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  • THE MISFIRES Premieres "Ours Is The Fury" Music Video at PureGrainAudio.com

    PureGrainAudio.com has teamed up with Edmonton based punk band The Misfires, the new side project from All Else Fails vocalist / guitarist Barrett Klesko, along with members of Naked Beauty and Mervin Albyn to premiere the band's new music video 'Ours Is The Fury'.

    Music Video - The Misfires - Ours Is The Fury -

    the misfires - "ours is the fury" [music video] [exclusive world premiere]

    'Playing music they like for the sake of playing music they like' as the band motto goes, the video, produced, directed, and edited by Barrett Klesko was shot in the studio and shows many of the actual recording takes the band has done for their upcoming album 'Songs About Stuff'.

    For more info on The Misfires, please visit the following link:


    All Else Fails released their latest EP 'Fucktropolis' this summer via Suicidal Bride Records.


    Music Video - Better Left Undead - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Msj1GgtJNbg

    EP Stream - http://allelsefails.bandcamp.com/album/fucktropolis 

    About: Coming out of Edmonton Alberta Canada, All Else Fails is making a mark around the world for their aggressively dark brand of metal that is breaking the traditional ideals of their genre. Drawing comparisons to bands like As I Lay Dying, the band infuses their music with a variety of elements that includes experimental, Classical, synth lines, and spoken word sampling to accent a unique blend of heavy as hell screams and shiver inducing clean vocals.

    A high energy live show that sets them apart from their peers has garnered them appearances on numerous high level festivals over the years, including Van’s Warped tour, Boonstock and opening spots for artists like Protest the Hero, Cancer Bats, Dayglo Abortions, 3 Inches of Blood, Fear Factory, Threat Signal, Decapitated, Suffocation, and Arise & Ruin.

    The band’s last release received world wide praise from industry publications around the world. With the release of the band’s most recent music video “This Burden of Life” in the fall of 2012, and its addition to rotation on Canada’s Much Music, All Else Fails’ fan base expanded dramatically.

    July 30th 2013 marks the date of their heaviest and most diverse release to date, “Fucktropolis”. Heavy with a dark beauty, this highly anticipated 5 track EP, the band’s 4th release will solidly place All Else Fails amongst the best in their genre.

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  • UNBEING - Self-Titled #BLKCOQMusic

    It’s March of ‘06. The world is asleep. Everything is still. No one is aware that a massive shift in the planet’s tectonic plates has given birth to a juggernaut. Fate has set three individuals on a collision course, their union shaking the very foundations of reality and sound.

    Rising out of Montreal’s bubbling metal underground, it can be said that Unbeing have been through it all. Starting out as a three-piece, members came and went, two demos were released to an overwhelmingly positive response, the band won Metal Académie 2 – a two-month-long competition where the band impressed both the audience and esteemed metal judges such as Kataklysm to take home top honors – then decided to shake things up again. Taking the judges’ advice to heart, Unbeing opted to no longer continue sacrificing their creative liberties, removing vocals all-together to finally discovered its true nature in the form of a five-piece ProgEpic InstruMetal band.

    But alas, five years after the birthing cries of Unbeing tore holes in the fabric of space and time, individually and as a whole, they have overcome hardships, laughed in the face of danger and stomped on the charred corpse of impossibility. In 2011, the band released its debut full-length album before solidifying its name in the metal community as a five-piece outfit.

    Their album spanning 40 minutes of instrumental offerings that screams: There is no turning back, there is no mercy, there is only Unbeing is now set for re-release this September 2013 on vinyl, re-mixed and re-mastered , ready to be received again as a testimony to the group’s composing capabilities.

    1. Octo8
    2. 15 Years In space
    3. Structube
    4. Mercury
    5. Chuck Norris
    6. Interlude
    7. Versus 10 Behemoth
    8. Zomb!

