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Press Releases

  • NUCLEAR releases "Breathing Despair" music video

    Chilean thrash metal band NUCLEAR has posted the official music video for "Breathing Despair", when they performed at the "Pulsar Expo 2012". The track comes off their latest album "Apatrida" released on June 25th, 2012 via Sick Bangers Distro & Label (Chile) and distributed by Digmetalworld Records in the US.

    Watch the full video o the following link: http://youtu.be/8jJ-MoDiMFs

    Nuclear's newest album "Apatrida" was produced by Sebastian Puente and Francisco Haussmann at Audio Custom Studios in Santiago, Chile. The art work was done by Claudio Botarro, who was in charge to translate the band’s idea of a controversial and direct message about current Chilean political status.

    Listen to the entire new album on the following location (http://music.digmetalworld.com/album/apatrida).

    The track list of "Apatrida" is the following:
    1. My Own Anarchy
    2. Breathing Despair
    3. Architects of War
    4. Chaos Is My Life
    5. Apatrida

    More information about the band on its official website: www.nuclear.cl

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  • SACRAMENTO releases new music video

    Chilean metal band SACRAMENTO have released the music video for the track "Purple" that comes off their latest album "Weight of Sin" released in 2011 via Mechanix Records (Sweden) and distributed in the US by Digmetalworld Records.

    The second official video was directed by Aukaché films, same company that had worked previously on its predecessor “Everything to waste”.

    Watch the video of "Purple" on the link below:

    Alejandro Espinosa commented on the video:
    "Despite the fact that we had chosen "Purple" as our first music video to introduce our full length album (before going on CD), we listened to all our fans overseas that told us that this song need it to have a video. Also, Fernando Orellana came to us with the storyboard and he had us convinced at that minute. After a little the of being premiered we have gotten a bunch of good reviews what supports our good judgment.

    The track list of "Weight of sin" can be seeing below:

    1. Left Hollow
    2. Let The Death Embrace You
    3. Forsaken
    4. Purple
    5. Everything To Waste
    6. Falling Apart-Save Me My Son
    7. Die Alone
    8. All Betrayals
    9. Forgotten In Time
    10. Take Me Away

    Online streaming of the entire album can be done on the following location (http://music.digmetalworld.com/album/weight-of-sin), for more information on the official Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Sacramentocl

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  • NAIOTH releases video lyrics for “Seed of Truth”

    The Chilean Djband metal NAIOTH have uploaded to its youtube channel the video lyrics for the track "Seed Of Truth" that comes from their debut álbum “Dance of Light”. Watch the video lyrics of "Seed of Truth"  below:

    The album "Dance of Light" released on July 2012, by Digmetalworld Records and can be downloaded for free on the following location (http://music.digmetalworld.com/album/dance-of-light).

    The full track listing is the following:

    1. Born
    2. Seed Of Truth
    3. Inside
    4. Dance Of Light
    5. Death Elements
    6. Mental Walls
    7. The Alchemist
    8. Paradox Spheres
    9. Fast

    Recently released their first video clip for the song “Dance of Light” directed by Mauricio Duran (Tejevientos Films) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyYUrpAhwJU), the band have announced that it will release a second video clip for the song “Death Elements” on early 2013.

    More info on band´s oficial facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/naiothband

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  • RATZINGER releases "King Of Lava" music video

    Chilean thrash metal RATZINGER have released its second official music video for the track "King Of Lava" to support its latest album "2012". The video was directed by Claudio Araya for "Pata de Cabra Producciones" in Santiago de Chile. 

    "2012" was recorded at "Studio 15hz Sonido" and released in 2010, contains 15 tracks total with 5 remixes and guest musicians, the album is been distributed in the US by Digmetalworld Records and its predecessor was "State of Enemy" released in 2007.

    Watch the video on the following location below:

    The list of tracks of "2012" is the following:

    1. Make Make
    2. Zeitgeist
    3. Global Defect
    4. Slave of the Gods
    5. Time Wave Zero
    6. Beginning of the End
    7. King of Lava
    8. Eye of the Hurricane
    9. El Tiempo del No Tiempo
    10. Life Goes By
    11. Nuclear Day (Remix)
    12. Gusano (Bonus)
    13. Black September (Remix)
    14. Evolution Disaster (Remix)
    15. Just a Dream (Cover Piano)

    Online streaming the full album "2012" on the following location (http://music.digmetalworld.com/album/2012). Find more information about the band on its Official Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Ratzinger2012)

    Officia website is http://www.ratzinger.cl

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