar/Solo on track 1.)
    -    Mark Zapata(Solos)
    -    Sam Greenland(Drums)
    -    Jared Verlage, Dominic Whela, Jack Cerre, Sam Greenland, Mark Zapata, Tom Gervais(Gang Vocals)
    • All songs written by: Tom Gervais/Sam Greenland
    • Produced by: The Rough Boys
    • Mixed by: Ryan Cox @ D.A.R.C. Productions
    • Mastered by: Chuck Carvalho at Joao Carvalho Mastering
    • CD Cover, Album Artwork: Clown Baby

    Album Band Line Up:
    -    Tom Gervais(Bass/Vox)
    -    Jack Cerre(Rhythm Guitar/Solo on track 1.)
    -    Mark Zapata(Solos)
    -    Sam Greenland(Drums)

    Live Band Line Up:
    -Tom Gervais(Bass/Vox)
    -Mark Zapata(Guitars)
    -Sam Greenland(Drums)

    2012 – Speed (EP) - https://soundcloud.com/the-rough-boys-1/sets/speed-ep
    2011 – Spithead (EP)
    2010 – Showin’ Teeth (Demo)


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