    Album Credits:
    • All songs performed by: Unbeing
    • All songs written by: Unbeing
    • Produced by: Unbeing
    • Mixed by: Martin Albert
    • Mastered by: Ryan Morey
    • CD Cover, Album Artwork by: Martin Labelle

    Album Line Up: 
    Jean-Phillippe Bédard – Percussions
    Sherif Maghraby – Guitars
    Anthony Grieco -Guitars
    Martin Labelle – Keyboards
    Alexandre D’Amour – Bass

    “After hearing it today, I have come to the conclusion that Unbeing is in my opinion the most promising underground progressive metal band to be coming out of Quebec, and until a band proves me wrong, I would extend that to the rest of Canada also. Simply put, the album is awesome and well worth the investment…Each song sounds as fresh as the last and the next to come. The musicianship of each of the band members is worth the mention whether it be Sherif Maghraby on guitar, Jean Phillipe Bedard on drums or any of the other members for that matter. The production of the album is also nearly flawless, they are giving us a really polished release, worthy of some of the best metal albums out there.” Metal Made In Canada

    “In fact, it was greatly refreshing to hear such musicality for a metal act. Everyone on stage was in full swing mode, showing off amazing chops but also the fact that these guys knew their song inside and out. Putting the bass player in the fore front was a great way to keep this veritable showman right there where we could see him play his red bass, and most importantly, have FUN while playing! Too many metal acts are too focused on the darker side of the “style”, when what the audience needs while watching a show is energy emanating from the band rocking out, metal or no metal.” – Between The Horns (Live Review)

    “Every instrument gets its moment to shine. The drumming is incredibly diversified and varies from fast beats to passages dominated by hi-hats or smooth interludes. The riffs of the guitars are heavy but not yet thrash influenced and have also some melodic parts. The bass guitar player proves his talent in short parts of the record but doesn’t dominate too much on this record, a little bit like John Myung does on the records of Dream Theater. The keyboards create a lot of dreamy, weird and slightly despaired atmosphere. This is a great soundtrack for grey autumn or winter nights.” - Encyclopedia Metallum

    “Cet album est définitivement un must pour tous les amateurs de prog. Unbeing n’est pas tombé dans le piège d’avoir un son recyclé ou trop ressemblant à un autre groupe. C’est une agréable surprise d’avoir un groupe local aussi différent et particulier. Ils en sont à leur premier album, mais je leur souhaite d’avoir la chance de faire connaître leur musique et d’aller beaucoup plus loin que cet opus hautement satisfaisant.” – Thorium


    2013 – Self-Titled – LP – Re-Release – (Vinyl Version – R-Mixed & Re-Mastered) 

    2011 – Self-Titled LP
    1. Octo8
    2. 15 Years In space
    3. Structube
    4. Mercury
    5. Chuck Norris
    6. Interlude
    7. Versus 10 Behemoth
    8. Zomb!

    2009 – Demo
    1. Failure of Man
    2. Holy Shot
    3. Buried In Disgrace
    4. Owner
    5. Desert Clusterfuck
    6. Outro

    2008 – Demo
    1. Remember The Fight
    2. To The Grave
    3. Warmonger
    4. Lack of Life
    5. Through The Fall
    6. Revolt

    Shared Stage w/
    Neuraxis, The Red Chord, Walls Of Jericho, Unexpect, Martyr, Straight Reads The Lines, Katatonia, Incision, Anonymus, Liva, Beyond Creation, Incarnia, Kälter

    Release: 1 October 2013

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  • TRAINWRECK ARCHITECT - Traits of The Sick #SelfRelease

    Inspired by life and charged with fast and heavy grooves, screaming solos and powerful vocals, Trainwreck Architect will bring you back to the roots of metal with a few surprises along the way.

    “The band is inspired by life,” explains frontman Simon Ouellet. “Many things I’ve done in my life can be compared to a trainwreck. The many mistakes I’ve made have put me in some rough places, but in the end, I'm the one who made those choices, which leads me to believe I'm an architect of sorts.”

    Bringing the fun of live rock into metal, a Trainwreck show is pure entertainment. “The ‘tough’ stuff has been done to death and, at the end of the day, I believe everyone would rather be happy and party than be angry and stand with their arms crossed in awkward silence,” says Ouellet.

    The Montreal band, which describes its sound as “wreck n' roll”, will be releasing its first studio album, 'Traits of the Sick', this fall. Mastered by Jeff Waters of Annihilator, whom also makes a guest appearance with a guitar solo on the track 'As Killers Breathe', the record features an eclectic mix of thrash, classic metal and rock and deals with the idea of humans being human and never willing to be completely satisfied.

    Because, let’s face it, there’s no such thing as perfection. It's impossible. There's a trainwreck architect inside us all.

