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  • DYNAHEAD release "Abiogenesis" lyric video

    Brazilian band DYNAHEAD have released the lyric video for the track "Abiogenesis" that comes of its newest album "Chordata I", set to be released on May 11th. This is the first of two lyrics videos. Watch the video below:

    The Brazilian digipak version will be released on MSMetal Records/Voice Music, and the digital version will be out on February 14th via Digmetalworld Records in North America, licensing to other territories are currently being discussed. Order the digital copy from this location (http://music.digmetalworld.com/album/chordata-i) or find it on iTunes. 

    Chordata I tracklisting:

    1. 'Abiogenesis'
    2. 'Bred Patterns'
    3. 'Collective Skin'
    4. 'Dawn Mirrored In Me'
    5. 'Echoes Of The Waves'
    6. 'Foster'
    7. 'Growing In Veins'
    8. 'Hallowed Engine'
    9. 'Inevitable'

    Dynahead is:

    Caio Duarte - Vocals
    Diogo Mafra - Guitars
    Pablo Vilela - Guitars
    Diego Teixeira - Bass

    More on Dynahead at this location (http://www.facebook.com/dynaheadband

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  • PIROSAINT rejoins with original singer

    New York, NY based thrash metal band PIROSAINT have announced that it will be rejoined by its original singer Gonzalo Rodriguez to record the vocals for its full album 2013. Singer Gonzalo Rodriguez was the responsible for the vocals on the band's demos "Atrocity Not Condign" (1992) and "Infected Dreams" (1994) and the EP "New God" 1997. All recordings released by the band in cassette format only.  

    You can watch the music video of the track "Real Psychology" that comes of its Demo II "Infected Dreams" recorded in 1994. See the video below: 

    Drummer Ignacio Orellana commented:
    "We are happy to announce that we are working with our original singer. It has been a pretty tough decision for us to do this, since he will be working with us from Chile and we already know that the second part of this project it will be the hardest part, because of that fact, but right now… with two local failures in the count, we still haven't found any stable singer locally to be able to record or perform live with us and we need to put our new material out. We have been working on the new songs for some time now… so our EP project has become our debut album… yeah! 20 years after but what the hell we have at least two original members that were on those old recordings… so that's all, we just keep working hard at it… we love what we do..."

    All the music of Pirosaint's debut album its been recorded at Oily Sound Studios in New Windsor, NY and the vocal tracks and mixing process will be done in Santiago, Chile, later this year, still there is no studio set up for it yet. The album it will contain 9 tracks and we will giving more updates as they become available.

    Pirosaint is:
    Gonzalo Rodriguez - Vocals
    Bill Smith - Guitars
    Ron Buckner - Bass
    Ignacio Orellana - Drums

    For more current updates visit its Facebook page at (www.facebook.com/pirosaint) or its official website (www.pirosaint.com). 

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  • INANNA release Transfigured in a Thousand Desilusions

    After 4 four years of the release of their first album "CONVERGING AGES", the Chilean band INANNA has released during January his second album TRANSFIGURED IN A THOUSAND DELUSIONS under AUSTRALIS RECORDS. 

    The band formed by Max Neira (Bass & Vocals), Felipe Zara (Drums), Carlos Fuentes (Guitars) and Diego Ilabaca (Guitars), after more than four years of silence, started to record their album by their own guitarist Carlos Fuentes, achieving an own style following their debut album, but this time it develops within both lyrical and musical darker nuances than its predecessor, returning the place to INANNA to be considered one of the most important and innovative bands of Chilean Death Metal scene.

    The songs of this album are:

    1. Ancestral Raging Tides
    2. Temporal Beings
    3. I Am Become Death
    4. Age of Decline
    5. Everlasting Suffering
    6. The Crescent Portal of Insanity
    7. Redeeming Chaos
    8. Ascend from the Underworld

    The song Age of Decline was selected like single for this new album of INANNA.

    For more information and buy your copy only write to "sales@australisrecords.com"

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  • LOW TWELVE releases new CD/DVD Worldwide


    After signing a deal with Dark Star Records in the fall of 2012, Low Twelve has released a new CD/DVD digipak "Skin in the Game" on 2/12/13. The release contains a 12-song CD with tremendous production, and a bonus DVD that features a documentary called "13 Brutal Years". There is also a 12-page full color booklet featuring artwork by Brian Uziel with lyrics, pics, and more.

    Lead singer and bass player Pete Altieri commented, "this is our fifth CD and second DVD release. We're incredibly proud of how well it turned out and so far the reactions have been great. The digi looks awesome!"

    This release features the latest Low Twelve lineup of Pete Altieri (bass/lead vocals), Meister (guitar/vocals), Les Aldridge (guitar),. and Travis Waterman (drums). The band is based in Bloomington Illinois - peforming more than 300 shows, they have supported national acts such as Cannibal Corpse, Gwar, Pro-Pain, Mastodon, and more. Dubbed "beautifully brutal" in a review of their first demo, brutality has defined Low Twelve ever since. Their crunching, in-your-face style of metal has been growing stronger with each release.

    Two tracks from the "Skin in the Game" CD have already been selected to be featured on horror movie soundtracks. On their debut release, the song "Brutal World" was used in the movie "Jigsaw".

    "Skin in the Game" is available now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody, Loud Trax, Google Music, and through Dark Star Records.

    Related Links:
    Dark Star Records www.darkstarrecords.com
    Low Twelve www.lowtwelve.com
    iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/skin-in-the-game/id598216583
    Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Skin-The-Game-Low-Twelve/dp/B00B74EO6Y

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  • ALAVENA releases "It Started Here"

    Take some Thrash, Punk, Black Metal, more Thrash and some tough and corrosive Hardcore, all mixed up with bitter irony and you could only come up with one result, "IT STARTED HERE" the second record from the young band from Santiago ALAVENA. With an independent first record that consisted of 250 copies distributed and sold in the underground scene. The band was now looking to become a reference in their style and decided to team up with AUSTRALIS RECORDS and CHARGOLA PRO for the development and distribution of this new album. With this move ALAVENA looks forward to a wider scope of audience and to promote the new record with shows through Chile and the rest of South and North America.

    "IT STARTED HERE" Was recorded at Noiko Studios, which is property of ALAVENA, they have come up with a crude and direct record.

    The track list is as follows:

    · It started here
    · Antesor
    · Soul Hole
    · Beer Money
    · Color Ceniza
    · El terrible
    · Muerto en Dolor
    · Engrama
    · Unknow

    At the present, Antesor is the selected single that you can hear on the following link:

    For more information and buy your copy only write to

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