    1-Comatose Era (intro)
    2-The Culprit
    3-Die Like a Legend
    4-The Door Slams Shut
    5-Deadbeat Beatdown
    6-Rabid Psychotic Relapse
    7-As Killers Breathe
    8-Dream Pariah
    9-The Narcissist
    10-Feed them Bullets 

    Album Credits:
    • All songs performed by: Trainwreck Architect
    • All songs written by: Trainwreck Architect
    • Produced by: Trainwreck Architect
    • Mixed by: Fern Bouie
    • Mastered by: Jeff Waters
    • Single released: As Killers Breathe

    2012 – Compilation – Canuck Metal Volume 2.
    2009 – Feed Them Bullets Demo

    Shared Stage w/
    Skull Fist, Kill Devil Hill, Slaves on Dope, Hollow, Reanimator, Dark Century, Dissension, Fatality, Sanktuary

    Tours and Festivals
    Finalist at 2012 Heavy MTL Battle of The Bands
    Semi Finalist at 2013 Wacken Metal Battle Canada

    ”This album is a perfect blend of pure metal, very well done!” – Quebec Metal

    “Trainwreck Architect has their own diverse style that is hard to compare to other bands and this album proves it. Traits of the Sick is definitely an album worth giving a listen to.” – The Scene Magazine

    “These architects of heavy pay homage to roots metal bands such as Dio and maple leaf legends, Annihilator, while adding popular loud sounds of today.” – Louder Than Hell

    “Tearing up the stage from the moment the first chord is struck, the room is packed and the crowd is just as revved up as the band. Note after note tears through the air and charges the crowd and the band with a fury. Simon Ouellet bounces off stage with a roar and flies into the crowd and they love it. The band members are everywhere wreaking complete havoc and feeding their hungry fans. Technically precise and experienced they want this bad and after all of this, they deserve it! They are a well oiled machine and to comment on them individually would only blaspheme their sound as one entity and deplete the value of their clearly hard work. They break out into a tune tributed to the 80’s metal scene and it certainly does the decade justice. As Simon puts his shades to his face we take a train ride back in time and this is anything BUT a train wreck!!!” – Ondes Chocs

    ”Bands like Crossitution and Trainwreck Architect are blowing my mind in terms of talent, performance and initiative (as they are both unsigned)…Any metalhead who respects himself must listen to Trainwreck Architect” – Bang Bang Blog

    “Let me tell you I had great expectations, since when doing some researches, I’ve read this on the band’s website: The meaning behind the band name is “Intelligently creating destruction and chaos” and we plan on putting that in your face when it comes to live performance. “ I can confirm they were not lying!..The singer’s voice is powerful and impressive, and the band members are full of energy. They offer Heavy metal with various influences. – Quebec Daily Rock

    “…full of energy and stage presence, Trainwreck blasted their signature thrashy classic metal tones out to the crowd, causing probably the best moshing of the night. Trainwreck plays with their whole hearts, and has a great sound as far as aural enjoyment is concerned. They are tight and I simply can’t wait to see how far these boys go.” – Montreal Music Scene

    “Trainwreck Architect has shown once again they feel like home on stage ! The singer, Simon Ouellet, opened the show by saying : “Don’t be fooled by the haircut, this isn’t an N’Sync tribute band!”. The band is really at ease on stage and their compositions are really catchy.” – Thorium Magazine

    ”I really enjoyed their hard rock attitude, coupled with a more modern metal edge, and was really into “Midnight Bitch” – which is a really catchy tune.” – The Scene Magazine

    ’’Excellent set, super tight. You know how to deal with the public, you have confidence, you know what you’re doing!’’ - Bart Frydrychowicz – Quo Vadis

    “You Guys really kicked ass. That was tight, That was powerful, a fucking machine. Great frontman, and I’ve never heard a band introduced like that before. I love the band you guys are awesome.’’ - Vinnie Appice – Kill Devil Hill, DIO, Black Sabbath

    ’The whole job of a frontman, in my opinion, is…You wanna watch that guy, and you wanna hang out with that guy. I wanna hang out with you! I’ve never heard anyone introduce a band that originally and that well… You guys came to win. Fantastic job, one of the best bands so far in the contest. I do feel for the band that has to follow that… I have to be honest…” Jason Rockman – CHOM FM

    ”I really loved your punk rock attitude. I think the crowd reaction said it all. Greenland Productions would feel comfortable booking you anytime. You rock, pretty cool!’’ - Vincent Lafrenaye Lamontage – Greenland Productions

    ”Well, I have to say I really love your singer; the way he uses to set the notes and the words is so cool! The best songs to me are Dream Pariah and Rabid Psychotic Relapse, because the first one is very catchy and second one is extremely heavy.” - Carlos Cantatore – Former Annihilator Drummer

    Release: 12 September 2013

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  • TRIBUNE - Tales #CorpseCorrosionMusic



    Over the past nine years, Vancouver, BC’s TRIBUNE has been progressively combining its myriad of influences into a genre-shattering whole and etching away at a sound all its own. Now, the band’s efforts have culminated in their third full-length record, Tales.

    The nine-track concept album has been inspired by the writings of some of the world’s most renowned authors, including H.P. Lovecraft, H.G. Wells and Homer, but the result is strictly TRIBUNE.

    Exploring a more melodic and progressive sound than ever before, but still staying true to the group’s extreme aggression roots, Tales, the follow-up to 2011’s Elder Lore/The Dark Arts, demonstrates TRIBUNE’s brawn and brains with a collusion of extremity and accessibility.

    As the band’s appetite for more extreme metal increased, bands like Carcass, Death and At The Gates began bleeding into their melting pot of influences, resulting in a fresh take on their fine metal sound, which can be heard echoing in the depths of TRIBUNE’s Tales.

    ‘Tales’ – Track Listing:
    Chapter I – Tales
    Chapter II – Insectoid
    Chapter III – The Butterfly Effect
    Chapter IV – From Funeral To Funeral
    Chapter V – Horror
    Chapter VI – King of Ithaca
    Chapter VII – Vengeance
    Chapter VIII – Red Crescent
    Chapter IX – That Bleakest Shore

    Album Credits:
    All songs written by Tribune
    Lyrics: Bryan Baker
    Produced by: Tribune and Jesse Gander @ The Hive Studio
    Recorded by: Jesse Gander and Terry Anderson
    Mixed: Jesse gander
    Mastered: Stuart McKillop
    CD Design: Greg Nicholls
    Artwork by: Monkeymouth
    Label: Corpse Corrosion Music
    UPC Code #:87553100967

    2012 – Elder Lore / The Dark Arts - Album Stream - http://soundcloud.com/tribunemetal/sets/tribune-elder-lore-thedark

    2010 – Rotting Core: EP

    2006 – Home Sweet Hell


    2012 - The Succubus - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra41BsGtxUs (from Elder Lore/ The Dark Arts)

    2012 - (drumming video) - The Man On The Outside - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hr1-bTl8tto (from Elder Lore/ The Dark Arts)

    2009 - Coming of Cain - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaXDuVXGIU0 (from Rotting Core EP)

    “If prog-infused death/thrash sounds like your thing then wrap this around your ears and don’t stop…” – MetalAsFuck.net

    “Tribune prove themselves an imaginative, intelligent and technically proficient band on ‘The Elder Lore – The Dark Arts’; if you’re a Metalhead, you should definitely be listening to this one.” – Confront Magazine 9/10

    “The album is a big snack of metal and I like it.” – MetalGlory.de

    “the nine minute beast of an ending ‘The World’s Greatest Cynic’, which is like a greatest hits of Tribune’s capabilities in one swoop. ”- Metal-Rules.com

    “check out the relentless staccato machine-gun groove of ‘The Succubus’” – Bravewords.com

    “In 25 words or less: ‘Prog, Metal, Thrash, Rock, Doom, take your pick, you’ve got it all here…” – MayTheRockBeWithYou.com

    “Elder Lore/The Dark Arts is a riff-driven, groovy thrash album with a bit of a melodic death metal/metalcore appeal. The guitars are sharp and bouncy and there’s a good amount of grooves and solos.” – TeethofTheDivine.com

    “‘The Warrior Mentality,’ my favorite on the album, shows influences from Black Sabbath and Dream Theater to Iron Maiden and Lamb of God. It’s a very cool, riff oriented song! …The musicianship is extremely skilled-these guys are tight. Production on the album is also a highlight. Very well done. These guys kick ass and will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. “ 4/5 – SkullsnBones.com

    “The band has unleashed a powerful new effort entitledElder Lore / The Dark Arts, and it’s sure to gain Tribune a monstrous amount of accolades from all over the globe.” – HighWireDaze.com

    “On their second full-length release, “Elder Lore/ The Dark Arts” the band Tribune (who hail from Burnaby, BC.) decided to break into my house, steal all of my heavy metal collection and then craft an album that explored all the various bands I listen to. How else does one explain everything this five piece band throws out to the listener? Classic heavy metal? Check. Thrash? Check. Melodic hardcore? Check. Progressive metal? Check. Death metal? Check. Doom? Check. It is all here and then some.” – Heavy Metal Time Machine

    “Tribune is a rarity in 2012: a band whose members have molten metal, and not much else, coursing through their veins. Forget throwing hip-hop, rap-rock, screamo, punk, or hardcore-electro free jazz into the mix: Elder Lore/The Dark Arts is aimed at those who pine for a less complicated time, when Headbangers Ball was must-see TV, and Studebakers on Kingsway was doing booming business.

    Tribune not only acquits itself admirably here, but also implies that it knows the metal landscape has shifted since Iron Maiden and Judas Priest were something more than glorified nostalgia acts. What you get is eight songs that suggest a well-stocked iPod on Shuffle—assuming that said iPod is loaded with metal, metal, and more metal, none of it hairspray-scented.” – The Georgia Straight (Vancouver, BC)

    “The third release from this Burnaby “thrash/prog rock/metal band” pretty much meets its description. From the growls and frog ribbits that open “It Came From the Swamps,” there is equal parts straight on metal boogie only to break into hyper speed shriek breaks unexpectedly and about three bands in one by song’s end. The group appears to hit its stride most effectively on the full-on thrash of ”The Succubus,” with some particularly tasty vocals. Perhaps my fave track is “The Warrior Mentality” for its pulsing build to tortured screams and then an almost Alice In Chains-ish turn later on. If you favour heavy guitar lead workouts, this isn’t your cuppa. These guys get to the point and drive it home with maximum force and minimum flash. And they really sound like they know their strengths and play to them.” - The Province (Vancouver, BC)

    “This is a top quality release;… their arrangements are verging into Mastodon’s playground with a fresher, more honest delivery clearly audible and some of the arrangements are of a quality that I would expect from say someone like Tool, and they are damn perfectionists, hence, Tribune have massive potential. ” – Brutalism.com

    “..the best thing about Elder Lore The Dark Arts is the music…traditional foundation and some nice fret work, this album is an interesting listen….clever and appealing …one album to check out.” – DangerDog.com

    “Great sounding melodic death/thrash metal band that combines both classic and modern metal to create a new sound and if you are looking for a band that combines a variety of metal genres, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE “It Came From The Swamps” “The Succubus” and “We, The Black”.” – Variety of Death Zine

    “A force to be reckoned with, metal flows through the veins of Tribune one of the best thrasher bands to come out of Canada.” – DJ Metalgod - Mental Metal Show

    “An interesting hybrid of thrash and progressive melodic post / rock…. “Elder Lore / The Dark Arts” is a versatile full-length” – StereoInvaders.com

    “Elder Lore/The Dark Arts has all the necessary ingredients of an accessible and unique Metal release for 2012, and Tribune are clearly ready to capitalize on their assets.” Vile-Views.com

    “Elder Lore/The Dark Arts has all of the great things you need to see in a band, the musicianship, the chemistry between the band members, and the great music. It’s a really solid record…fans of un-signable metal bands will have great stuff on their hands, from the short heavy stuff of “The Succubus” to the long epic proggy sound of “The World’s Greatest Cynic.”" – Jorzine.com

    ““Elder Lore/The Dark” is an awesome album…The album’s highlight is the nine minutes long “The World’s Greatest Cynic” with the awesome collection of riffs, melodies and expressional vocals.” – MetalKaoz.com

    “‘Man on the Outside’ is a great example of what the band is capable of … The double axe work of Anderson and Culley really shine all over and vocalist Bryan Baker is easily one of the most talented and diverse singers I’ve ever heard.” – MetalBlast.net

    Album Line Up:
    Vocals – Bryan Baker
    Bass – Ryan O’Shea
    Guitar – Terry Anderson
    Guitar – Shawn Culley
    Drums – Jason Brown

    Past Festivals & Tours
    2012 – The Dark Arts Tour – Canada/USA
    2011 – Elder Tour – West Coast Canada
    2010 – Rotting Tour
    2009 – Alberta Tour
    2008 – Van Isle Tour
    2008 – Vancouver Island Metal Fest

    Shared Stage w/
    3 Inches of Blood
    Titans Eve
    Unleash The Archers
    Gross Misconduct
    A Textbook Tragedy
    The Almighty Excruciating Pain
    Celestial Machine
    The Butcher’s Hand
    The Order Of Chaos
    Without Mercy
    Silence Theory

    Release: 29 October 2013

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  • DEATH TOLL RISING - Infection Legacy #SelfRelease

    "Combining burly rhythms with charging riffs, Death Toll Rising deliver each track with a sense of urgency and energetic ferocity.” - Mouth For War (Review of 2010′s Defecation Suffocation)

    “awe inspiring power that is hard to ignore…Death Toll Rising is a band on the verge of having the world seeing them.” - Metal Bite (Review of 2010′s Defecation Suffocation)
    “Plying a form of death metal that mixes equal parts Floridian complexity (Cannibal Corpse maybe?) and Belgian chunk,” - Teeth of The Divine (Review of 2010′s Defecation Suffocation)

    “packed with intense straight forward Death Metal that cover the typical topics of death, baby murder, and suffocation by feces!” - Apochs (Review of 2010′s Defecation Suffocation)

    “Longest reigning and best death metal band in Alberta” - Terese Fleming, Noctis Festival organizer & Scarab Productions

    Infection Legacy – Track Listing
    1. Infection Legacy
    2. Judas Cradle
    3. Scorched Earth Policy
    4. Born To Defile
    5. Malice Incarnate
    6. Crack Open A Cold One
    7. Slaughter To Survive
    8. Revelation Despair
    9. Septic Entity

    • All songs performed by: Death Toll Rising
    • All songs written by: Death Toll Rising
    • Produced by: Drew Copland and Tylor Dory
    • Mixed by: Sacha Laskow (Perfect Fifth Audio)
    • Mastered by: Sacha Laskow

    Album Line Up:
    Tylor Dory (Guitar)
    Bryan Newbury (Drums)
    Jesse Berube (Vocals)
    Drew Copland (Guitar)
    Sharing Bass Duties:
    Tylor Dory, Drew Copland (Tracks: Infection Legacy, Judas Cradle, Scorched Earth Policy, Crack Open a Cold One, Revelation Despair)
    Ryan Berehulke (Tracks: Slaughter to Survive, Born to Defile, Malice Incarnate)

    Featuring a combination of Death and Thrash metal, Edmonton-based Death Toll Rising are known to devastate their audiences with their high octane, energetic performances, having shared the stage with high profile names such as KATAKLYSM, CRYPTOPSY, THE HAUNTED, and ABORTED (to name a few).

    Originally formed in 2003 in Stony Plain, AB, Canada, they have been grinding the Western Canadian metal scene steadily, gaining huge momentum over the last 3 years. New addition Tylor Dory on guitars has introduced a technical and progressive element to the band they have not had in the past. Add in the intense and relentless drumming provided by Bryan Newbury (recently recruited by Canadian Prog/Death powerhouse INTO ETERNITY), as well as the well-rounded rhythm provided by Drew Copeland on guitar and Mike Puff on bass, and you get a monster that is only now being unleashed upon the masses. Vocalist Jesse Berube tops things off with a combination of brutal death growls and Tomas Lindberg-esqe high shrieks.

    After a successful string of shows and tours throughout 2010 and 2011, in support of their first full length album “Defecation Suffocation”, Death Toll Rising went back to the studio to record their follow up sophomore release ‘Infection Legacy’, now set to be unleashed this coming October 2013.

    Shared Stage w/
    Cryptopsy, Napalm Death, Massacre, Kataklysm, All Shall Perish, Dying Fetus, Obscura, Into Eternity, Suffocation, Bison B.C.

    2013 – Infection Legacy
    2010 – Defecation Suffocation

    Release: 22 October 2013

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